WWE To Alberto Del Rio: “If You’re Angry At Anyone, Be Angry At Alberto”

Posted by Matt Boone August 8, 2014 14 Comments

Following his release from WWE on Thursday, Alberto Del Rio was called on Twitter for failing to “conduct himself in a professional manner.”

The official WWE Twitter account posted the following tweets on Friday:

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    • Brian

      I’m a bit surprised that WWE would take this publicly to twitter. It doesn’t seem like the type of move a business makes. Generally, these are the type of things you try to handle “in house,” so to speak. Making a statement on twitter like that leads me to believe that maybe there is a bit more to the situation than we have access to. Either way, it’s disappointing to see a promising athlete throw away his dream over words that were said. Some people just have no control over their tempers, and it costs them a great deal in life. Hopefully Del Rio can really take a look at how he reacts to situations, and maybe one day work his way back.

      • Koolaid

        Starting to think this is some Mexican rights “Work” that will turn him face.

        • Brian

          It’s definitely odd. I don’t know why they would ever make something like this public on twitter, unless they just have no sense when it comes to handling employee affairs. But considering the state of the WWE, nothing would really surprise me at this point.

          • Koolaid

            especially when they released emma then rehired her in the same day.

            • Jam

              but it’s a bit different. Emma didn’t hit anyone, especially because of a racist remark.

      • l

        So, you’re saying that, if it was you In Del Rio’s shoes and that type of racist comment was made to you, you would’ve let it go & walked away? You wouldn’t have been tempted to wipe the smirk off the guys face like Del Rio did? They’re both in the wrong here, neither racism or physical altercations should be acceptable in the work place. They both should’ve been fired not just Del Rio. End of story.

        The fact that WWE is putting this on Social media, makes me question if it’s legit or storyline though.

        • Brian

          I’m sorry, but where did I say that A) Racism of ANY kind should be tolerated, or B) That Del Rio was the only one in the wrong here. Go read my comments on the other stories pertaining to this. I’ve openly said that BOTH should have been equally fined (relative to how much they earn), and likely should have both been suspended. It’s hard to say if Del Rio should have been fired, but that is what they decided upon.

          Now, as for what I would do? Yeah, I’d probably be pissed, and yeah, I’d probably WANT to jack his jaw. Difference is, I have enough self control to not do something that fucking stupid. You hit someone who is a co-worker, over fucking words, and you will face the consequences, just as the person who said the words will. Fun story, if Del Rio had simply reported the dumbass, as opposed to taking things into his own hands, he’d still have a fucking job.

          I stand by what I said: It’s sad to see that Del Rio would react so poorly to a situation like this, and sad to see that he would let his great potential go to waste over what some random co-worker said. And as I said, I hope he can find a way to keep his temper under control, and maybe work his way back to the WWE some day.

        • Guest

          The funny thing is that WWE has gotten flack for racist gimmicks and segments and has had many instances where their employees legit through down with one another.

          When Vince tells Cena to give it up my nigga it’s seen as hip and funny because 60 something year old is trying to funny.

          When Joey Style punched JBL’s lights out while the latter was drunk no one lost their job

          but yet this happens and the guy who made racist remarks keeps his job and the guy who fucked his shit up for those racist remarks gets fired?

          I’ll take scapegoat and hypocrisy for $1000 Alex.

    • venom2

      Alberto Screwed Alberto

    • http://www.disqus/panin200.com ob4


      • Guest

        * Performers
        * Little
        * Don’t

        Strangely enough you didn’t write “losing” as “loosing”.

    • Kcaz

      The person running the WWE Twitter page is probably the social media employee he slapped.

    • WWE EVP

      We let him go to cut back on budget. He over reacted like a kid and slap in individual. Enough said we will bring back CM punk.

      • Jam

        You’re funny.

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