WWE Board Member Resigns, WWE Comments On Re-Branding

According to GreenwichTime.com, former Connecticut Senator & governor Lowell Weicker, Jr. has resigned from WWE’s Board of Directors after serving for 15 years. Weicker told the paper that it was a mutual decision to leave.

The Greenwich Time speculates that Weicker’s departure may be related to politics after he endorsed Chris Dodd in last year’s Senate race and not Linda McMahon. He would not comment on whether or not politics is what led to his departure from the board.

They also note that WWE is going through the resignations of two of it’s 10 board members in the past six months. WWE spokesman Robert Zimmerman said the change goes along with WWE’s major re-branding campaign: “You may have read we are implementing a new business model, so the company feels that it is a good time to identify new directors to provide a fresh perspective to the company. WWE thanks the governor for his many years of service and guidance.”

Regarding Weicker’s departure, Linda McMahon released a statement through her publicist and had the following to say: “Because I resigned from the board of WWE and as its CEO in 2009, the best source to discuss the relationship between WWE and Lowell Weicker is WWE or Lowell Weicker.”