WWE Elimination Chamber Results – February 23, 2014

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Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neil

After the Network tutorial is done, Darren Young’s theme music hits. He comes out to pretty much no reaction as video highlights are shown breaking down the history of the Darren Young and Titus O’Neil feud. After the video is finished playing, Titus O’Neil’s theme music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. The ref has to hold Young back inside the ring as O’Neil makes his entrance, as Young is ready to get at him.

The bell sounds and the two aggressively lock up. The guys struggle in a lock up, pushing and pulling each other all over the ring. The ref breaks them up, but during the break up, O’Neil hits Young with a cheap shot. A loud “we want Lesnar” chant breaks out as O’Neil continues to use his superior power to manhandle Young.

Young catches O’Neil with a big right hand out of nowhere, and then follows it up with a dropkick to the legs of O’Neil. Young knocks O’Neil out to the floor and follows him out to continue the beatdown on the floor. Back in the ring, Young comes off the top-rope and nails O’Neil with a flying clothesline for a near fall. O’Neil ends up launching Young out of nowhere over the top rope.

O’Neil follows Young out to the floor. He picks him up in a body slam position and smashes him back-first into the ring post a few times. He rolls Young back in the ring and tries to pin him, but Young manages to kick out at two. O’Neil slaps on a bear-hug to Young and is squeezing away at the back he just worked on outside the ring. Young breaks free and climbs to the middle rope. He comes off looking for a cross-body splash, but O’Neil catches him and slams him down.

O’Neil puts Young in an abdominal stretch. Young tries fighting his way out of it. O’Neil slams Young back-first into the turnbuckle. A light “we want Ziggler” chant breaks out as both guys knock each other down to the mat. Young is firing up on offense for a comeback, but the crowd is absolutely flat for it. They seem like they couldn’t care less about Young for most of this match.

Regardles of the crowd being hot for Young’s little comeback attempt or not, O’Neil cuts it short. O’Neil simply blasts Young with his Clash Of The Titus finisher. 1-2-3. That’s all she wrote. Titus O’Neil wins.

Winner: Titus O’Neil

After The Match: Bad News Barrett Part 3

Bad News Barrett pops up after the match. He taps on his little podium and tells us that he’s afraid he’s got some bad news. He said it was announced on Friday that “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan will be returning to WWE and will be hosting WrestleMania XXX. Barrett says his limelight will be dim compared to the charisma and ability of Bad News Barrett. He thanks us very much.

Checking In With The Expert Panel

After the third Bad News Barrett segment of the evening, we shoot back to the Elimination Chamber expert panel. Mathews introduces each guy individually. They all talk about some of the matches on tonight’s card. Mathews wraps up by introducing a video package highlighting the history of The Wyatt Family and Shield feud. That six-man tag-team match is up next.

The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family

After the video package, The Shield make their way to the ring through the crowd as usual. Out next is The Wyatt Family. When the lights come back on and The Wyatt’s are at ringside, the fans immediately break out in a loud “this is awesome” chant before anything even happens. This does feel big, by the way. The Wyatt Family finally enter the ring, where The Shield are standing. All six guys stand across from each other. A loud “let’s go Wyatt” and “let’s go Shield” dueling chant breaks out. The Shield and The Wyatt Family all clash and the crowd erupts. The Wyatt Family duck out the back door and The Shield stand tall in the ring.

As The Wyatt Family stands outside the ring, another incredibly loud “let’s go Wyatt’s” and “let’s go Shield” dueling chant breaks out. Finally the bell rings and Seth Rollins and Erick Rowan start things off. Rollins gets Rowan in The Shield corner and tags in Roman Reigns.Reigns stomps away at Rowan a bit and tags Rollins back in. Rowan ends up rag-dolling Rollins across the ring. He tags Luke Harper in.

Luke Harper manhandles Rollins a bit and now he has him in The Wyatt Family corner. Harper tags Bray Wyatt in. Wyatt enters the ring and stomps away at Rollins. Rollins makes it to his corner and tags in Roman Reigns. The crowd explodes as they realize we’re about to see Reigns and Wyatt clash in the ring. Reigns slowly approaches Wyatt as Wyatt has a big ass smile on his face. Reigns bullies Wyatt into the corner and starts firing away with punches. Wyatt blasts Reigns back with a big shot of his own. Reigns knocks Wyatt down. Wyatt gets back up and goes back to work on Reigns. Wyatt knocks Reigns down and tags Harper back into the match.

Harper grabs Reigns and goes for a suplex. He tries three times to get him up, but Reigns blocks it each time. Reigns counters and nails Harper with a suplex of his own. Reigns tags Dean Ambrose in. Ambrose fires away at Harper with punches in The Shield corner of the ring. Ambrose tags in Rollins. All three members hit a big sopt together. Reigns tags in and beats up Harper for just a second or two before tagging Ambrose back in.

Ambrose blasts Harper with a big clothesline for a near fall. Ambrose tags Rollins back in. Rollins headbutts Harper in the mid-section and quickly tags back out. Ambrose takes the tag and he picks up where Rollins left off with Harper. The Shield are utilizing quick tags to keep a fresh guy on a beaten down Harper. Out of nowhere, Harper throws a huge dropkick and floors Ambrose. Harper tags Wyatt back in.

Wyatt comes in and goes right to work on Ambrose with punches in the corner. Wyatt beats up Ambrose for a few more seconds and then tags in Rowan. Rowan picks up where Wyatt left off with Ambrose. The Wyatt Family seems to be doing the same thing with Ambrose that The Shield did with Harper a few minutes ago. An insanely loud “let’s go Wyatt’s” and “let’s go Shield” dueling chant breaks out again. The crowd is really, really hot for this big six-man tag-team match. Meanwhile, The Wyatt Family continues to utilize quick-tags to keep fresh guys on a beaten up Ambrose. Harper nails Ambrose with a big suplex for a near fall.

Ambrose is finally able to make a tag to Rollins. Rollins comes in and uses his speed to fly all over the place on Harper. Rollins goes to the top-rope. Rowan tries to knock Rollins off but Rollins hits him with a kick from the top rope. The distraction was enough for Harper to go up after Rollins. Both guys are on the top rope now. Harper goes for a belly-to-back suplex off the top but Rollins flips through and lands on his feet. Awesome. Rollins flies out to the floor on one of The Wyatt Family guys. I didn’t catch who. The crowd breaks out into a loud “this is awesome” chant.

Out on the floor, Rollins is down with Bray Wyatt stalking him. Bray runs, jumps and lands with his own back on Rollins’ body. Wyatt rolls Rollins back in the ring and tries to pin him, but Rollins manages to kick out at two. Another loud “let’s go Wyatt’s” and “let’s go Shield” chant breaks out. The crowd atmosphere in the Target Center in Minneapolis for this six-man tag-team match is off-the-charts awesome. Rowan is the legal man in the ring now and he continues to deliver the punishment to Rollins. Rowan tags Harper back in and the two doule-team Rollins before Rowan heads back to the apron.

Harper hits Rollins with a hard slap across the face. Harper blasts Rollins with some European uppercuts in the corner. He runs and blasts Rollins with a clothesline in the corner. Wyatt yells at Harper to tag him in. Harper does. Wyatt drops a big headbutt on Rollins on the mat. We see a closeup shot of Roman Reigns intensely looking on as Rollins tries fighting back with punches. Bray gets Rollins in the Wyatt Family corner and pummels him some more. He whips him into the opposite corner. Rollins hops up to the middle rope. When he comes off, however, Bray catches him by the throat and slams him down to the mat with a big chokeslam.

Bray drags Rollins lifeless body into The Wyatt Family corner and tags in Harper. Harper stomps away at Rollins and then goes over to taunt Reigns. A loud “this is awesome” chant breaks out. Rollins hops up out of the blue and nails Harper with a big spinning kick. Rollins used that opportunity to make the tag. He tags in Roman Reigns and the crowd explodes. Reigns takes the hot tag and is clearing house of all of The Wyatt Family members. Reigns hits a big move on Harper for a near fall but Bray runs in to break up the pin attempt. Ambrose runs in and knocks Bray down for interfering. Harper does a big dive out to the floor. Rollins follows up with a jumping flip dive out to the floor of his own.

Back in the ring, Reigns and Rowan are having a knockdown, drag-out fight. We see some replays of all the dives that just happened. Rollins clears off the Spanish announce table. Bray nails Rollins from behind. Some of the guys are fighting in the crowd, some are fighting on the floor and Reigns and Rowan are still in the ring trading haymakers. Rowan throws Reigns shoulder-first into the ring post from inside the ring. Rowan hits the ropes but Reigns catches him coming off the ropes with a flying clothesline. We see Harper and Rollins fighting near the Spanish announce table. Bray comes over to double-team Rollins with Harper. Now the guys are clearing off the U.S. announce table as well.

Back in the ring, we see Reigns and Rowan still duking it out. Rowan hits Reigns with a fall-away slam that sends Reigns out to the floor. Now we’re looking at Harper and Rowan standing on top of the U.S. announce table with Rollins. They double-chokeslam him all the way over to — and through — the Spanish announce table. Cue the “holy sh*t” chants.

We see Reigns crawling in the ring by himself. Rowan enters the ring. Bray hops up on the apron. Harper does as well. Reigns is by himself with all three members of The Wyatt Family approaching him. Reigns runs at Bray and knocks him down but Harper and Rowan jump on him from behind. Rowan throws Reigns into Harper, where Harper greets him with a big boot. The three-on-one attack on Reigns continues. Bray does his leaning backwards scream in the corner. Bray goes for Sister Abigail on Reigns, but Reigns uses pure strength to slowly peel the arms of Bray off of him. Reigns blasts Bray with a Samoan Drop. Reigns nails The Wyatt Family guys with Superman punches. He’s taking all three guys out by himself now.

Reigns sets Bray up for the spear. Harper runs in and Reigns nails him with the spear. This allows Bray to run over and blast Reigns. Bray picks Reigns up and hits him with his Sister Abigail finisher. 1-2-3. The Wyatt Family wins.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Renee Young Interviews Christian

Backstage, Renee Young catches up with Christian. She points out that he was the only person who didn’t beat Randy Orton in singles matches on RAW and/or SmackDown leading into tonight’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Christian says none of that matters because no one will remember those matches when he wins the Elimination Chamber tonight and becomes the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He dares everyone to underestimate him.

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      Fucking dish bans the ppv -1 customer this week

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      Anywhere with FREE live streaming ? :*

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      Dolphins1925 on twitter has released the spoilers and if true this will be a sad ppv..

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      Any website with free stream ?????

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      Live free stream?

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      :* :* :* :* :*?

    • Callihan Mark

      Same predictable bullshit

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        Why do you still watch or follow if you know what happens?

        • Callihan Mark

          Because I still like wrestling it’s just so sad that they don’t do anything innovative anymore

          • DEI_91

            Right now….I HATE WWE AND PRO WRESTLING!!!!

    • YES!


      • FightFan

        “I was saying Boo-tista…”

    • Matt Rayfield

      People go to whsports.net they do the pps by channels.

      Also this was a sad state of a PPV for WWE. to have all the major titles on the heels, to have kane cost Daniel bryan the title, and to have the wyatts go after john cena I am about to be an all ROH and semi TNA guy of Vince keeps letting Triple H and the creative team ruin things their ratings will drop big time.

      • Robert

        What do you consider all the “major titles”?

        • Matt Rayfield

          The Tag Team Titles and the World Heavyweight Title. Sure Big E’s Title is important and the one ambrose has is too, but the ones that are featured the most being the tag team and world titles are more important and having them on the outlaws Tag Team and Orton the World Heavyweight Title. But the way they have WWE at the moment they are going to lose ratings if they keep the titles on the heels and don’t listen to the fans, you will have people giving up on wrestling or watching ROH or TNA. Also ROH seems more like what WWE use to be no non sense wrestling instead of just entertainment.

      • Missing RKO as My #1 Hero

        NO! What’d definitely be more satisfying and cool is to see and have John Cena join the Wyatt Family. And have Randy Orton kick ass on John Cena, The Wyatt Family, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Christian, Antonio Cesaro and fucking get back at them for robbing fans of being allowed to have who they actually want as their hero in WWE!!! Randy not being allowed to return to being the handsome, tough, resilient, cool, badass – clean – shaven – good – guy – hero like he was & he used to be….. because he was courageous, strong, determined, had tons of heart, behaved honorably and like a real man and
        was THE MOST ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE ASTONISHING INCREDIBLE guy!!! Him NOT BEING that way again FUCKING SUCKS HORRIBLY AWFUL AND DEVASTATINGLY!!! I feel badly, hopeless one hell of a lot,, as well as discouraged about how poorly and dishonorably Randy Orton’s being forced to go along with behaving and him having to fucking do storylines that totally suck and are abhorrently dysfunctional and non-entertaining, disrespectful and immoral fucking moronic crap!!

        • Matt Rayfield

          My point is the way the WWE is being ran right now, it won’t be long before people will get tired of tuning into the current product and want the WWE of yesteryear or go to ROH or TNA. I see some tuning into Jeff Jarrett’s new Wrestling promotion if it has any interesting about it when it finally comes out.

    • eric

      Boy this is shaping up to be a really dull Wrestlemania this year.

    • Viscagra

      Loved the Wyatts versus the Shield match but I absolutely hated the actual Elimination Chamber match. I knew Orton was going to win because of the hype of odds being against him but WWE managed to dissapoint me even more by shoving Bryan’s loss in my face, really? Orton versus Batista? The guy with terrible promos and ‘same old shit’ moveset against the sellout with, surprise surprise, ‘same old shit’ moveset also. When the hell is WWE going to promote and push deserving superstars like Ziggler or Kingston instead of shoving Cena,Orton,and Batista’s balls down our mouths ever week?! Why did a non main event match steal the show? …Thank you CM Punk, for sticking up for all the others and walking out. So glad I didn’t buy the PPV

      • Disappointed in 1 and All

        All WWE cares about is having Boreton kiss ass like he’s been doing by allowing The Authority–Triple H, Stephanie and Vince McMahon to tell him what to do and he goes along with that stupid crap. Boreton even goes along with directions from The Authority telling him he should remain champion even though in actuality….he doesn’t deserve to be champion. The problem is: Not even one of the other WWE Superstars in the EC PPV last night deserves to be champion either. It’s moronic. Not to mention Boreton’s also not even really a champion anymore. Same goes for Cenachump, Cryin Daniel Bryan and Cesaro, Shame-Us, or Christian.
        More disappointing matches from all of them.
        I’m to the point that I’d rather not watch WWE anymore since all that happens is things I don’t want to see or have happen. Not worth watching as much. I no longer watch WWE pay-per-views usually because of this sort of crap happening in WWE. Continuously. All the guys in the main event and mid card have awful promos and facial expressions, body language and attitudes.
        How come? That’s just how it is. Figures
        Because WWE is going to push guys like Boreton, Cenachump, Bryan, Christian, Shame-Us, and Cesaro even though Boreton’s behaving like a fucking loser who doesn’t deserve to be champion right now. Same goes for Cena being a loser too. As well as Bryan, Christian, Cesaro, Shame-Us, and the fact that they even had The Wyatt Family and fact is that even if people think other guys in WWE deserve a push…those guys in WWE recieving a push, will only temporarily deserve to get one.
        Others who aren’t in WWE….but who watch WWE sometimes, are wanting the old Randy Orton—The Viper from around ’08 – ’09 to return back in WWE…..he used to be an underdog and he used to be a fantastic wrestler who had the ABSOLUTE BEST PROMOS, LIVE AND HOUSESHOW, PAY-PER-VIEW MATCHES, INTERVIEWS AND SKITS in the entire WWE & ALL OF pro wrestling and sports entertainment!!!!!
        Randy Keith Orton not having the balls to be like that anymore fucking totally sucks worse than insultingly tumultuously appalling!

        • D

          Yeah, see you Monday night.

      • D

        Yes, thank you CM Punk…for forcing the WWE into a position to put Bryan in a match with Triple H. You couldn’t have just sucked it up and came to work. Instead, you went home like a little bitch and now, your boy Bryan has to cover the match YOU were supposed to work. Great job.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny thinks this PPV was as predictable as getting wax on the Q-Tip after cleaning your ears.

    • Derp

      I hope people walk out during Orton vs. Boo-tista at wrestlemania.

      • Hopeless4life

        I hope people walked out of the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view when they saw the utter stupidity of and pointlessness of the World Heavyweight Championship match and the immoral things being allowed to happen such as the type of push Orton’s receiving. Because it’s not right, fair, or any good.
        WWE is now non-entertaining because they don’t care about doing what’s right or anything.
        They forgot that John Cena is supposed to be doing whatever Stephanie and Vince McMahon want….and he’s supposed to be having Kane and Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon and The Wyatt Family interfere to help him keep the World Heavyweight Championship.
        Orton is supposed to be the guy who works for and earns things he wants and doesn’t take shortcuts. Like Cena did and does. I don’t trust anything about WWE anymore because of how WWE Superstars are behaving and Orton’s not paying for the bad stuff he’s doing and Cena isn’t paying for the bad stuff he’s doing now, has done in the past and will do in the future…to guys in WWE.
        Orton being World Heavyweight Champion right now SUCKS WORSE THAN HELLACIOUSLY DETESTABLE!!!! because of the way Orton was forced to become champion in a heelish way, as well as for the wrong reasons.
        **thumbs down**

    • king

      after the 2014 Elimination Chamber The Authority can relax how Boo-Tista can become “BestForBusiness” at WM xxx than Cm Punk

    • king

      now Wrestlemania has become “PART-TIMER’s SHOW”

    • FightFan

      They can’t be this stupid. They’re planning something big. Right? Right?! Right…

      • Wall

        yep, its going to be a triple threat match with Cena & Hogan as guest ref.

        • Blake Parker

          That’s so sad and funny that it could happen

      • Assassin8

        Unfortunately, they can and are being this stupid.
        What the hell are they going to do next?
        Endlessly continue to turn all the mark fans and IWC smark fans against each other??? That’s stupid. What’s even worse is you got Cena as a “good person/good guy” now. I NEVER THOUGHT in a zillion years that I’d be feeling how I do now….which I’m sick and fucking tired as hell of having John Cena as the good guy/good person….that fucking having to always go on and happen is destructive, annoying, infuriatingly atrocious negative crap people are forced to watch and see!!! Beyond ridiculous that it’s like this!!! Cena NOT being the antagonistic, bullying, insulting, yet cool….bad guy heel who gets away with antagonizing Randy Orton and everyone else in WWE is
        sort of like……now, EVERY SINGLE WWE FAN, HATER, NON-FAN is in a treacherously dangerous, bad, uncomfortable, hurtful, discouraging, disappointing, dissatisfying, destructive, negative spot.
        Randy Orton being a heel is disrespectful fucking garbage and is totally unfair and it’s all the fault of people not knowing how to get John Cena to be like he used to be and feud like he did vs. Randy Orton….in 2008-2009 and then, instead of having John Cena always win and get his way…which happens even now as I type this because most people don’t like Cena even though they have to back him. They want to back Orton but can’t. That pisses them off too! Because now they can ‘t have who they want as
        WWE World Heavyweight Champion;;;;and even if they could…how the hell is Orton supposed to be champion when he and other WWE Superstars are NOT Champions?!
        AT ALL!!!!
        Want to know how I honestly feel about things in WWE?!
        I HATE WWE the way it is right now!!!
        WWE SUCKS!!!
        Randy Orton having to be champion right now totally fucking pathetically abhorrently tremendously sucks!!!!
        WWE is all wrong, corrupted, sorry-assed fucking destructive crap that’s no longer entertaining, interesting, or fun to watch!
        John Cena is still being an a-hole but now the problem is….he’s got Randy Orton behaving heelishly on purpose too….and has everyone else in WWE doing the same thing! THAT SUCKS!!!!
        Because it harms people who watch WWE.

        • D

          Uh huh.

    • Zafran


    • Kris Godwin

      Troll Barrett is epic.

    • Troy Bennett

      see i dont know whos still dumb enough to pay $60 for this shit news flash dont buy the ppvs (buy the network and then just watch all the old shit ECW, WCW,1995-2001 WWF 1993-2003). am i going to buy the network? yes. will i watch the ppvs? only if they’re live. im just sick of wwe creative, they have people working there writing about sex and violence, and no one on the wwe creative team have ever been in a fight or gotten laid. as a indy wrestler we put on better shows with a $800 budget than wwe can do with a $2,000,000 budget. if u wanna check out our work go to youtube and either come to my personal channel MLGTroy1 (i have wwf raw and ppvs, with some gaming) or go to our companies channel PWRResurrection

    • Th_mssngr

      Shoddy PPV, and I am sick of every WWE Network reference. “$9.99 for around the clock content!” We already have that, it’s called YouTube. It’s $0.00 a month, the PPVs are usually uploaded the day after at the latest and we won’t have to put up with bullshit like Legends House.


        I wouldn’t buy the WWE Network because of the fact it doesn’t really have shows I’d want to watch and their pay-per-views haven’t really been worth watching because of the fact that the only things that occour tend to be things I don’t want to shell out and pay money for….because the pay-per-views stopped being entertaining at all as soon as Orton had grown facial hair and turned heel. Because it sucks that Orton’s having to be a bad guy and Cena is always allowed to be a good guy no matter what.
        WWE doesn’t seem to get the message that people watching WWE are unhappy about how things are in WWE because of the fact that they can’t have things be enjoyable anymore and they have to put up with things like Tribute to the Troops and having to watch other people interact with WWE Superstars (like Randy Orton) in ways they want to interact with Randy Orton….. but they can’t because they are watching WWE and aren’t allowed to say…..spend time with a WWE Superstar of their choice (like Randy Orton) and be able and allowed to do fun things together with him, be affectionate with him, let him bond with them and such. He doern’t even realize how amazingly incredible he used to be as a person and wrestler back in 2008-2009!!!!
        Randy having to behave like a bad guy, and do heelish and wrongful things MOTHERFUCKING UNFAIRLY, WRONGFULLY SUCKS!!!!

    • SD Jones

      If this is sports entertainment, I should still be entertained, right? I’ve been watching nearly 40 years and this is as bad as I’ve ever seen it. Keep the boos and chants going, that’s the entertaining part of this whole thing right now!

    • Jpro Walkom

      Elimination Chamber matches are badly paced. One minutes it’s good and exciting, the next minute they’re boring and predictable. I think it should go back to being a themed match. Where it’s only used in dire situations. And now you only have one top championship you don’t need the PPV anymore. Go back to “No Way Out” or something.

      There was only one real standout in my view. Wyatts vs Shield. I’ll get to that in a sec though.

      Big E vs Jack Swagger was a nice opener, but pretty predictable.

      New Age Outlaws vs U-SO’s. I know U-SO’s are almost there, i think the pay off should be Wrestlemania. So maybe a rematch or throw Golden Rhodes in for a Triple Threat Tag Team Match. New Age Outlaws needed the win here to look strong though.

      Titus vs Darren Young
      I guess these guys needed their finish off, I didn’t really pay much attention to this match, then again i never really paid attention to these guys as a tag team lol.

      Batista vs Alberto
      I knew this would be a squash with Batista getting the win. Couldn’t be buggered to watch it. So i basically had a toilet break. I’ve seen this all before WWE. Batista was so 4 years ago or whatever. I’m over him.

      Elimination Chamber. Good spots and bad spots. There was some really exciting moments but boy did they clean up fast after Sheamus got eliminated. It wasl ike one after the other lol. Then again people were falling asleep. I really enjoyed Christian, Antonio and Daniel Bryan though. I was surprised Sheamus was the first to go. I thought it be Christian. I also think in way WWE knows what they are doing with the Daniel Bryan situation. If you look at the camera shots afterwards you could see it was all for show, they’ve been planning this. The fans were disappointed and upset, but they still back him up. This is perfect for Wrestlemania put him in a match against Triple H and have him main event. Whatever you do don’t main event Randy vs Batista cause i bet no one will stick around for that. It’s not a match i want to see at all. And i’m pretty sure others are with me on this.

      Now Shield vs Wyatts. In my view this deserves a Wrestlemania stage. But if it was, it would of never been given the time this one got. You see this was a minor PPV with only a few matches which allowed this to be a show stealer. Theseguys were given enough time and they tore the house down. From the word GO! The crowd was ready and so were the teams. When the Shield breaks up i’m going to miss them a lot. Cause last night they should why they’re one of the best ever 3 man teams out there. One of the best stables in a long time. They were exciting, and the crowd got so behind them, i wish these guys had a few more matches. With Seth Rollins was on a roll the crowd got behind him and cheered him like crazy, when Dean Ambrose took the firtst punch, when he made saves the crowd got behind him, and we actually see Dean is actually quite talented in the ring too. When Roman Reigns as fired up the crowd was there with him. Roman will be an awesome babyface and definitely be a new kind of star. He is so pumped and so ready and the way he tried to stay in it was awesome. I almost believed he could pull it off, and they had you going there for a sec. The Wyatts were also exciting, and they loved it too. They loved the crowd, and the crowd loved them. I’m actually surprised with the Wyatts. They’re a different kind of build they’re big and tough yet they have certain electricity and shock about them. Harper did a dropkick. That’s very rare for a big guy to do.
      There were so many cool spots for both teams. I especially loved how Seth Rollins would recover from such moves. The top rope suplex where he landed on his feet. That was amazing. I had to replay it to see how he pulled it off. I was like WTF? The Crowd was cheering and everything. Unfortunately when i saw the table getting set up, i had a feeling Seth would take the bump. i felt bad for him but he was brave.

      You see this is what you in a match, a crowd that is excited, because it makes the match more excting, and makes wrestlers more excited. With a built up crowd they can build momentum and confidence within themselves to take those moves and their abilities to the next level. It reminds me of the Edge And Christian, Hardyz and Dudleyz days.

      I’m also glad they didn’t pull a Shield breakup, they’ll probably do it over the next 6 weeks for a WM triple threat match. A breakup would of taken the excitement away.

    • Daquan Bailey

      That’s 2 back-to-back ppvs that wwe has fucked up with. Daniel should be champ. Wwe better make great matches for wwe. Matches like batista vs orton vs bryan vs cena. They should just apologize to punk and grant him the opportunity for the WWE WHC at mania with orton and batista. They got to do better than this. I’m second guessing paying for WWE Network.

    • chrissi calvert

      With the exception of Wyatts vs Shield an absolutley atrocious PPV. The fans faces said it all at the end. GIVE US A GODAMN NEW CHAMP THAT THE FANS CAN ACTUALLY GET BEHIND!!

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