WrestleMania 29: Top 4 Planned Matches

Posted by Brad Davis January 15, 2013 11 Comments

According to several sources in WWE, the following are the top four matches planned for WrestleMania 29:

* The Rock vs. John Cena (WWE Title)
* CM Punk vs. The Undertaker
* Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H
* Randy Orton vs. Sheamus (WH Title)

While things could change between now and WrestleMania 29, WWE creative has been told to “book backward” with these matches in mind.

The Orton vs. Sheamus match would require one of them to capture the World Heavyweight championship before WrestleMania. With months of TV tapings, the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber still ahead, WWE will have plenty of opportunities to get the belt on one of them in time for Mania.

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    • brian

      hhh and brock lesner again really there first match was horrible smh…rock and cena didnt they fight already wasnt it a once in a life time wow wrestlemania looks like its gonna suck…

      • Wylljam26

        I completely agree….I think I’ll save my money and do something else instead of wrestlemania

    • ad

      i wanted to see a triple threat iron man match for the wwe championship b/w Cena, punk, And the Rock.

      • Buster Cherry

        yeah that would e good

    • Buster Cherry

      I’d rather see Rock vs. Taker, Lesnar vs. Cena, and Punk vs. HHH. Pretty sure Taker, Lesnar, Sheamus, and Cena walk away with wins though

      • Ding Dong Dick

        Problem is a Punk v. Undertaker would keep the streak as Rock vs. Taker would/should be a squash

        • http://twitter.com/MissyH316 MissyH316

          “Rock vs. Taker would/should be a squash”. A “squash” on whom? Despite his age and limitations from all his injuries, I cannot imagine that anyone would still be allowed to just squash The Undertaker, let alone at Wrestlemania! Nor would it be realistic for Taker to squash Rock, either.

          In any case, I’m not counting on Punk vs. Taker or any definitive WM29 match just YET. Heck, I remember seeing reports just this past Monday that “confirmed” HBK and Taker would definitely be at RAW’s 20th anniversary. ;-)

    • Wylljam26

      Honestly. TAKER VS ROCK would be an epic wrestlemania! Let Cena wrestle someone else….the rock/cena feud was boring and so was the match!

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      Undertaker for the love of god please stop, it’s getting sad now. I am so beyond tired of dragging his broken ass the the ring one night a year to keep a fake streak going. You had a really good run, you’ve proven you can’t do it anymore. Go away and just hang out with your daughter errrrr…..I mean wife.

    • jeffreydicke

      I still need to catch up but wouldn’t cm punk with his streak vs undertaker with his, be the best option?

    • next WWE icon

      The rock and Cena??? So much for once in a life time… Well as much as I want the rock to win, cena is going to win this one…

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