Complete Results From The WWE Hall Of Fame 2014 Ceremony

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2014 Induction: Ultimate Warrior

Jerry Lawler comes back out to the stage after Carlos Colon’s speech. He says it’s been a memorable night, but it’s not over yet. With that said, he introduces the video package for the next inductee. The crowd, knowing that Ultimate Warrior is the only person left, absolutely goes insane with easily the loudest pop of the evening.

After the video package, Lawler introduces Linda McMahon. McMahon comes out to a different theme than usual. She says this has been a fantastic evening. She said when Warrior called and asked her to induct him tonight, she was flattered and honored. She says the Hall Of Fame is her favorite time of the year. She mentions that Warrior is a motivational speaker, and he will likely inspire many of us tonight in his own fashion. She calls him a truly unique individual.

Mrs. McMahon goes on to talk about how Warrior legally changed his name to Warrior. She says he did so because he believed in living the Warrior lifestyle. She says in his day, he was an aggressive an intimidating character. She talks about his memorable ring entrance during his WWE days. She goes into detail describing how a Warrior entrance went down, basically giving a play-by-play of all that his entrance entailed.

Linda calls Warrior a truly inspirational character. She says that he was a loner. She said he was a perfectionist. She says in all honesty, he wasn’t the easiest guy to be around. She says he was sometimes hard to convince that his way wasn’t always the right way. She says in his last run with WWE, he asked that she be his personal contact. She jokes about how during the times that she was his personal contact, he would passionately flip out about certain issues. She tells a story about how one time Warrior called her his mom. She says she told him that if she were really his mom, she’d have to turn him over her knee. She said that made him laugh. She calls him a true legend and icon in WWE history and then introduces him to the stage.

Out comes Ultimate Warrior to the podium with his two young daughters. Warrior has a big smile on his face and the fans give him a great reaction coming out as his iconic, memorable music blasts throughout the arena in New Orleans.

Warrior starts by making a goofy, Warrior-style noise into the mic. He says his speech is the most anticipated in Hall Of Fame history. He takes a moment to thank his wife for staying by his side. He follows that up by thanking his mom, who is seated next to his wife, for being here tonight. He then talks to his two daughters, who left the stage to sit with his wife and mother in the front row.

Warrior talks about DDP Yoga and makes a couple of jokes. The fans give a nice reaction to that little bit. After joking a bit, he gives DDP credit for helping guys fix their self-destructive ways. He makes a joke about saying those two words together, clearly referencing “The Self Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior” DVD, the first one that WWE used to basically bury him several years ago. He talks about how Triple H mentioned that after spending only five minutes with him, he could tell that he was an asshole. He says for five minutes, he sure learned a lot from “this asshole.”

Before he can continue speaking, Warrior is cut off by a loud “one more match” chant from the fans in New Orleans. He thanks them but says the one more match thing isn’t going to happen. He talks about how he hasn’t interacted with anyone in the business without learning something, even if it was learning what not to do.

He talks about learning in his early days from Red Basstein from Steve Borden, aka Sting. The fans erupt in applause when hearing the Sting reference. He goes on to thank a number of other wrestlers and other personalities that helped him early in his career. Despite talking trash about him in a lot of interviews lately, Warrior makes a point to seek Ted DiBiase out in the crowd and give him his version of props for learning his clothesline (somewhat) off of him.

Warrior tells another story and accidentally says WWF. He makes a joke about how he wishes they could put the “F” back in. The fans chant “F.” Warrior jokes about how Jerry McDevitt got his ass kicked by “those Wildlife” people. McDevitt is WWE’s lawyers, and “those Wildlife” people are the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which is the group that ended up suing WWE and forcing them to stop calling themselves WWF. The fans really dug that reference and reacted big to it.

He talks about how the first DVD on his career that WWE put out not only pissed him off, but it actually broke his heart. He goes on to joke about how The British Bulldogs would crap in people’s bags. He says he thinks he’s a good guy and when those things were said about him, it hurt. He said he wants to thank some of the people behind-the-scenes we never see in WWE. He says they are the true Superstars that make all of this happen. He talks about the guys who set up and take down the rings.

Warrior talks about how it’s awesome how the 30th edition of WrestleMania is coming up tomorrow night. He says it would be appropriate to have a category in the Hall Of Fame for these type of people (the ring crew he mentioned a few seconds ago). He says it should be called the Jimmy Miranda award. He goes on to explain who Jimmy Miranda is. He says he hopes next year that we see the Jimmy Miranda award.

He goes on to thank the Ultimate Warrior fans. He calls them legendary. He says without them he wouldn’t be who he is. He says he knows many people says that, but he really means it. He says “they” tried to re-program the Warrior fans’ minds, and they all fought back and because of that, he’s here tonight. The fans break out in a huge “thank you Warrior” chant. He yells “no, no” as he was planning to thank them I think. Before he can, just because he was shouting “no” over and over again, the fans break out into a big “Yes! Yes!” chant. Warrior jokes about how he’s been out of the business for a long time, because he didn’t see that coming. He then goes on to talk about how when fans say thank you to him at signings, he turns it around and thanks them instead.

He says he remembers how great it was to know that all he put into the business was worth something. He calls it an incredible thing. He says you can determine your success based on how hard you’re willing to work to put into it. He says when he was told these kind of things, he says he would always remember that. He says in the back of his mind, one person gave him the opportunity to use his imagination and his creativity, and that was Vince McMahon.

He tells a story about how guys would complain back in the day about pay, and how they would always claim when they saw Vince, they would give him a piece of their mind. He says when they met with Vince, however, they would always come out of the meeting with a “bobbley head.” Basically saying it didn’t turn out the way they planned. He says Bad News Brown, a true bad guy in the business (as he stated) claimed the same thing, but when he came out of the meeting with Vince, he too had the “bobbley head.”

Warrior goes on to talk about how working in this business is magic. He says he misses it. He says it was awesome to be able to experience that. To be a make-believe tough guy. He says it was incredible to get to go out in front of a crowd and become a character that people believe in. He says it’s awesome to be a hero to people, like kids. He says the first time it hit him was when he did a Make-A-Wish Foundation thing. He gives props to John Cena for all of the Make-A-Wish Foundation stuff he does. He goes on to tell a story about the first time he experienced the Make-A-Wish thing.

He says if you can succeed in WWE, then there’s no excuses not to succeed in life. He goes on and on about getting to portray a tough guy on television. He says people think he doesn’t appreciate or respect the business. He says there’s not a day that goes by where he doesn’t think about the business. He says the business helped him throughout his entire real life. He makes a joke about blowing up (getting tired) but no one seemed to get it. You could hear crickets chirping after he made that joke. He went on to try and explain it and still no one seemed to react. He says the thing he misses the most about the business is pushing his body past the limits like he would when he was in the ring.

He goes on about how people were worried about what he would say. He says he was always respectful to people. He says “the DVD was just wrong, that’s all.” He says he’s proud to be here this evening and to be inducted with the other people that were honored here tonight. He says he’s also honored to be an ambarassador for WWE for many years to come. He says his run in WWE was an incredible time in his left. He says in 1991 Vince McMahon wrote him a letter. He pulls something out of his pocket. He jokes about a check Vince wrote him and asked if it was going to bounce. He says Vince wrote him a letter chastizing him saying Warrior thinks he’s a legend in his own mind. He says he didn’t think he was a legend in his own mind, but he says Vince was a good fortune teller, because he is a legend today. He thanks everyone for the honor of the Hall Of Fame again.

He closes by giving some advice to the wrestlers of today, saying use this opportunity to prepare yourselves for life. He thanks everyone again, tells them to enjoy WrestleMania tomorrow night, and to have a good night. He says thank you one more time and his music hits. That’ll do it, folks! Very good speech from Warrior.

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