WWE Employee Involved In Altercation With Del Rio Has Had Issues With Others

Posted by Matt Boone August 14, 2014 5 Comments

Cody Barbierri, WWE’s social media guy that was involved in a physical altercation with Alberto Del Rio that led to Del Rio’s release from WWE is said to be a pretty unpopular person among the wrestlers in the company.

One WWE employee noted that Barbierri is a “jerkoff who is very arrogant,” but did mention that he is intelligent and that his attitude has flown under the radar of WWE executives.

Another source within the company noted that Barbierri has been involved in a few bad situations with talent over the past year and has a reputation as a guy who talks down to wrestlers.

In addition to his talent at his job, it has been said that Barbierri has the backing of Stephanie McMahon in particular, and is viewed as a key player in WWE’s social media department.

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(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      It’s ironic how Stephanie McMahon just today gave a speech about “respect” and “tolerance” while trying to promote the BE A STAR ALLIANCE campaign today, and she backs him. Phil Brooks is right, she is an idiot.

    • Sheila Belue

      Stephanie better be backing the talent not the media , they are the ones who put money in her bank account.

    • Katherine

      With Stephanie McMahon and trips running it I see WWE going down the rate TNA is. I hope I’m wrong but that’s the way I see it.

    • bluebook

      I hope that slap from Alberto Del Rio hurt him really badly. I hope he had to eat through a straw for a week.

    • venom2

      So if the twitter guy picks more fights, they’ll lose half their roster by Christmas.

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