WWE House Show Results (5/5/13) – Charleston, West Virginia

The following are quick-match results from the WWE live event in Charleston, West Virginia on May 5:

-Fandango def. R-Truth. The crowd seemed to be into their ring-walks/entrances, but after the dancing and rapping stopped, that’s about all she wrote.

-Aaron Neville def. Heath Slater. Crowd was behind Slater for this one, given the fact he’s from West Virginia.

-Paige & Kaitlyn def. Emma & Tamina (with Vickie Guerrero). Other than Vickie Guerrero’s pre-match promo, nobody cared about this one.

-Mark Henry def. Zack Slater. Pretty much what you’d expect. Quick squash match.

-Ryback def. Sheamus via Count-Out. The crowd was very hot for this match from beginning to end. Sheamus seemed to work hard to get the match over.

-Kofi Kingston def. Antonio Cesaro in a No-DQ match. Lots of weapons used here: tables, chairs, kendo sticks, etc. Another great match between Kingston and Cesaro.

-Bray Wyatt def. Alex Riley. Match was kept very short. Crowd was dead for most of this.

-John Cena, Kane & Daniel Bryan def. The Shield via DQ. A great main event six-man tag match here. After the match, Cena and Bryan catered to the W.V. audience by singing “Country Roads.”