WWE Hell In A Cell Results

WWE United States Title:
-Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Big E. Langston

As soon as the bell rings, Ambrose starts taunting Langston. Both guys go nose-to-nose. Ambrose bitch-slaps Langston. Big E shoves him to the mat and covers for a two count. More offense and a pin attempt from Big E. Langston takes Ambrose to the corner and works him over. Big shoulder thrust from Big E. Ambrose ducks a clothesline but leaps into Big E’s arms. E drops him with a backbreaker. Ambrose turns it around in the corner with chops. Ambrose hits him but Big E powers back and stares at him. Big E turns it around easily. Big E with high knees now. He scoops Ambrose up over his shoulder and drops him on the mat. E with another pin attempt and a bear hug. Ambrose pulls Langston into the ring while they’re on the floor.

Big E comes back in at the 5 count and Ambrose stomps away. Ambrose tries to suplex Big E back in but it’s blocked. Ambrose instead runs Big E into the ring post and he falls out to the floor. Langston comes back in but Ambrose stomps away. Ambrose keeps control and works Big E over in the corner some more. Ambrose leans Big E into the ropes and hits a dropkick to the chest. Ambrose covers for a 2 count. Ambrose with a clutch but Big E powers to his feet with Ambrose on his back. Ambrose tries for a sleeper and gets it locked in. Langston rams him back into the corner and nails a pair of clotheslines. Big E with a backdrop and a big splash for two. Big E hits a belly to belly suplex for a 2 count.

Langston nails Ambrose with a headbutt and another splash for another two count. Ambrose starts walking away from the ring but Big E brings him back. Ambrose takes control as Big E re-enters the ring. Ambrose drops Big E on his face for another two count. Ambrose runs into the ring post. Big E runs the ropes and spears Ambrose from the apron but they both hit hard on the floor. The referee starts his count. Ambrose stumbles to his feet but doesn’t make it back in the ring. Langston picks up the win via count-out. As a result, Ambrose is still the WWE United States Champion. After the match, Ambrose takes his belt and leaves the ringside area. Langston chases him down and nails him with his Big Ending finishing move. Langston then takes Ambrose’s U.S. Title and stands over him, holding it proudly in the air.

Winner via Count-Out: Big E. Langston

Two-On-One Handicap Match:
Hell In A Cell
-CM Punk vs. Ryback & Paul Heyman

The announcers mention that this is officially the 27th Hell In A Cell match in WWE history. CM Punk comes out first, looking at the cage a bit before entering it. Out next is Ryback, who comes out alone. Eventually, we see a scissors lift start to make its way to the cage. Paul Heyman is riding on it with someone else driving it. Heyman finally gets near the ring on the big piece of machinery, with it stopping right in front of the cage door. Heyman gets on the microphone. He says he’s the best in…hell. The lift raises Heyman to the top of the cage. Heyman says he’s Satan himself in WWE and Punk sold himself to the devil a long time ago. He talks about how Ryback is the man who is going to collect Punk’s soul for all of the dirty deeds that Heyman did on Punk’s behalf in the past. Heyman is now walking on top of the cage. He says he has risen from hell and is now on top of the world. Nice. Heyman says he owns CM Punk. The bell rings, and here we go people!

As soon as the bell rings, loud “Goldberg” chants break out, directed at Ryback. Punk takes control and keeps looking up at Heyman. Punk kicks Ryback out of the ring. Punk goes for a suicide dive and they go into the Cell wall. Punk pulls out a kendo stick from under the ring. He swings but Ryback misses. Ryback lifts Punk and rams him hard into the steel. Ryback sends Punk back and forth into the steel. Ryback beats Punk with the kendo stick now and talks some trash. Ryback brings the fight into the ring and keeps using the kendo stick. Heyman cheers Ryback on from the roof of the Cell. Ryback drops Punk with a high elbow. Ryback keeps control and steps on Punk’s head. Ryback with a two count. Punk sends Ryback to the floor and goes under the ring for another weapon but Ryback sends him into the steps. Ryback with a boot to the face while Punk is down. Ryback suplexes Punk into the side of the Cell three times and then pushes him to the floor. Ryback brings it back in the ring and slams Punk for another two count. Ryback with more offense and another two count.

Punk finally drops Ryback with a high knee to the jaw. Punk springboards in but Ryback catches him in mid-air with a powerslam for a 2 count. Ryback says it’s time to finish it. He goes for Shell Shocked but Punk slides out and ducks a clothesline, sending Ryback into the turnbuckles face first. Punk grabs the kendo stick and nails Ryback with it a few times. We see Heyman looking down from the roof of the Cell. Punk with another kendo stick shot on Ryback. Punk goes to the top rope and nails the big elbow drop for a two count. Punk with more kendo stick shots. Punk goes under the ring and brings a table back in. Ryback attacks and sets the table up on its side. Ryback goes for a powerbomb into the table’s edges but Punk slides out. Ryback counters Punk and crotches him over the edges of the table. Heyman laughs from the top of the Cell.

A few moments later, Punk finally mounts a bit of a comeback. Ryback cuts it short, however. Ryback dominates Punk a bit more. Ryback then calls for the Shellshock and lifted Punk, but Punk fights out of it. Ryback missed a charge and hit the turnbuckles. Punk grabbed the cane and nailed Ryback in the mid-section and the back. Punk kept looking up at Heyman. Punk nailed the running knee in the corner into a short arm clothesline. He nailed the flying elbowsmash off the top for a two count. Punk worked over Ryback with cane shot after cane shot, then went to the floor to retrieve the table he didn’t get a chance to use earlier. Punk began setting up the table but Ryback recovered and nailed him. He set the table up on its side and went to powerbomb Punk onto it. Punk escaped and worked over Ryback but was caught after a kick was ducked and dropped across the table, crotched. Ryback covered Punk for a two count. He set the table up as Heyman yelled for Ryback to finish Punk off. Punk low blowed Ryback and placed him on the table. Punk went to the top rope and nailed the flying elbow through a table. Punk couldn’t capitalize on that with a pinfall attempt in time to secure the victory, however, he nails Ryback with a kendo stick and then hit him with the GTS. 1-2-3. Just like that, Punk wins.

Winner: CM Punk

After The Match: Punk Finally Gets His Hands On Heyman

CM Punk lays flat on his back in the ring celebrating his victory. He looks up through the cage, where Heyman is still standing. He gets up and can be overheard yelling “Where you gonna go?!” He goes under the ring and grabs a kendo stick. He tucks it in his tights and begins climbing the cage. The announcers point out how deathly afraid of heights Heyman is (which is a shoot, by the way). Punk slowly makes his way towards Heyman. He blasts Heyman with a kendo stick shot. He hits him over and over again a good 20 times while screaming out loud. Finally, he signals for the “Go To Sleep.” The crowd starts chanting “Go To Sleep, Go To Sleep.” Punk hoists Heyman up and hits him with the GTS on the top of the cell. Punk celebrates some more as his music plays to officially end that match.

Backstage Interview: Daniel Bryan

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is with Renee Young. Bryan says all he’s ever wanted was a chance to prove he can be the WWE Champion. He says he finally has a chance to prove it tonight, as it’s just he and Randy Orton. And of course, Shawn Michaels, who he hopes will be an impartial referee tonight. Bryan says everyone in this arena in Miami tonight that started the “Yes!” chant officially. He says he will reward them all by winning the WWE Championship tonight. He then leads the fans in doing one big “Yes!” chant together.

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