WWE Covers CM Punk’s Face (Photo), WWE Stars Banned From Nancy Grace

Posted by Matt Boone April 18, 2014 18 Comments

- According to a new TMZ article, WWE talent have been informed to stay away from Nancy Gracie following the controversial way she handled Ultimate Warrior’s recent passing. You can check out the complete article at TMZ.com.

– A fan sent along the following screen capture of the new Ultimate Warrior documentary that aired on the WWE Network on Thursday night. In the scene where Warrior meets with Triple H at WWE Headquarters, you can see on the Royal Rumble poster on the wall in the background that someone put a post-it note over the face of CM Punk. Check it out below.

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    • yoyo

      Punk Screwed Punk!

      • Kevin Harris

        I don’t hate Punk but that is the gist of it. If he wanted to be in the WWE he is the only reason that he isn’t there any longer and if he was going to no resign in June or July like it was reported and retire then he did the right thing by walking out of the company before Wrestlemania.

    • Tazz

      Nacy Grace should be banned from her show

    • Jamie

      It makes me sick how they’re treating CM Punk as if he pulled a Chris Benoit or something. Sure, he walked out on the company, but for fucks sake, really?

      • D

        You don’t walk out on the company during WrestleMania season, ESPECIALLY when you’re one of the top guys in the company. He chose to leave during the biggest time of the year. Fuck him.

        • Bender

          Agreed. But that’s fine we don’t need him anymore, Daniel Bryant is picking up the slack even better than Punk ever could.

        • Chris_Is_Awesome

          you mad? #camronvoice

    • CMPUNK

      They can try and erase punk but he’s held all of the belts, and was the longest reigning wwe champ in a long long time. Guy stands up for himself and thats that.

      • Bulkster

        And he’s gone.

        • bulkster is a jackass

          to bad you wont go away

    • que Guey

      Nancy Grace screw Nancy Grace

    • Killer

      The only guys bashing punk are little kids who are pull for cena. Face it punk was the best WWE Superstar in a long time and he just left because he wasn’t going to be walked over. It makes me sick when rock tried to compare Daniel Bryan to Stone Cold when everyone knows cm punk was the stone cold of our generation. Bryan is a loser who probably got beat up in high school

      • What

        Not denying Punk was great. WWE is the platform that gave CM Punk the opportunity to get to where he is at and he just walked out and broke his contract. I don’t care what sport you’re in, you don’t break contracts.

        • what that dick

          why not warrior did it and they still had him come back

      • Bender

        Does that getting beaten up in school remark bring back any bad memories for you? And Punk is not the Stone Cold of our generation, he just whined his way to the top.

    • Suckit

      Stop stealing from reddit

    • Ben Bendubz Peters

      Punk leaving made mania better anyways!

    • hay

      Punk (from what I’ve read) basically left because he didn’t like his current position in WWE. At some point, after you’ve been constantly cast below people, you’re sure to get fed up and want to leave. That’s what he did. Quit bitching.

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