WWE Considering Daniel Bryan vs. Kane “Buried Alive” PPV Match

Posted by Matt Boone May 5, 2014 11 Comments

As previously reported, WWE is still looking to convince Batista to work a program with Daniel Bryan for the main event of the upcoming WWE Payback pay-per-view. If those plans fail, WWE already set the stage for their alternative option.

WWE’s “plan B” for the Payback show is to have Daniel Bryan vs. Kane in a Buried Alive match. WWE set things in motion to go that direction at Extreme Rules, as that was said to be the reason that Kane sat-up at the finish of last night’s main event. The feeling was that they needed that last scene in case they are forced to go in that direction.

(Credit: F4WOnline.com)

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    • Peteris Petersons

      Hey, I said they would have a Buried Alive right after Demon returned, i wonder did they read that or had an idea of their own :D

      • WWE

        You got us. We read your comment.

        • CS99

          Then read this as well: 2014 should be the year of 3MB!

          • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

            naw JTG!! Best in the world!

    • Raiden

      Buried alive is more taker’s ground. It should be an inferno match. It would definitely fit with how last nights match ended with Kane going through the flaming table.

      • Scorpion, from Accounting

        All the same, how many times do we need to see Kane get set on fire? Cause he almost always takes the bump in his Inferno matches and it may never get old but it doesn’t get more exciting than it was the first time or two with Taker.

        Buried Alive could work for Kane, but it’d have to be a good match. Just like with Inferno matches, everyone knows, generally, the supernatural guy is going to take a bump in a buried alive match (Mankind is an exception). Kane does have the benefit of never having been buried yet, but it’s still a predictable move. Whichever match he does, he pretty much has to lose, presumably cause creative probably doesn’t have a contingency plan for a Kane championship run which, frankly, he doesn’t need. So do you go with the inferno he’s done a dozen times, or the buried alive where he’s usually a guest star to put Taker down? I think the smart money’s on breaking new ground, especially seeing as it gives WWE reason and rhyme to use the buried alive premise after the deadman’s officially retired and HOF’d up. Plus, it gives them more room to run, brawl (the matches usually spill into the audience and they eat it up every time) and for Bryan to pull off aerial spots. It has much more potential and more area for great match moments and an overall great match. This would put to the test if the pop works for the match in general or just for Undertaker. If Kane can successfully usurp the gimmick, they could keep it in the works for years to come.

      • Peteris Petersons

        Haven’t you noticed that Kane is adopting Takers moves, taunts and everything?

    • Tazz

      Everyone knows Buried Alive (along with Casket and Last ride matches) are Undertaker’s forte
      Kane’s is Inferno match.
      I like the idea of the match returning but doesn’t fit the wrestlers. Last night Kane was sent through a flaming table (some say he actual caught on fire). that could’ve been the set up for an Inferno match

      • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

        what the hell is a “last ride” match?

      • Tazz

        Its like an Ambulance match…except with a Hearse

      • Peteris Petersons

        haven’t you noticed that Kane is adopting Takers moves, taunts and everything ?

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