WWE Changing The Name Of RAW?, House Show Incident, More

— During SmackDown on SyFy last week, the advertisements for tonight’s Raw on USA Network officially referred to the program as the WWE Raw SuperShow. Various cable providers, however, still have the show listed as Monday Night Raw. If you plan on recording the show, you may want to check your listings and make any necessary changes to your DVR.

Triple H announced last week that talent from SmackDown will be joining Monday nights for the foreseeable future to create the Raw Supershow, thus ending the roster split.

— From the ‘This is why we can’t have nice things’ folder: Apparently someone fired gunshots in the parking lot of the WWE’s house show in Trenton, New Jersey on Saturday night. There are no other details available on this as of press time.

— In the October issue of WWE Magazine, Mae Young is profiled and tells about a promise Vince McMahon made to her if she turns 100 years old. She said:

“I plan on wrestling when I’m 100. My grandmother lived to be 113, so I figure I can make it into the ring when I’m 100. Vince promised me a match with his daughter, Stephanie, and his granddaughter, Aurora Rose, when I’m 100-years-old. I’ve got to live to see that.”