WWE Has AW Twitter Account Suspended; Continues To Ridicule Linda & WWE

Posted by Matt Boone August 13, 2012 6 Comments

As AW predicted, his original Twitter account was suspended after the terminated WWE Superstar posted a multitude of messages disparaging his former employer and Vince McMahon’s wife Linda McMahon. A.W., however, set up another account under his real name, Brian Jossie, at BJRatedR and has continued to sound off on the sports-entertainment organization as well as Linda.

Jossie believes WWE had his original account shut down, writing, “Yeah the #WWE shut down my old account. It’s all good. It was fun while it lasted.” When asked whether the account was his property, he responded, “Not really sure. Although when it comes to the #WWE they own everything like Satan, including your soul,lol!”

Jossie, who blames Linda and her ongoing U.S. Senate campaign for his termination from WWE, subsequently posted three images ridiculing the political hopeful. In the first pic, he posted a joke poster of McMahon reading “UNSTOPPABLE”-a takeoff of the Barack Obama “Hope” poster. He then posted an unflattering photo of McMahon, noting, “Is it me or does Linda McMahon make Hilary Clinton look like Angelina Fucking Jolie!!” Jossie was also sent a side-by-side image of Linda and the Cryptkeeper and asked if he sees a resemblance. “Yep! CryptKeeper might have her beat,” he wrote.

Jossie had also tweeted, “@Linda_McMahon has cost more negroes jobs than hurricane Katrina!!” However, he stated minutes later that he doesn’t hate Linda and that he’s merely joking around.

“I don’t hate Linda, I’m doing what a comedian would do. Making light of a serious situation inorder to make people think!” Jossie wrote.

He then continued the Linda jokes, writing, “David Duke would hire my black ass before @Linda_McMahon!” He then added, “Sorry I won’t be HANGING out at any #WWE shows. There’s enough pro wrestling lynching as it is….”

In response to a fan comment stating, “It’s pretty damn funny that @WWE actually thinks @Linda_McMahon has a chance at winning,” Jossie responded, “Agreed, Them muthafuckas are as high as Jeff Hardy!!!”

Jossie was also asked whether one needs to “play the game” in order to survive the political minefield of WWE. He responded, “Politics is a must. Everyone plays the GAME!! Some (Divas) more than others….#WinkWink #HHH.”

A Twitter user sent Jossie a mock graphic proposing a Street Fight between himself and Vince McMahon at WrestleMania XXIX, to which he responded, “Ha! Yeah I’d whoop that old man’s ass! I’d only do it if Shane and Steph joined in. #McMahonSmackdown!” He also noted “as soon as I see Vince on TV this Nike is gonna fuck my plasma up!!”

Jossie was also asked how WWE would have acted had he made a Mike Tyson rape joke rather than a Kobe Bryant one. “Nope I would have probably got a raise! #WhatTheFuck?” he responded.

Finally, Jossie was asked whether he’s calling out WWE for exposure, to be controversial or out of bitterness. “I’m just saying my peace. I wish more people would be like JTG and not be afraid to speak up. #Courage,” he says.

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    • Vince

      well, shouting off about Vinces wife isn’t going to help you get back now is it lol

      • b-ri

        it may or may not wwe doesnt respect people who just take shit lying down a.w is speaking his mind whether wwe wants to hear it or not also note that people get their job back with them when noise is made ex : daniel bryan

        • iNexus

          The difference is DB never acted like an immature prick who just wouldn’t admit he is ALSO wrong. When DB was released, he went back to the indies and left it there. He came back because the fans wanted him, and he is pretty damn talented. What does AW have other than a rape joke? He’s not a wrestler and I’m pretty sure there are far more talented managers out there than him. If he just shut up and stop personally attacking his former boss, maybe he will get his job back. He didn’t get released because of personal reasons, he got released because he created negative buzz, which is why people like Chris Jericho get suspended for. I don’t understand why everyone is acting like AW is a big loss. He wasn’t great on ECW and sure as hell wasn’t great on RAW.

    • Ice

      Lol so WWE got AW’s twitter suspended?? so much for freedom of speech lol

    • Caleb43

      linda mcmahon=yoko ono?

    • Th_Mssngr

      Christ I wish he’d shut the hell up. So he’s just “saying his piece” is he? What was stopping him saying it before he got the sack? Oh yeah, money. Was he surprised that after biting the hand that feeds, that hand gave him the middle finger?

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