WrestleMania 29 Tickets Still Available, More on Undertaker’s House Show Return

– There are approximately 4,000 tickets still available on the secondary market for WrestleMania 29. That number is considerably lower than this time last year.

Tickets on the secondary market (Stubhub, brokers) start at $125, which is higher than we’ve seen in a long time. Front row seats are currently going for up to $23,000.

– As noted earlier, Undertaker made a surprise appearance at the February 23rd SmackDown house show from Waco, Texas. Readers sent word that even though The Undertaker looked like he was out of shape, he still moved around the ring at pretty good speed. Undertaker was tag in twice during the match and did not take any bumps. Undertaker was able to execute a legdrop with no problem, however there were some spots in the match where you could visibly tell his him was not 100%.