WWE Interested In Matt Morgan, Kidman’s Current Job with WWE, More

Posted by Matt Boone July 19, 2013 13 Comments

- Vince McMahon, Triple H, Brock Lesnar and Rob Van Dam are all confirmed for the August 13th WWE SmackDown tapings from San Jose, California. This the final show before SummerSlam. Lesnar and Triple H are advertised for the August 19th RAW from Anaheim, the night after the pay-per-view.

– Rey Mysterio won’t be attending Comic Con today due to his mother’s health. He’s been asking fans for prayers and says she’s currently listed in critical condition at a hospital. Rey mentioned that the family is there with them.

– Billy Kidman is no longer working as a trainer in WWE developmental. He’s been working at WWE TV tapings as an agent, timing matches and segments to make sure they don’t go too long.

– WWE is interested in former TNA star Matt Morgan but it could be a while before he’s signed, if they come to an agreement, because he would still have to do pre-signing testing.

Source: PWInsider

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    • A chance

      Given some time I could think of a good way to book Morgan so he would be way over, but as of right now since punk and DB have changed the way a top biller can look or even should look, its harder to find a place for him right now. I think the interest in him is an older one from guys like 3H and Vince who still have that thought of how a typical or better than average wrestler should look. MM is an above good talker, and a good wrestler, and totally under used by the sinking ship. It would have been a much easier sell to see him as top champ over there, then it is in a real place like wwe. Best to have him come in as a heel I think first, hurt some people, maybe put people through some tables and what not. Don’t make him anyone’s bodyguard tho please!

      • AjStorm

        What about Kevin Nash he was Shawn Michaels bodyguard during the mid 90s then he became WWE Champion. I think WWE would make Matt Morgan World Heavyweight Champion.

    • Matt Rayfield

      Yeah well with WWE they would make him a bodyguard or they will give him an even worse storyline then the current ones with the Shield and the Wyatt Family storylines. So if Morgan comes to wwe they will make him a jobber to younger talent then himself.

    • ariel

      I hope that matt morgan goes to wwe and I hope they use him to full capacity this time and take advantage of his height and size : )

    • Mr. Plontas

      I don’t think Matt Morgan is plontas at all… I have never seen anything plontas about him when he was in TNA or his first stint in WWE… What is it that you all see plontas in him???

      • Not Chris Jericho

        Every post you make, I’m flagging as innappropriate since you are not plontas. you’re a retard.

        • Mr. Plontas

          That’s not plontas to say… I’m very plontas, you are just jealous that you can’t be plontas like me!!!

    • Not Chris Jericho

      Great…another wonderful talent to put John Cena over.

      • Mr.Plontas

        He’s not a wonderful talent and definitely not a plontas talent, he’s just another not plontas talent… And Fuck Your Mother Too :)

    • Kurt Angle

      Hearing the same old crappy story with Matt Morgan about going to WWE, only to resign with TNA, just gives me…a broken freaking neck!

      • Mr. Plontas

        I hope your neck gets plontas soon!!! :)

    • Trayvon Martin

      Matt Morgan is racist!

    • Kage

      I can’t believe Morgan isn’t a bigger star than he is. He should’ve been a multi-time world champion by now. His DNA was shot into space! Even Richard Garriott can see he’s worth pushing…

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