WWE Made A Lowball Offer To AJ Styles – Update On His Future With TNA

Posted by Brad Davis November 6, 2013 23 Comments

TNA World champion AJ Styles will once again be one of the hottest free agents in professional wrestling when his short-term contract with TNA expires at the end of the year – but it doesn’t seem like we’ll be seeing the Phenomenal one in WWE anytime soon.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE made AJ Styles a ridiculously low offer when he became a free agent just a few weeks ago. The offer was so low that it was for approximately 1/5 of what he makes in TNA.

There’s still no word on what AJ Styles will do when his TNA contract expires at the end of the year –  but based on WWE’s level of interest, TNA appear s to be his best option. The current plan is for TNA to keep him off television for a few months while he defends the TNA World title for different promotions across the world.

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    • Eric

      No surprise. What can he offer that WWE desires? B+ talent at best…

      • Desperado

        Then you must consider Daniel Bryan a B+ talent also

        • Eric

          Obviously the B+ talent line was made in jest alluding to current WWE story lines. Point still stands, Aj Styles is not someone WWE will pay

      • LBlock18

        B+ talent? really? first off this is the TNA side so we still say Main Event Upper/lower mid-card #2 what are you talking about B+ talent? have you ever watched the guy wrestle?

        • Eric

          Obviously the B+ talent line was in reference to the current WWE storyline with Daniel Bryan. I am very familiar with AJ Styles. He offers nothing for WWE. He cannot tell a story in ring, he does not draw $$ and by signing him to anything but a lowball offer gives TNA some credibility, something Vince will never do.

        • Braden

          This is the TNA side? I figured this was a wrestling forum pure and simple. Can you point me to the WWE side or the ROH side for that matter?

    • China

      Everybody knows that WWE always offer low to which you can make your way up to major possibilities, TNA isn’t a major company, it’s the worlds biggest indie,m granted with some TV time and considering his beef with CM Punk and him holding TNA up [so he probably does have a pretty big contract], it’s more of a surprise that he got the offer, rather then how much was in it. Suck it up AJ, but either way, if I were him, I’d stick with TNA.

    • Bulkster

      Styles can’t even draw for TNA, WWE has enough dead weight on the roster as it is.

    • Duh… my name is Eric

      AJ can out perform 95% of the WWE roster! Eric your an idiot.

      • Damien Sandow

        At least Eric used correct grammar… idiot. **you’re**

      • Eric

        Did I say AJ Styles can’t perform? I said he has nothing WWE desires. He’s small, cannot tell a story in ring and does not draw $$. Thus a low ball offer.

    • Muzlimboy

      AJ should take the low ball offer and then work his way to a higher paycheck

      • yoyo

        If these numbers are true, it’s way too low. Let’s say Styles made $115,000. WWE offered him $23,000? And, on top of that, Vince will bury him for months just to satisfy his ego.

    • Ice

      Don’t care where AJ Styles goes, but please leave that trash of TNA.

    • Kage

      Well, WWE’s loss then.

    • JayRoz

      Two points I’d like to bring up…firstly, I will never understand why we take what is reported as fact when there are no actual facts specified just a suggestion of what happened. Secondly, who’s to say that this information wasn’t sourced out to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter as a way to misdirect us? I mean in todays age of internet based information which is really hit or miss and in an age where spoilers are practically shoved in your face wouldn’t it be a wise business choice to try to keep something like bringing a world class wrestling personality who has performed everywhere on this planet pretty much and probably the top guy in TNA (I know some of you would disagree, but he has been at the top more than most of the current talent, and pretty much put TNA on the map) a secret? Just a thought.
      Oh and a third kind of afterthought of points.
      1. TNA doesn’t suck it’s just not everyone’s cup of tea.
      2. If they can afford to pay the appearance costs for some of the talent they have/had ie. Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, Sting etc. (not debating on if they are any good, just that they demand a high cost) then I’m going to disagree with saying they are not a Major promotion, they just aren’t as big as WWE on a media spectrum or Main Stream level…but they aren’t an Indie promotion, they haven’t been since Panda Engery/The Carter family bought them.
      3. Once upon a time EVERY BIG NAME IN WRESTLING was considered B+ talent until they made their name. Being pushed and given the chance to shine as well as making the most of those opportunities are what make you A+ talent.
      Ok I’m done.

      • LBlock18

        at least someone finally makes sense on here

      • Braden

        I’ve been saying this for years. Wrestling Observer and similar websites are nothing but lying sacks of crap.

      • Beatlebomb

        I have been only watching TNA for the last 3 or 4 years. I find it very entertaining and really enjoy the shows. TNA has some very talented and awesome wrestlers. It is too bad that there are so many people who are “brainwashed” into thinking only the WWE is good. How can anyone think WWE is so great when someone like HHH marries the bosses daughter and therefore becomes the main and almost unbeatable person in the company? That is a joke!!

    • death2you

      Wwe doesent know how to value talent! Styles is a lot better then the majority of the guys in wwe now…

      • LBlock18

        I second that

    • D

      WWE already has enough small indy guys who can’t draw. They don’t need another one, especially one who’s approaching his 40s.

    • JT

      AJ should stay with TNA. There’s not enough room in the WWE to have everyone in it. That’s what made the Monday night war so cool. You had major talent that was spread across 3 companies (if you count ECW) and even if you didn’t like whatever company at least the wrestlers got their opportunities.

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