WWE List Predicting Top 5 Stars After WrestleMania

Posted by Matt Boone March 13, 2014 21 Comments

According to an internal list that was just made in WWE, the company is projecting the following five guys to be the top Superstars, in order, going forward after WrestleMania XXX in April.

1. John Cena
2. Daniel Bryan
3. Randy Orton
4. Sheamus
5. Roman Reigns

Many found it interesting that both Sheamus came in at number two, and that Batista was not on the list at all. In the case of Sheamus, many point to the fact that Triple H has been very high on him for quite a while.

It should be noted, by the way, that this is a list of the guys they feel will be in those positions several months down the line, as opposed to where they are today. Obviously when they get to that point, things will likely have changed many times, but this is the list that the company just recently made.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • Derp

      The lack of Seth Rollins, Ambrose, Bray, Harper, and Rowan is disappointing.

      • Randy Ragsdale

        The thought of having a threesome with fiona and sam axe from burn notice where we dp her excites me:) I also wouldn’t mind sam’s AXE in my mouth and backdoor, I want to find out how big his axe really is!!! Michael Westen will be forced to watch handcuffed to a chair with fi’s explosives on it going off if he moves. Need more MICKEY BUTDERS:) Everyone knows it’s BUTDERS that’s me ;)

      • SJ

        The lack of Randy Orton being clean shaven and not kicking ass on Cena, Bryan, etc…totally sucks!

    • yoyo

      No Boo-tista?

    • Schlongster

      Shamus isn’t #2…come on get it together.

    • bleek

      Why is cena number 1? Like always <=[

      • Dan Nighteowl

        Because he is the best ambassador they have for the company as the kids love him and he is the number 1 merchandise seller and that is all VKM cares about . He is loyal to the company , has paid his dues and they say he is very good with helping the new talent .

        • Scammed

          No batista is not on this list, because he will be gone partying it up in Hollywood clubs and St mma events again spending all his money he just scammed from wwe for his ‘return’. #lookedgoodonpaper

        • gobsmakker

          ^^^ All of that you said about Cena is a lie

    • BrandysLilBrother

      List should be

      1. Daniel Bryant
      2. Bray wyatt
      3. Roman reigns
      4. Cesaro
      5. Big E


      • Chelsea of Oi

        What do you think they’re going to do for chrissakes??
        Take someone who ends up going to the WWE Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View and ask that man or woman to be a WWE Superstar?
        How the hell would they be able to do something like that even??
        Are they going to take a Skinhead chick out of the audience and ask her to be a WWE Superstar? Would they even have the guts to do that sorta thing??

        • Bevo Sniper

          Not effin’ likely just yet.
          Due to the fact that presently the timing isn’t right!

          Randy Orton not being the clean-shaven, badass, good person, underdog as he was doing as — The Viper!!! Via the way he was in 2008-2012!

          THAT SUCKS!

          • SJ

            I miss Randy being a good guy who was clean shaven, looked and behaved like he was doing in 2008-2009, etc…except that now the story lines don’t allow him to be a good guy or fight back against guys who fuck with him and they are forcing people to put up with so much stupidity and boring crap that it’s becoming bad for business! what’s even worse for business is John Cena as a face! not like anyone’s allowed to do anything about this situation or so it seems!
            Orton teaming up with the New Age Outlaws sucks hellaciously!

            • disappointed

              but randy or ton having to put over guys in WWE who totally suck…. but not be put over himself is weird, makes no sense, isn’t fair but then again….there isn’t a quick or easy answer to the fact of the matter which is that WWE does what is bad for business. that sucks!
              fact is WWE no longer does what is good for business cause they have only been doing things that don’t make sense and that suck storyline wise!

      • D

        Daniel Bryan’s already a star. The rest of the list is fine though.

      • king

        No not big e or bryan

    • CM PUNK

      Time to save WWE again….

      • D

        By walking out crying when you don’t get to main event Mania again?

      • RKO fan

        More like: Fans, haters, non-fans and WWE Superstars ALL need to be saved from John Cena!

    • Pinmepayme

      Seriously, Cena, still? I guess that goes to show you that you gotta keep the cash cows in the spotlight.

    • Ross Smaglinski

      I wanna see Sandow drop the Savior gimmick and be pushed for the ic title and future WWE Champion, and Barret needs tomdropmthe Bad News gimmick..so here’s my list

      1 . Daniel Bryan (even though he’s already a huge star)
      2 . Roman Reigns
      3. Bray Wyatt
      4. Big E
      5. Dolph Ziggler
      6. Cesaro
      7. Damian Sandow

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