WWE Considering A Major Change To The Wellness Policy

Posted by Michael Bluth June 5, 2012 7 Comments

Following the recent suspensions of Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton, WWE officials are discussing making a major change to company’s Wellness Policy – revealing what caused the talent to fail.

The belief is that wrestlers will be discouraged to use drugs if they know their drug use will be made public knowledge.

  • CM Drunk

    Well logic must come into consideration as well, ie suspending rey for a drug he didn’t know he was taking


    Can’t wait to see Orton in TNA nearing the ending of the year or the beginning of the new year. AWESOME.

    • GhostDistortion

      TNA can’t afford Randy Orton.


        They can if they want him, if he is actually released from WWE. Where else will a professional wrestler like Randy Orton go? ROH? Japan?

  • mistico

    So… Orton gets caught and now its time to change the policy?

  • The Miz

    if wwe lets go of orton.. then good news for TNA.. but i see orton wouldnt mind going to TNA.. but i hope wwe dont fire him..

  • bird

    wwe might as well close their doors if they can not keep someone as great as Orton!!!
    Back in the the day the truth of wrestling was Hogan was the best and where he went the fans followed. For the younger generation Orton is by far the best ( and comparable abilities as Hogan had) for the future of this industry, no one else compares… WWe is holding him back now as it is…

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