WWE Battleground PPV Results – October 6, 2013

WWE Intercontinental Championship
-Curtis Axel (c) vs. R-Truth

Axel, with manager Paul Heyman, comes out first. As they walk to the ring we get highlights from RAW on how this match was set up. Out next is the challenger, R-Truth, who raps his way to the ring.

The bell sounds and both guys lock up. Truth backs Axel into the ropes, and Axel shoves Truth away. Truth ducks a clothesline and hits a punch, then a kick, and a forearm. Truth catches Axel with a rear elbow for a one count. Truth pops Axel with a right to the side of the head before slamming his head into the turnbuckle. Truth tries to take Axel into the corner, but Axel blocks it, so Truth lays in with a series of punches. Truth mounts Axel in the corner and hits him with ten more punches before suplexing him over for another one count.

R-Truth throws Axel to the floor and follows him out. Truth hits a giant clothesline from the ring apron to the floor. Truth brings things back into the ring for a two count. Axel rolls back out to the floor to get some advice from Heyman. Truth heads to the outside and Axel heads in, kicking Truth back into the barricade. Axel heads back to the outside and picks up Truth, ramming him into the barricade.

The match gets back in the ring and Axel lays in with a couple of forearms to the back of Truth’s head, and a flying forearm to Truth’s face that’s good for a two count. Axel tips at Truth’s face for a bit before hitting a beautiful dropkick that’s good for a near fall. Axel clamps Truth in a rear chin lock, wrenching back while Heyman smiles. Truth fights to his feet and out of the hold, catching Axel out of nowhere and turning the tide with a couple of elbows, and clotheslines. Truth misses the axe kick, but rolls up Axel for two. Truth connects with the axe kick, but only gets another two.

R-Truth nails Axel with a suplex for a nearfall. Truth tries for the lie detector, but Axel holds onto the ropes and Truth crashes to the mat. Truth kicks Axel in the gut, but Axel drops Truth face first into the top turnbuckle. Axel hits his neckbreaker, then pins Truth for the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel

WWE Divas Championship
-Brie Bella vs. AJ Lee (c)

Out first is the challenger, Brie Bella. Next out is the WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee, who is accompanied by Tamina Snuka. The announcers point out that AJ has alienated herself from the entire women’s locker room. They also put over Brie Bella possibly winning the title, along with her soon-to-be husband, Daniel Bryan. This leads to discussion about the “most powerful couple in WWE history” poll from the Kickoff Show, which Edge and Lita ended up winning.

The bell sounds and the two Divas immediately go at it. Brie hits a couple of forearms and mounts AJ in the middle of the ring, but AJ’s able to scramble away to the outside. AJ hides behind Tamina on the outside before making her way back into the ring and getting rolled up by Brie for two. Brie slams AJ into the corner, then does it on the other side of the ring, not stopping the assault as she heads to the middle rope and hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Brie goes up in the corner and tries for a headscissors, but she’s tossed out to the apron and AJ attacks the knee to send her falling to the outside. AJ brings things back into the ring for a quick two count.

Lee is working over the arm of Bella. AJ bridges over in a hammer lock, but Brie is able to fight out of it. AJ fights off a suplex and hits a single arm DDT, getting a two count. AJ screams at the ref before getting in Brie’s face. AJ puts her knees on Brie’s shoulders and chokes her against the middle rope before tossing her into the corner. AJ charges Brie in the corner but misses. AJ’s able to catch Brie by the arm and pound away at it, driving her to the mat where she’s able to clamp on an arm bar.

AJ tosses Bella into the middle rope. AJ skips around, and runs right into a dropkick from Brie. Brie is able to roll AJ up sloppily, then she hits a flying clothesline and another dropkick. Bella sends AJ crashing to the mat, then she sends her into the corner and follows up with a backbreaker for two. Brie hits AJ with a running knee, and Tamina attacks Nikki on the outside, causing a distraction. AJ rolls up Brie on the inside, and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: AJ Lee


Backstage we get a promo from all three members of the Rhodes Family. Dusty talks a bit before Goldust does an old-school promo like he used to. Cody talks about wishing he had half the charisma of his dad and half the natural in-ring skills of his brother. He wraps things up nicely and now we’re headed to the ring.

Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes & Goldust

Just a reminder to those unaware, the stipulations for this match are as follows: if The Shield, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, get the victory, the Rhodes Family will never work for WWE again. Dusty will no longer be a trainer in WWE NXT and Cody and Goldust can never wrestle for the company. If the Rhodes Family wins, Dusty keeps his job as a trainer and Cody and Goldust will get re-instated into the company. With that said, the guys are now making their entrances to the ring. The Shield are out first, followed by the Rhodes Family.

The bell sounds and here we go. Rollins will start for his team and Cody will start for his. Cody ducks a clothesline and lays in with a couple of shots on Rollins before hitting a nice back drop that sends him to the outside. Reigns is in and he eats a dropkick from Cody, and Goldust tags in, getting in a couple of good shots of his own. Rollins pulls Reigns from the ring for a regrouping session with Ambrose.

The fight heads out to the floor with all six guys squaring off. Goldust heads back into the ring, followed by Reigns. Goldust catches Reigns with a couple of right hands before hitting a nice clothesline. Cody tags in and they hit double fists to the gut of Reigns. Reigns comes back with a knee to the gut before tagging in Rollins. Rollins chokes Cody with his boot, then runs right into a high hip shot. Cody stomps away at Rollins in the corner before picking him up and blasting him with a big right hand. Rhodes continues to stomp away at Rollins, but he’s caught with an STO into the middle turnbuckle. Reigns tags in and hits a giant shoulderblock that’s good for a near fall.

Reigns tags in Rollins. Ambrose is shown talking smack to Dusty on the outside. Cody fights up to his feet, and he tries to fight out of the Shield’s corner, but Rollins won’t let him out. Rollins catches Cody in a tree of woe and kicks away at him. Rollins runs into a kick to the face from Cody. Cody heads to the top and hits a moonsault press on top of Rollins. Cody crawls to the corner and tags Goldust who comes in with a couple of clotheslines, and a big right hand to Reigns. Goldust hits an atomic drop, then hits Reigns with a series of right hands in the corner. Reigns misses a splash in the corner, and Goldust hits a giant crossbody for two.

Goldust attempts a flying crossbody but misses and ends up on the floor. Rollins heads out after him, sending him into the apron and barricade. Goldust makes it back into the ring at 9, and Rollins goes right for the pin, getting a two count. Rollins hits a kick to the side of the head, then backs Goldust into his own corner, tagging in Reigns. Reigns clamps Goldust into a rear chin lock, grapevining his legs around Goldust’s body. Goldust fights up to his feet and out of the hold, but he runs into a back elbow and a giant clothesline from Reigns. Rollins tags back into the match and comes in with a slingshot senton to Goldust for two. Rollins goes right into a rear chin lock.

Rollins has the arm of Goldust, but it’s not enough as Goldust fights to his feet. Rollins goes for a dropkick but misses. Goldust misses an elbow drop. Reigns tags in and stops Goldust, sending him into the corner. Goldust catches him with a big boot, then he gets Rollins with a giant powerslam. Goldust makes the tag to Cody, and Cody comes in with a springboard dropkick. Rhodes clotheslines Rollins before hanging him up on the Ropes and hitting a kick to the chest. Cody hits Rollins with a spinning Alabama slam and sends Reigns from the ring, pinning Rollins for two. Cody runs into a big elbow from Rollins in the corner. Rollins is on the top turnbuckle and Cody hits the muscle buster. Cody pins Rollins, but it’s broken up.

Cody hits a disaster kick on Reigns that sends him crashing to the floor. Ambrose distracts Cody and that allows Rollins to attack from behind. On the floor, Dusty takes off his belt and uses it to blast Ambrose with a couple of rights. Goldust cuts off Reigns on the outside, and Cody hits Rollins with the CrossRhodes on the inside to get a three count. With the victory, Dusty Rhodes remains a trainer for WWE NXT and both Cody Rhodes and Goldust get their jobs back with WWE. All of the Rhodes Family members are emotional in victory.

Winners: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

After The Match

After the Rhodes Family pick up the win, several WWE legends and current WWE Superstars come out to join the Rhodes Family in their celebration. The announcers are putting this over as the biggest thing ever. Michael Cole reads a tweet that was just posted by Cody’s new wife, Brandi.

Kickoff Show Expert Panel

-We return to the Kickoff Show expert panel and Josh Matthews asks for the reaction of The Miz, Tensai and Titus O’Neil to what they just saw in the previous match with the Rhodes Family and The Shield. All three guys put over the Rhodes Family and then recap some of the other action thus far tonight. Miz points out that no WWE Championship Title has changed hands yet here tonight. Miz reminds us that by the end of the night, we will see a new champion as the main event is for the vacant WWE Championship.