WWE Considering a Change for Wellness Announcements, JR Comments on RAW

Posted by Matt Boone June 5, 2012 4 Comments

- Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter about last night’s segment on RAW with John Cena, Michael Cole and a lot of JR’s BBQ sauce:

“@michaelcole was a trooper last night wearing JR’S BBQ sauces & taking @JohnCena AA. apology accepted. Let’s move on.”

- WWE officials have been discussing a major change that may be implemented soon for talents who fail Wellness Tests. In the future, the company may start announcing what caused the talents to test positive. The hope is that if they start to announce what substances the wrestlers tests positive for, it may discourage other talents from taking banned substances.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • smirk

    Great! I’ve always wondered what The Rock is on! Maybe now we’ll find out!

    • Viper’s Gal

      LOL!! Me Too!! LOL!

  • Guest01

    Yes, lets encourage our young viewers to be like our superstars by posting what substances they abused.

    • obviously

      Yeah that’s the parents job not WWE!

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