WWE Makes Significant Error with Big Show and John Laurinaitis Storyline

Posted by Matt Boone May 22, 2012 16 Comments

WWE made a huge error on Monday’s RAW and set of a firestorm of criticism from fans on Twitter. During RAW’s opening segment, John Laurinaitis announced that he had re-hired Big Show on Saturday, a day before he interfered at and helped Laurinaitis defeat John Cena. Of course, this directly conflicts with the stipulation of the Laurinaitis vs. Cena match – where anybody who interfered in the match would be fired.

According to f4wonline.com, the script for RAW included the error that Big Show had signed a new contract on Saturday.

WWE didn’t realize the error until fans went crazy on Twitter and pointed out the glaring storyline logic gap.

Later in the show, Michael Cole clarified that Big Show had “agreed in principle” to help Laurinaitis at Over The Limit, but didn’t actually sign his contract until Monday morning.

WWE posted the following “damage control” tweet, clarifying that Big Show was NOT under contract (and thus, could not be fired) by interfering at Over The Limit:

“It’s official! @WWETheBigShow had a verbal agreement with @WWERawGM, but didn’t sign a contract until AFTER #OverTheLimit! #OtungaLaw #WWE”

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    • Wrestlehead

      Props go to Sheila Belue for pointing this out during the RAW broadcast and posting it in the comments section there.

    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      You know, its errors like that on why Johnny Ace is still employed with WWE. Or why am I even watching this crap. This is the same company that will be going 3 hrs next month. Seriously WWE, wake the hell up!

      • No Kneepads 4 Me

        Um… Johnny Ace isn’t a writer. He was just following the script that was given to him. While the guy has a reputation of being a real life tool, he’s getting the blame for stuff that has nothing to do with him, by a lot of marks who believe he really has a say so as “the General Manager of both Smackdown and Raw”.

        • cenanationsucks

          wwe is showing signs that vince has taking a step back behind the scenes but he needs to be involved more then paul aka triple h … listen they need to stop this G rated crap its done its time, when john cena first came into the game he was a fresh face he had the “it” factor…… he got over fast then they made him a super hero wwe fucked that up cm punk could of been the next stone cold but they backed of with punk even tho he is still wwe champ, he prob had one of the greatest matches at over the limit, i mean who is writing the match between john cena and johnny ace this is what you get when you have no competition wwe was better when wcw was on the rise now there making this crap 3 hours long f””””k me. i dvr this shit and fast forward to see what happened. wwe needs to look in the mirror and figure shit out fast cuz stone cold isnt coming back to build this company back up…

      • Peter

        At least WWE’s mistakes are very small and fixable. Unlike some other wrestling companies who just abandon storylines out of the whazoo. Seriously though, this is a small error that got fixed right away. You’re talking like its the end of WWE.

    • Linda’s Demon Infested Womb

      It’s my fault

    • MRNC

      This doesn’t surprise me because John Laurinaitis always messes up on the mic!

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.fundora.1 Daniel Fundora

      This is why i don’t trust the wwe writers and not only is big show and john laurinaitis fault is the writers fault they are predict for big show come back at over the limit and beat john cena.I’m not mad about john cena loses i’m just mad about wwe writers because if i was writer i would make storyline better than crappy storyline

    • http://www.facebook.com/willa.riley Willa Riley

      whether it was verbal or a signed contract. he was still hired back before over the limit and should either be fired again or there should be a new contract made and have him sign it in front of the board of directors and triple h. regardless of whether or not big show interferred in the match at over the limit. laurinaitis should be fired. he isn’t doing anything for raw or smackdown and neither is eve for that matter. i am going to stop watching both until after laurinaitis is removed from his job on both of the shows. i think teddy long did a better job and there weren’t as many injuries happening. just my thoughts on the whole thing and you have my word i will not watch raw or smackdown again even if it is until the day i die.

    • YO

      they need to get rid of johnny. he just isn’t a good actor. the mess up was the writers’ fault but he still is not exciting to watch. I agree with the comment that when they had competition they were better. Here is the deal…yeah ROH sucks. TNA however is getting better so how about all the fans quit watching and turn to TNA. Face it, as true fans we must do what it takes to improve the show and let them know what we want. Guys the only way to get it right is to scare them straight

    • Merc

      I commented lastnight about how WWE acting is just so outrageous and insulting to their fans. Mishaps like this have happened for years but they seem to just get worse and worse. Ace also said the hospital told he may have possible this and possible that well hospitals don’t tell you what you might have they either tell you the injury or say your fine walk it off. The more insulting it gets to fans is that they just figure a little rewriting and repost makes everything ok. It doesn’t in my eyes. Keep up the good work can’t wait for three hrs of this.

    • Merc

      Then these superstars which I use loosely……..because even tho Vince doesn’t like the word wrestling anymore they are wrestlers. So……these wrestlers in the locker room wonder why the Rock is the only one to be successful to going to Hollywood. Sorry Piper but I said successful lol. He was great n is great because he takes every little think serious n examines the whole picture n story. Randy Savage was one of those wrestlers also. Then all these guys get jealous when the Rock returns and in the main event. These guys and or writers need to get their act together n stop insulting fans.

    • brenda

      either way it was a verbal agreement and thats just the same as a written agreement.they should both be fired.i am through with wwe and its stupid games.no more pay per views and surely no 3 hours of this stupid crap not until it gets better and they get rid of laurinaitis

    • Peter

      Its funny how everyone is reacting to a small error like this. Everyone is blaming Johnny when the blame should go to the writers. Get over it people, its not the end of the world and its a small mistake that got fixed right away. Don’t complain about how WWE is insulting everyone’s intelligence because thats exactly what they’ve been doing since Vince took control and made you all wrestling fans. Sure, the past few months, they’ve been having trouble keeping with their storylines, but at least they are not like TNA who just abandon their storylines out of nowhere. Scott Steiner gets beaten up badly that he is so injured….actually, F*** that, make him walk out there next week completely fine and not talk about what happened last week.

    • http://www.facebook.com/saketsharmaaa Saket Sharma

      it just a storyline so who cares

    • http://www.facebook.com/saketsharmaaa Saket Sharma

      we all know that big show is attacking john cena

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