WWE House Show Results (12/29): Hershey, Pennsylvania

Posted by Matt Boone December 30, 2013 6 Comments

The following are results from the WWE live event in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The event was held on Sunday, December 29, 2013.

– Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara def. The Real Americans (with Zeb Colter) in a tag-team match to open the show. The finish came when Sin Cara pinned Cesaro.

– Justin Gabriel def. Tyson Kidd in singles action. The finish came when Kidd countered a top-rope hurricanrana attempt into a pin.

– Natalya def. AJ Lee in a Non-Title Divas match. Natalya picked up the win via submission by way of her Sharpshooter.

– Ryback def. Zack Ryder in singles action. The finish came when Ryback pinned Ryder after hitting him with his Meathook clothesline and Shellshock finisher.

– Big Show def. Kane via the Knockout Punch in a Steel Cage Match.


– Los Matadores & El Torito def. 3MB in a six-man tag-team match. 3MB was represented by Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal and Ricardo Rodriguez. 3MB were dressed up as New Year’s Babies. The finish came when El Torito pinned Rodriguez.

– Dolph Ziggler def. Alberto Del Rio in a singles match. Booker T served as the special guest referee. The finish came when Del Rio pushed Booker, who pushed him back right into a Zig-Zag from Ziggler.

– John Cena def. Randy Orton via Disqualification in a singles match, which served as the main event of the evening. The finish came when Orton low-blowed Cena on purpose to get DQ’d.

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    • jzer7

      What the fuck is this stupidity??
      Wait a second…..perhaps Randy Orton and John Cena are supposed to do things this way but for reasons I’ve got no fucking clue about….the show is sucking worse and is making Cena look like the hero and the good guy while Orton’s looking like the villain and bad guy. According to wrestling logic and all. Which sucks because Cena is being a good guy and Orton’s being a bad guy. Fucking pathetic stupid nonsensical trash and is disappointing, discouraging, unfair, wrong and lousy!!!!
      HOWEVER…perhaps something good can happen and come out of this whole thing.
      I don’t know how. Sorry but I haven’t a clue.
      Orton isn’t the one who has bullied John Cena or anyone else. Brock Lesnar hasn’t. Mark Henry hasn’t….OKAY…O,K…..maybe some guys in WWE behave that way some of the time….that’s their choice to do so. Because Cena is always getting his way!!! I’m to a point where I’m ready to go to the mall and have a t-shirt or two made of what I want to happen in WWE and I’m going to wear the t-shirts in public.
      I can’t stand it anymore.
      John Cena has hurt me too much and has fucked up WWE to the point that I feel like it’s irreperably damaged and will take a tremendous effort to make things right again!
      John Cena winning vs. Randy Orton is hellaciously lousy, suckfest crap that’s even more than dissappointing, discouraging, hateful, wrong, no-good, dissatisfying, hateful, evil, detestable, extremely hurtful, negative, extremely insulting, antagonistic, depressing, saddening, wicked, lousy, horrible, bad, foul, fucked up, and completely disheartening!!!! It’s even worse than bullying and is worse than evil, wicked, deplorable, destructive and insidious, cruel, mean and vile!!!
      I’m promising myself to get employed in 2014, and to get into WWE and go on a mission of sorts.
      It may not make sense to anyone else except me….but maybe I’m the one who needs to harm and hurt Cena to get back at him for doing this to me and to Randy Orton and other guys in WWE and IWC smarks and other people as well.
      Why the fuck is it right for John Cena to always get away with the bad things he says, does and treats people like??!!! I’m sick and tired of him winning in WWE!!!! That happening has caused my physical health to decline and worsen.
      My mental health has also…well, I’ve gotten triggered and ended up in a psyche ward of a hospital because of it.Not fun for me.
      Cena won’t physically fight me because, he’s not allowed to.
      My goal in life is to get into WWE after training at WWE’s Performance Center w/2 dogs then getting into WWE and fighting against John Cena…I don’t care if he has any title belt (s) or not. I just want to get back at him for harming me, Randy Orton, and everyone else…whether they’re smarks, marks or casual fans, or aren’t fans at all. My other goal in life is to marry Randy Orton.
      My problem is….I feel like things are totally screwed up in WWE because of John Cena always winning, and getting away with making Randy Orton look bad. John Cena is causing him to get DQ’ed and look like he’s doing that himself. If I were Randy Orton’s height and build…I’d beat the shit outta Cena and defeat him, But that’s me. I’m like, 5 ft. 2 in. tall. I’m not some 6 ft. 4 in. tall bodybuilder type. I don’t care. I’d still step into the ring vs. Cena and beat him.
      Maybe Randy thinks he should job to Cena because he hears the negative fucking bullshit and lies telling him he can’t beat Cena when the reality is….HE CAN AND WILL!!! DON’T ask me how I know he will because I haven’t any idea yet…all I know is that….HE WILL BEAT AND DEFEAT JOHN CENA!!!!
      Randy Orton’s the best wrestler ever in the world and is the best athlete and the best person!!!
      I know….I KNOW..he’s not perfect 24-7, 365 days a year.
      I DON’T CARE!!!! So fucking what??!!!!
      Rajndy Orton USUALLY DOES HIS BEST, FIGHTS, GOES FOR WHAT HE WANTS AND DOESN’T GIVE UP ON THAT!!! What’s John Cena do??? He gives up and quits easily.
      I’m not like John Cena because I have the unique ability that most people don’t have. They can’t beat him. I can. I’m all of 5 ft. 2 in. tall and I’m not a guy. I’m not physically stronger than most guys in WWE. I’m on hemodialysis and have kidney failure.
      Only way I can get off dialysis is to get a transplant, get onto a list and all….am I scared that if Randy loses to John Cena that I’m going to lose to Cena?? Yes. At times I feel that way. But if I don’t set a good example of fighting back against the negativity and things I dislike happening in matches btwn. Cena v. Orton….then I’m going to continue to fail. If I don’t set a good example for Randy Orton and others to follow….then things are fucked up and won’t change or improve. And Cena will continue to win against me and against them. That’s unfair and wrong.
      Im scared as hell because Randy forgets that I need him and want him to be my hero!!! He tends to forget that I want to marry him!!! Well….actually, the 2008-2009 version of Randy Keith Orton!!!
      Randy may not be perfect….he may say and do things that are wrong, such as how he’s behaving right now in matches against john Cena by him getting DQ’ed and look bad against John Cena. Which sucks pathetically lousy and is worse than discouraging! The matches between John Cena and Randy Orton are clearly and unequivocally disreputable, bad, non-entertaining, dull, boring, have extremely foul endings and are uninteresting, and aren’t any damn good!!!!
      I don’t agree that John Cena should continue to win against Randy Orton, myself and other people!!!! That’s what makes WWE SUCK BEYOND WORSE THAN ABSOLUJTELY, COMPLETELY SUCKFEST AND DISSATISFYINGLY HELLACIOUSLY!!!!

      • RKOAngels Destoy Cena Demons

        sure you do, girl…but look….orton’s not been feeling so great either 24-7. three-hundred-sixty-five-days a year. and from what you’re saying on here….you can identify and relate to that. randy orton?? the guy’s not having it so easy. cena usually always has it easy and maybe always will. but, if you and other people don’t fight against cena…..then cena will always win. that’s unfair and wrong.
        i too, am tired of it being like this.
        it does suck that cena always gets his way in matches and always has to win and always gets to be victorious.
        if cena refuses to job to orton he’s gonna destroy all the terriffic, good, postive and fantastic things about wwe.
        who knows
        maybe cena wearing a new t-shirt that he’s saying is against the iwc smarks is being done to cause people to think of ways to let cena know that they don’t want him as champion and they’d rather have randy orton as champion….but the randy orton from ’08-’09, some of ’11 and the randy orton who had the guts and courage to fight assertively against the bullying oppression of john cena
        you know…the one who was clean shaven, courageous, gutsy, determined, fought aggressively when needed and also had tremendous heart and was extremely cool.
        i concur and that is my opinion.
        thank you.

        • jzer7


          Randy Keith Orton fighting against John Cena and defeating him!
          If I had it my way….Randy would go back to being clean shaven and being a good guy, ie; in the movie he starred in, “!2 Rounds 2: Rel -oaded”!!! And being like he was a few years back in 2008-2009 but he wins vs. his opponnents and doesn’t job to bullies he faces in matches either!!!!
          Randy’s the BEST!!!!!

          • Guest

            “and doesn’t job to bullies he faces in matches either!!!!”

            Except Triple H and also gets his collarbone broken.

        • Guest

          “always has to win and always gets to be victorious”.

          You guys who keep saying this haven’t watched much of Cena’s matches during his tenure in the company have you?

          Despite bullshit popular opinion Cena has lost matches before.

          “if cena refuses to job to orton he’s gonna destroy all the terriffic, good, postive and fantastic things about wwe”.

          No he won’t.

          “but the randy orton from ’08-’09, some of ’11 and the randy orton who had the guts and courage to fight assertively against the bullying oppression of john cena”.

          How does a guy who has a reputation for a being a bully and an asshole fight against perceived bullying?

      • Guest

        Jesus calm down.

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