WWE Issues Press Release Regarding New WWE Network Series

Posted by Matt Boone April 21, 2014 3 Comments

WWE issued the following press release today.


STAMFORD, Conn., April 21, 2014 – WWE Network will premiere the Best of Hall of Fame, a series of four special presentations showcasing some of the most memorable inductions in WWE Hall of Fame history. The one-hour specials begin tomorrow night at 10 pm ET and will be hosted by WWE’s Josh Mathews.

Episodes (10 pm ET, Tuesday through Friday) include:

Tuesday, April 22 – Hulk Hogan inducted by Sylvester Stallone, Trish Stratus inducted by Stephanie McMahon and Bobby Heenan inducted by Jack Lanza

Wednesday, April 23 – Pete Rose inducted by Kane and Ric Flair inducted by Triple H

Thursday, April 24 – Gene Okerlund inducted by Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels inducted by Triple H

Friday, April 25 – Jerry Lawler inducted by William Shatner and Bruno Sammartino inducted by Arnold Schwarzenegger

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    • Tam

      Here’s what I don’t get. How is this a network? It’s a website that you have to pay to enjoy the content. So if I have a youtube channel is that a network? I suppose this is good news for TNA because when they lose their Spike TV deal they can always broadcast shows from their website, I mean”network.”

      • Captain Obvious

        Obviously, you don’t get it because you either haven’t researched it, or you’ve been misinformed. It’s really simple.

        It’s a “network” because it’s running programs 24/7, like any other channel on television. The difference is it’s broadcast online as apposed to through your local cable or satellite provider.

        Yes they charge you monthly, but so does every cable or satellite provider and premium network. (HBO, Showtime, insert name of sports network here, etc.)

        TNA could do there own network, but that would be a bad business venture for them as they lack the funds and the extensive library that WWE has to keep it going.

        No, your Youtube channel is not a network. At this point, common sense should tell you why it’s not.

        • TAM

          Well capt obvious YOU don’t get it because it’s still a pay to use website, NOT a network. Running content on a website doesn’t make it a network. Youtube runs content 24/7 and IT is not a network. And DUH no shit TNA doesn’t have the funds even a clod like you knows that. It’s called sarcasm chief figure it out.

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