WWE Interested In Wrestlers, Masters Saves Mom from Attack, Miz

Posted by Matt Boone March 20, 2013 5 Comments

- Former WWE star Chris Masters says he saved his mothers life last night after a scary looking incident. He posted:

“Saved my moms life!Son ofaBitch barricaded my mom in her apt & set the place on fire.I Broke my moms window with police help,&pulled herOut. Heres the aftermath.So thankful my moms alive!!!!!!!!!”

“Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.AHole got his from me!!!And is in jail as I type this.Moms resting comfortably with me at my place.”

Chris Masters Mothers House

Chris Masters Scars

– WWE’s website has an article up touting The Miz getting 1 million followers on Twitter. Miz told WWE.com:

“When WWE needs someone to do any kind of job whatsoever, they call upon me. Whether it’s doing talk shows, radio shows, being a commentator on WWE Main Event, being a WWE Superstar main-eventer or being a talk show host, they call upon The Miz because they know I’m the most must-see. I will make whatever I do awesome. I just made Twitter absolutely awesome and the 1 million Mizfits proved that!”

- WWE officials are currently interested in two top collegiate wrestlers – one from Missouri and one from Oregon State University.

  • miz-e-rable

    wow 1 million people and still most people think he’s an assclown.

    ah well.. at least he’s got money and hot fiance

  • morrisonfanone

    You have got to be kidding me. WWE is actually interested in a wrestler from my home state? Pretty cool. And that’s crazy about Chris Masters. He’s a hero now. Glad the guy that did it is in jail. As for the Miz, love you, but that’s not a huge bragging right.

  • really

    Someone better hire this dude now. He’s a freaking hero

  • Derp

    I have a new found respect for Masters. The dude ripped a tree out of the ground to break the window. How awesome is that? What a badass.

  • charley ramirez

    WWE Rehire Chris Master NOW!!!

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