WWE Acknowledges Tyson Kidd’s Knee Injury

Posted by Matt Boone January 16, 2013 4 Comments

WWE published an article on their website acknowledging Tyson Kidd’s knee injury. The article mentions that Kidd will require 6-8 months of recovery time. Last week reports surfaced that Kidd could be out up to 12 months.

WWE’s report also focused on CM Punk name-dropping Kidd during a promo on last week’s Raw.

“This is the first time in 17 years I’ve ever been injured, and this is the first time that sports-entertainment has ever been taken away from me in my life. There has never been an injury I haven’t been able to work through. I’ve never missed a day being sick. I’ve never missed a day being hurt. I guess that’s the ‘workhorse’ thing Punk talked about.”

  • The Watcher

    Tyson Kidd is talented as hell. WWE needs to do more with him. Seriously

    • Rhaps

      The problem with that is, Tyson Kidd is injured. WWE can’t do anything with him even if they could do more than autograph signing.

      • Planet Stasiak

        Pretty sure we all know he’s injured considering that’s what we’re commenting on. The Watcher simply meant IN THE FUTURE they should do more with Tyson Kidd and I agree!

        • Rhaps

          Highly doubt that, but we all know IN THE FUTURE that Tyson Kidd is going back to the lower cards regardless of how we all feel.

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