WWE Employees Thank Kenn Doane For Speaking Out Against Cena

Posted by Brad Davis June 25, 2012 27 Comments

Kenn Doane, who appeared as Kenny of the Spirit Squad and Kenny Dykstra for WWE from 2006 to 2008, blames an affair between John Cena and Mickie James for ruining his relationship with the former Diva and sabotaging his once promising career. He stated on Twitter that he has received nothing but positive feedback from those in the professional wrestling industry, including WWE employees, for speaking out against the Cenation leader online.

“Thanks for tweets from positive to negative Nothing but positive from those in the ‘biz’ and in the know,” he wrote Sunday night. “Alot of text messages saying all positive things. ‘Goodjob, thank you, ect’ stuff like so. And that’s from WWE employees and non employees.”

Former WWE star Shad Gaspard agrees with the assessment that Doane’s career was ruined due to backstage politics.

He tweeted, “Kenn Doane is a great guy and worker who was held back. Some of the best guys get shitted on for no good reason.”

Doane stated to SEScoops.com that he we wanted to bury the hatchet with Cena at a WWE show last November, but was blown off. He also explained why he’s speaking out now.

“When I was there in November I was actually excited to talk with John and I wanted to bury this all. He walked by I put my hand out and said hey you got a minute? He didn’t shake my hand and said “for you, absolutely not.” So I was like “really OK John, that’s cool,” he recalls. “So to all you people that disagree with me bringing this up now it’s merely to clear my name of having a bad attitude.”

He continues, “Another thing people claim my timing is bad on this and maybe you’re right. John is going through a divorce right now and I really wish him and Liz a peaceful divorce. But if anyone of you lost your job, personal life and then got stuck with a bad reputation, you’re gonna honestly say you wouldn’t do the same thing? Let’s get real people.”

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    • 40 dawg

      Yes kenny,thank you for still feeling bitter about the situation and exposing cena for what he really is. An overated,womenizing prick. I hope mrs. Cena cleans him out. And yes when it comes to cena I am a hater.

    • Jackie Priest

      Let’s be honest, Ken’s barely “speaking out” now because the lawyer of cena’s ex is probably paying him to do so as they need any leverage they can get over John. I feel pretty sorry for Ken that this is the only way he is able to stay remotely relevant in the wrestling industry. Still being someone’s stooge.

      • Unknown

        let me guess Cena fan?

        • Steve O

          ding ding ding good observation Sherlock,…

      • Jeff

        If you read the full article, it sounds like he is pretty much done with wrestling, won’t admit to being retired, but is no longer actively seeking to be on either WWE or TNA. So I don’t think its about staying relevant. I think he’s just pissed.

        • Jacob.galliher

          Yeah it does sound like he’s done with mainstream wrestling, but not because he has any say in the matter. He’s beef with Cena has killed any chance of a return to the WWE, and that reputation that his attitude recieved as a result of John Cena stealing his girlfriend reared it’s ugly head and cost him an opportunity when TNa offered him a second tryout and he publicly refused because he wasn’t going to be paid for it. He’s not retiring because he wants to, he’s retiring because Japan and Mexico are his only other options since in 4 years Ring of Honor showed more interest in Crash Holly 2.0 (Mike Mondo) than they have in Ken Doane and he was never that spectacular in the ring to begin with. He’s not coming out to shed light on Cena’s character, he’s doing it to cling onto any tiny shred of relevancy he can in hopes that WWE might call so they can sell a ‘grudge match’ between Doane and Cena or so Rob Feinstein will call him to do a shoot video.

    • Steve O

      Dou*heBag Just like Cena that only difference is that Cena was stuffed down our faces each and every night. but none of them still dont have any personality etc….it the where to be placed in the “Attitude Era” They would be doing squash matched like Yoshi..Nah scratch that Yoshi would be above those tooo

      • Guest

        And you figure that how considering what happened to Taka Michinoku and Funaki during the Attitude Era?

    • Beer Money Jobber

      I had forgotten Kenn Doane existed.The last time I heard about him was a couple of years ago when he was trying to win a date with Cindy Margolis on some stupid reality show.

    • not Cena’s fan

      So many Cena haters. Kenn is just a bitter asshole who was completely lame in ring and apparently in the sack too since Mickey left him for Cena. As for for buying into all the supposed WWE employees and non WWE employees thanking him are you all serious? The only one who may have said anything is oh wait another bitter former performer with no talent Shad. Kenn is just a scumbag who is jumping the antiCena bandwagon. Everyone who is antiCena is just jelous of him you all wish you had the fame and money while I am no fan of his I see past the fact thathe is the face of the WWE. He is this generations Hulk Hogan only Cena is far more talented. Deal with it Cena is the face for now justblike Hogan, Austin ,the Rock ect. Guess you morons will all be jelous of the next face of the biz too hun?

      • ExtremeWrestlingFan

        Hell, he probably wont have enough money after the infedility Cena did while he was married. As for him being the ONLY face in the company…that could be a problem for some of the talent and the growth of the future..

        • Guest

          He signed a prenup so his wife can’t get a dime not everybody is Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan stupid when it comes to getting married.

      • Jeff

        Think its a touch immature to think that Doane’s bedroom skills have anything to do with him coming forward and calling out Cena for being a bit of a hypocrite. Nevermind the fact that Cena is supposed to be in a committed relationship to his high school sweetheart, whom he married, and it now comes out that he’s sleeping with everything that moves. No, Ken’s the one that’s the bitter asshole. At least he wasn’t trying to steal another man’s girlfriend, when he has a wife at home. I’m sorry, but some people amaze me with how they see things. Cena can do whatever he wants to whoever he wants, regardless of who gets hurt because he’s seen as “the face of the company” or the “new Hulk Hogan”. This just shows that every action has a reaction. He did something messed up and got called out for it. Period.

        • Jacob.galliher

          Maybe to call into question against his claims but it’s truth is lended into why Mickie James would move on when it sounds like it was only meant to be a physical relationship anyways. Obviously Kenny was missing a few things that could have saved him from being the guy that was second best. Who’s to say that Cena’s wife didn’t have anything going on at home while John was on the road herself. For a long time there was a story going around that they had taken some time off from being together because he found out she was messing around with his brother. Who is to say that before they were married (which according to Kenny the relationship with Mickie and John was put to rest around mid-to-late ’08) that they didn’t have some form of agreement that had exceptions for him while he was on the road? There are chapters in this story that aren’t being shared by anyone other than this bitter asshole.

    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      You know u suck when even Cuerrent and Former WWE Employees can’t stand you.

    • Papa G

      Wouldn’t surprise me. Shame on you Cena.

    • Wrestlehead

      Now, after the blood has been spilled, out come the scavengers.

      I’ll admit I’m not a Cena fan at all, but this whole thing is nothing new. His character was built up over several years with this squeaky clean ‘good guy’ image, and now his real life situation contradicts everything that he seemingly stood for in the ring. We build celebrities up, and then we tear them down. It will be interesting to see if, or how WWE reacts and responds to his whole personal situation.

      • Jeff

        I agree its the Hogan fiasco all over again. For two decades Hulk Hogan was the iconic child hero, all straight laced, prayers, vitamins, the American way. Goes on to do a reality show and completely buries his reputation when people saw him for what he is. It was only a matter of time for Cena. The bigger someone is built up, the farther the fall. I do think Doane could’ve picked a better spot (like November when Cena made it clear there would be no putting this behind them) instead of waiting until he was in the middle of a divorce to bring up a extra marital affair, but the guys mad, and when angry people don’t always think of the common sense move. Maybe he did want to stick it to Cena in this way. I don’t know, or honestly really care.

        • Wrestlehead

          I’d say Hogan’s reputation was soiled during the steroid scandals of the early 90’s, way before he was on reality TV. After WM8 he took a leave of absence mainly for this reason. You’re right though that there are a lot of parallels to John Cena’s situation.

          • Jeff

            Very true. I forgot about that.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1065201516 Kevin Barnett

      So dudes girl being a slut didnt mess shit up but Cena did? Dude is mad cause he was a hack and only one that came out saying he was cool wit him was a hack too.Cena does more for kids than anyone and this dude wants to bring up stuff from the back dude is a snitch and a rat mad cause he will never make the bigtime.

    • Will

      I just talked to Randy Orton on twiiter and he said
      As for your ‘news’ sites. Look at them for entertainment, not actual backstage happenings,

    • Kage

      John Cena just granted his 300th wish for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

      What a prick.

      • http://twitter.com/HEELDaiveedino Dave Nemeth


      • Jeff

        Oh I see Kage. So that means he’s allowed to cheat on his wife and break up other people’s relationships as well. He can do WHATEVER he wants because he does charity work, right?

    • andy

      dnt give damn 2 kennys words, coz both kenny n shad are a kicked out employees… so it dnt matter wat u say.

    • Guest

      Dysktra had a promising career?

      Bullshit if I ever saw it, he had no personality, no-in ring abilty, & no mic skills

      And was a member of one of the most forgettable stables in recent memory

      Talk about overselling yourself.

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