Complete Results From The WWE Hall Of Fame 2014 Ceremony

WWE Hall Of Fame 2014 Induction: Mr. T

After Jake’s speech, a video package airs for WrestleMania XXX. After that, Lawler is back at the podium. Before he can say anything, Hornswoggle runs around on stage. El Torito comes out. They have a staredown. Torito ends up goring Lawler in the nuts. He runs off. What was the point of that? Don’t ask me. He introduces the video package of the next inductee. A Mr. T video package airs. Out comes “Mean” Gene Okerlund to induct him. Okerlund talks about WrestleMania I, etc. He then quickly introduces Mr. T.

Mr. T comes out, the fans cheer, and he immediately gets choked up. He talks about being honored to be among the best “wrasslers” in the world. He thanks the almighty God for making all of this possible. He then reads a pre-written prayer.

After the prayer, he asks everyone to be patient and allow him to honor his dear mother, whom he loves very much. Every word Mr. T is saying clearly sounds like he’s reading off a piece of paper, which he is, but it sounds very, very obvious. He talks for a few minutes about his mother and how great she is. Mr. T literally goes on for about 10 minutes about the different reasons he loves his momma. He went on so long that it stopped being boring, and actually elicited a passionate “this is awesome” chant from the fans in New Orleans. One of the early highlights of tonight’s ceremony, in a sarcastic “it’s so bad, it’s good” Iron Shiek, Bob Backlund type of way. He kept going on even more about his momma, to which the fans broke out into an eventual “thank you momma” chant. I pity the fool who had to sit through Mr. T’s half-an-hour speech about his momma.

Mr. T literally goes on for another 10-20 minutes about the different ways he loves his momma. Eventually, out of the absolute blue, Kane’s music hits. Kane walks out, and Mr. T seems legitimately stunned. Kane walks up to Mr. T, and T is overheard saying “did I go over?” and “is my time up?” He extends his hand to Kane. Kane shakes it, doesn’t make a single facial expression or say a single word. He turns and walks away. Mr. T says apparently his time is up. The fans cheer and we cut immediately away to a Legends House video package. That was awesome, and for all the wrong reasons.

WWE Hall Of Fame 2014 Induction: Paul Bearer

Lawler comes back to the podium and starts by saying “after hearing Mr. T’s speech, I love his momma too.” He then introduces Kane. Kane makes his way out to the podium. Kane comes to the podium, but before he can say a word, Paul Bearer’s video package starts airing.

After the video package, Kane says he hated to run Mr. T off, but all of the talk of his momma cut into the time he gets to talk about his “daddy,” Paul Bearer. Kane runs down Bearer’s journey as a young William Moody, a kid with a dream of getting into the professional wrestling business. He runs down Bearer’s journey of getting into the business and evolving into what eventually became his greatest accomplishment, becoming Paul Bearer in the WWE.

After Kane’s speech, he introduces Bearer’s sons, Michael and Daniel Moody. The two quickly talk about their father, in a speech that lasted all of a minute or two. They finish by mimmicking his famous “ooooh yeessss” phrase. After that, Undertaker’s gong hits. Smoke fills the stage and his music plays. I didn’t clearly see Undertaker ever come out, but regardless, the tribute was paid.

WWE Hall Of Fame 2014 Induction: Razor Ramon

After The Undertaker music cut off, a quick WrestleMania XXX video package, focusing on the John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt match, with Eminem’s “Legacy” playing, airs. After that, Jerry Lawler comes back out and introduces a Razor Ramon video package.

After the Razor Ramon video package airs, Lawler introduces Kevin Nash. Nash comes out to the nWo music. He mocks Mr. T briefly for talking about god, and then says Razor told him to speed up his introduction speech because everyone has been running long.

Nash mocks himself a bit, mentioning his Vinny Vegas gimmick when telling the story of how he left WCW to come to WWE. He talks about competing against Razor Ramon early in his career for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. He says he didn’t think anything would be more emotional than inducting Shawn Michaels into the WWE Hall Of Fame, but this is. He welcomes Razor Ramon.

Razor makes his way out to the stage to a huge pop from the fans in New Orleans, as his cool-ass theme music from his old WWE days plays. He starts, as you can guess, by saying, “Hey Yo!”

He talks about falling in love with pro wrestling. He says back in the day his standard answer to the question, “how are you doing?” was “better than you, chico!” He talks about the relationship his character had with the wrestling audience. He says he’s always treasured that, and gets a bit choked up saying it.

After Hall finishes, his music hits and every member of The Kliq makes their way out on stage. They all pose together and hug, etc.

Bad News Barrett

Before anyone can continue, Wade Barrett comes out to the podium for a “Bad News Barrett.” The fans in New Orleans in attendance absolutely exploded when his theme music hit. He talked for a bit and then said he has some bad news. The bad news is that everyone sitting in the building, this is the closest they’ll ever get to being in the WWE Hall Of Fame. He walks off to another huge pop.

WWE Hall Of Fame 2014 Induction: Carlos Colon

Jerry Lawler introduces a Carlos Colon video package. After the video, out comes Carlito, Diego and Fernando to induct their father. The fans erupt into a big “Carlito” chant. Carlito says that the Hall Of Fame needs something to calm the crowd down before The Ultimate Warrior, so they send out the Colon’s. He says their time was cut as well, noting that it’s like he never left. Everyone laughs.

Diego and Fernando put over Carlos a bit and then they eventually bring out the Puerto Rican legend to the stage for his WWE Hall Of Fame induction speech.

Carlos Colon’s speech was pretty basic. He asked for a minute to soak the moment in. He spoke about the heritage he has in the business, the tradition his family has kept going, such as his son Carlito, his nephews, etc. He thanks several of the wrestling legends who helped make him a household name in Puerto Rico. He closes by saying something in his native language, and since I only speak English, I can’t tell you what that was. I’m sure, based on how his speech has been going thus far, that it was pretty basic stuff.