WWE Interviews Big E & Ambrose About Unifying The IC & US Titles

Posted by Brad Davis December 26, 2013 11 Comments

Just a few weeks after the unification of the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight championship, WWE.com is already questioning whether the company should also unify the secondary Intercontinental and United States championships. Who better to discuss a possible unification than the reigning champions themselves, Big E Langston and Dean Ambrose.

Both men agreed that unification is a good idea if it means the secondary title would have more prestige, which it undoubtedly would. While Ambrose was on board with the idea of introducing an entirely new belt, Big E says the United States title should be absorbed into the IC title:

“The Intercontinental Championship should always be around in WWE. It’s very historic, and I don’t think we should lose that history.”

When asked how the belts should be unified, Langston suggested a scaffold match, while Ambrose is in favor of a steel cage match.

When asked directly if they’re ready for a Champion vs. Champion showdown, Langston says he would “welcome the challenge” and Ambrose said, “I feel that what I’ve given and sacrificed for the U.S. Title, I’d be willing to put that on the line as a pride thing. It’s just as good as the Intercontinental Title. That’s something I’d be willing to prove.”

Comment Below and tell us if you think WWE should unify the Intercontinental and United States titles. Should WWE introduce a new title in their place – or should one of the belts’ lineage be absorbed into the other?

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    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny thinks if the WWE unifies these 2 titles also, then they need to re-create the Cruiser Weight & Hard Core belts to keep interest in the non-headliner superstars.

    • Bulkster

      Big E Langston, your new EuroContinentalStates Champion!

    • Cameron

      Don’t unify it! Make the United States championship a grand slam eligible title(third tier championship)

    • Nicholas Williams


    • starkiller

      Don’t unify them. Just make it clear that one is greater than the other. incorporate the belts more often to develop and bring under cards to mid cards and mid cards to top tier. The belts have little to no credibility to them any more. used to be when someone had a belt you knew it meant something and to keep an eye on them. now its just another guy carrying a belt, doesn’t mean anything.

      • Dan Pedreyra

        The problem there is the clutter….the writers just dont have the talent to make both belts relevant. The US Title hasnt been worth a look since Magnum TA held it. Fact. Retire it. Make a TV Title belt…THAT can make the low and mid card guys like a Heath Slater, Reigns, Hennig…etc more popular. The IC title just isnt built up…and the problems w that started before Vince bought WCW. WWE is supposed to be redoing the logo so Id bet on a new World belt look again soon as well.

        • starkiller

          I agree. the fact of the matter is the writers have gotten lazy. i bet they will unify the titles like the article hints and the combination of both belts will just be the WHC belt (new version or what ever they do). I like your idea though. Something, ANYTHING to give these belts credibility again.

          • Dan Pedreyra

            Thanks man. I’ll do you one better…..eliminate the US Title….which Ambrose NEVER defends and create a TV Champ. Say what you will but to me….WWE is ALL TV…all the time…..a TV Champ would make everyone watch w more interest. That title can be had by ANYONE at anytime. Remember Arn Anderson’s run w it in WCW? The bounty? It made people watch WCW Sat night…..which was about as interesting as watching grass grow.

    • Dan Pedreyra

      Ive said for a long time……WWE needs a “TV” title. It was a great idea on the old WCW Sat night show. Remember the bounty…..? Either change the IC Title or US to the TV title. The Tv champ THEN has a right at anytime to challenge the US champ…it makes the PPvs and even RAW, Smackdown and Main Event MORE unpredictable.

    • Jeffrey Haywood

      It has been discussed in years that the IC and United States Championships should become one title. Both has prestiage but the Intercontiental Chamionship is worth more that the United States Championship. The United States CHampionship can be traced back to the early 1950s (1952 to be exact). While the Inercontinental Championship goes back to Sept. 1979. So yes, the I Championship is more prestiage than the United States Championship. And also, should be called the True Intercontiental Championship. That’s my honest opinion.

    • Andrew Venables

      The US title has no place in a WORLD wide company. Rebrand it to the “INTERNATIONAL” Championship donuts more on par with the Intercontinental Championship. Or the Hardcore belt altho that might not work in a PG Environment. John Cena – 194 time Hardcore Champion. Ugh

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