WWE House Show Results (8/11): Oakland, Calif. – Cena Absent, Big Show Returns

The following are results from the WWE live event in Oakland, California. The event took place on Sunday, August 11, 2013.

-Before the show began, WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts announced to the live crowd that WWE Champion John Cena would not be appearing on the show tonight as scheduled. He then informed the fans that they could receive refunds if they wished. Cena was scheduled to compete in a Champion vs. Champion match on the show against Alberto Del Rio. Due to his absence, WWE RAW GM Brad Maddox came out and announced a Battle Royal to open the show, where the winner would take Cena’s spot in a match against World Heavyweight Champion Del Rio.

-The Big Show won a #1 Contender Battle Royal. The show opened with the Battle Royal for a shot at Del Rio’s World Heavyweight Championship. Big Show made his return, to the surprise of the fans in Oakland. The match also featured Rob Van Dam, The Shield, The Miz, Mark Henry, Ryback, Christian, R-Truth, Justin Gabriel, The Usos and Wade Barrett. It came down to the final four, which were Show, Henry, Barrett and Ryback. In the end, Show eliminated Ryback to win the match.

-Kane defeated Luke Harper via Disqualification when the rest of the Wyatt Family interfered. Kane cleaned house of all Wyatt Family members, but Bray Wyatt had a big smile on his face, seemingly enjoying it.

-Kaitlyn defeated Alicia Fox. Typical Divas match. Nothing out of the ordinary here. This was kept relatively short, with Kaitlyn picking up the victory over Fox via clean pinfall after hitting her with the spear.

-Rob Van Dam defeated Ryback via pinfall. Was said to be a very physical match. Ryback played his heel role well, garnering a lot of heat from the fans in the arena. In the end, Van Dam picked up the clean pinfall victory over Ryback after hitting him with his Five Star Frog Splash finisher.

-Mark Henry & The Usos defeated The Shield via pinfall. The finish came when Henry hit Seth Rollins with the World’s Strongest Slam for the 1-2-3. The crowd seemed to be heavily into The Usos, possibly due to Jimmy Uso’s exposure on Total Divas every Sunday night.

-Curtis Axel (with Paul Heyman) defeated The Miz to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Heyman interfered towards the end of the match while Miz had the figure-four leglock applied on Axel. As the referee was checking on Axel, Heyman scraped Miz’s eyes to break the hold. This led to Axel hitting his finisher on Miz for the 1-2-3.

-Big Show defeated Alberto Del Rio via Disqualification. Big Show earned the right to challenge Del Rio by winning the Battle Royal in the beginning of the show. Show won via DQ, but this of course means he did not win the title. Del Rio was DQ’d after bringing a chair into the ring.

-Daniel Bryan defeated Randy Orton in a No-Disqualification Match. The finish here came when Bryan powerslammed Orton through a table. This match went extremely long, as it ran nearly 25 minutes. The crowd loved every minute of it. Was said to be the best match on the card.