WWE Money In The Bank 2014 PPV Results

Posted by Matt Boone June 29, 2014 82 Comments

WWE Money In The Bank 2014 Kickoff Show

The Money In The Bank 2014 “Kickoff Show” opens with the usual expert panel breaking down some of tonight’s main matches. The panel is hosted by Renee Young, and she is joined by Booker T, Alex Riley and Christian. The four give their predictions for tonight and introduce a number of video packages hyping the biggest matches on tonight’s show. The crowd in the background, by the way, sounds loud as ever.

Daniel Bryan Breaks His Silence, Bo Dallas Interupts

Without much build up at all, after a Vickie Guerrero video package for her upcoming WWE Network special, Michael Cole, standing in the ring, introduces us to his guest right now, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan.

Bryan makes his way to the ring in street clothes. Once he enters the ring and his music fades, we hear a loud “Daniel Bryan” chant from the fans in Boston. Bryan looks around the arena with a big smile on his face as the fans continue to explode with “Daniel Bryan” and then “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chants.

After the chants die down, Cole asks Bryan how his recovery is going and asks him when he will return to the ring. Bryan says this is where he has some bad news. He has he doesn’t know. He says the strength in his arm still hasn’t come back and that he might actually need to undergo another surgery. He does, however, promise that he will eventually return and be better than ever.

Cole asks Bryan to describe his feelings knowing that tonight someone is going to climb a ladder and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He says he’s been climbing an uphill battle his whole career and it wouldn’t be a Daniel Bryan story without some setbacks. He promises to return and win the title one day.

Michael Cole switches gears and asks Bryan for his prediction on who he thinks will win tonight. Bryan says he has three people he thinks could win. He mentions John Cena. Fans boo. He mentions Randy Orton. Everyone boos. He then mentions Roman Reigns and everyone cheers.

Some Twitter questions are read off for D-B to answer, and he does, in story line fashion, of course. He talks about never getting beaten for the title, and that The Authority had to strip him to get the title off of him.

As he continues talking, Bo Dallas’ music plays. Out comes the inspirational leader of the “Bo-Lieve Movement.” Dallas says Bryan may not be able to climb the ladder tonight, but he can climb the ladder of life, all he has to do is “Bo-Lieve.” Bryan says Dallas is acting like a “Bo-ner.” The fans start chanting “Bo-ner, Bo-ner, Bo-ner.” He says he speaks for all of the fans when he says “Bo….leave.” Bryan’s music plays and he leads the fans in one more “Yes!” chant.

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan Talk Tag-Team Title Shot

The Wyatt Family cut-in happens and we see Luke Harper and Erick Rowan backstage in a dark room. Harper says “you’re time is up Usos, tick-tock, tick-tock.” The camera pans over to Rowan, who is wearing his sheep mask, and all he says is “run.”

We head to one final video package and then it looks like we’re going straight into the fifth annual WWE Money In The Bank pay-per-view. The video package, by the way, which previewed the Money In The Bank ladder matches, ended with footage of NXT star Mojo Rawley. I missed the first 10 minutes of the Kickoff Show, so it’s possible that an announcement was made about Bad News Barrett (who has a separated shoulder) being replaced in the second MITB ladder match tonight. Don’t quote me on that, however. We’ll find out soon enough as the Money In The Bank PPV intro package is airing now.

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    • Taio Smalls

      That Kofi false finish was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

      • Smark

        I was so amped up. I actually believed for those 3 seconds and was marking out.

        • Brina

          I haven’t been amped up or psyched about WWE in a few years now. I want to believe that things will improve and be incredible and fun once again.
          Except the people who I don’t enjoy seeing win are allowed to and the people I do want to see win, don’t get to.
          That part sucks!

    • Don’t worry

      Adam Rose is garbage & a waste of space. His gimmick sucks ass & nobody thinks he’s cool.

      The MITB ladder match was trash too, I thought Kogi had it, he’s yet to get the breifcase because he’s black. The match ended like the novela WWE is

      • Shaquille Burton

        Dolphins called Rollins getting the win

        • Q9V

          Is that dude REALLY still playing that game on Reddit?

      • Guest

        Suck it up Nancy and deal with it

      • Canuck 703

        Don’t be a lemon. Be a Rosebud.

        • Jennifer

          I am being a rosebud because I choose to get vengance against a guy in WWE for busting Randy Orton’s head open in a match. Randy’s not allowed to do that to anyone in WWE who deserves it because….well, IDK he just hasn’t been allowed to. Also if anyone does come after Randy if he does that to a wrestler they like….then they need to seriously ask themselves, this question:
          “Is it REALLY WORTH IT to have some angry, aggressive chick who doesn’t care if she injures or kills me….who likes Randy… physically attack me and kick my ass in for attacking him? And,. is it really worth it to go to the hospital or even the ICU of a hospital or the morgue for physically attacking or assaulting him???”
          One helluva way to do it but I haven’t got any other option or choice. That’s how I feel about this situation.

      • Guest4468909826363636

        Kofi has yet to get the briefcase because hes a shitty wrestler.

        • Jennifer

          Roman Reigns isn’t just a shitty wrestler he desrves to get a fuckin’ beat down from someone a lot smaller than him for doing what he did to Randy at the MITB match PPV!

          • Ethan

            you sound mad and really frusterated that randy got attacked and busted open and bloodied by reigns and that you were unable to prevent that from happening to randy… or to protect him and to be able to give roman reigns extremely negative consequences for behaving that way toward randy.

      • Wall

        actually, Kofi just sucks. i have never once been a fan of his. & i agree, screw Adam Rose. Everything about the Adam Rose character just screams “change the channel” to me.

        • Jennifer

          Roman Reigns and John Cena are the shittiest wrestlers in the entire WWE bar none. Those two make me want to change the channel and not watch WWE at all but I have no choice. If I don’t behave physically aggressively toward them at pro wrestling shows they won’t get it that their behavior toward Randy Orton has consequences that need to be….paid for in full.

      • Dan Pedreyra

        I’m sure Kofi wouldn’t appreciate you crapping on his performance like that. Grow up.

        • Guest45897521358

          Then maybe he should get better and not be content to be the guy who has one somewhat cool Rumble spot per year and nothing else. Also, if Kofi is reading 24wrestling.com hes got bigger problems than not winning MItB.

          • Dan Pedreyra

            Dude. I never implied he read this crap. It doesnt matter what the politics are…he still has immense talent. You just dont get the buisness. He doesnt control any of that win lose stuff dude. You’re def. a mark. Good for the buisness.

      • Smark

        Kofi is great, you guys are nut. Maybe his kid-friendly character has gone stale, but he’s talented as fuck in the ring.

        • Jpro Walkom

          i think Kofi needs a heel turn to stay fresh. But he’s a daddy now. Maybe when his kids are older and they understand he’s just playing a character.

          Also Kofi’s shining moments are Royal Rumbles, Battle Royals, and Ladder Matches. No one’s really going to care about a guy taking bumps and doing crazy Rumble Stunts if he’s a heel……

          Unless he’s Matt Hardy Version 1. Ha! Good times.

      • Jennifer

        I’m already a rosebud because of what I’m going to do to that asshole scumbag Roman Reigns on Sat. July 12 at the WWE pro wrestling show for busting Randy Orton open….what I’m going to do is able to be summed up in only one word: VENGANCE!!! Besides I already emailed him and told him how I felt about it. Now I can just go to the show in NY I believe it’s going to be…..after gettnig back from dialysis and eating lunch…it’s off to a WWE show to fucking hurt that douchebag Roman Reigns for busting open Randy Orton. Why shouldn’t I fucking shoot him with a paintball cartridge? After all, it can kill him. That’s what it says on the paintball marker gun and in the “Warning” manual it comes with. Or I could just take a sharpened skrewdriver or something else like a few bars of soap and or buy pool cue balls and stuff them in a sock or whatever and attack him. He deserves it.
        The only ones who’d definitely be lemons are those who’d arrest me or put me in jail or into a psych ward for attacking Roman Reigns for busting Randy open!
        As an act of vengance against Roman Reigns because he deserves to have that happen to him!

    • Eric

      I actually think JBL, Cole, and Lawler are drunk out there.

      • Guest44697521258007421

        Close. JBL is drunk, Cole is a sad little man who honestly hates wrestling, and King is a dementia riddled pedophile.

        • Mitch

          That completely sucks!
          WWE shouldn’t be like that at all!
          WWE Superstars and announcers shouldn’t have to go along with being as you’re describing them.
          JBL isn’t a drunk he’s done mountian climbinb and has planted flags on the top of the ones he’s climbed.
          Michael Cole should be able to feel happy and enjoy pro wrestling instead of hating or disliking it. Jerry Lawler is intelligent, cares about family values and hates pedophiles.

    • Shaquille Burton

      No no no no no no no no no no no no no no this is not what we wanted to see WWE

    • Canuck 703

      And of course Super Cena wins. YAWN.

    • Name

      So Dena champ, I don’t know if I should cheer or scream at my ps4. Oh well I guess we know the main event of summerslam.

    • Nero :3

      Lame pay-per-view. >.>

    • http://dandzshow.weebly.com dextee


    • The Miz

      Wtfffff… Super cena wins.. 15 time champion how is he great that the previous champion.. If cena manage to break flair record then FU wwe..

    • Gezim Nexhipi

      I wish lesnar appears tomorrow on raw and grab that belt and make that belt mean something real again

    • Dylan

      I’m done with my subscription to wwe network. I’m not renewing it just to see fucking super cena do two moves and win the championship. No matter what we will be seeing him in the title picture now for the next two years. And if he looses the belts he will get rematch after rematch after rematch after rematch …. I mean come on Vince gave us what like 6 months without cena being the main event…. Cena can’t go that long with having other talent In spotlight. It pisses me off I’m so sick of John cena. He has made me hate wwe. I stopped watching raw last time he was champion and I don’t plan on watching it again till someone else is champion. But it’s okay because wwe has like a million little kids who will tune in to see their hero

      • Smark

        Kofi is great, you guys are nut. Maybe his kid-friendly charcter has gone stale, but he;s talented as fuck in the ring.

      • A-BO-LIEVER

        Sober up bud

      • Q9V

        See you tomorrow night for RAW, son.

      • George Flegel

        Just like the Hogan era. Hogan get the living shit beat out of him, kicks out of a finisher, Hulks up, does a few crappy moves, drops his big ass on the guy’s face and gets the win. I can’t stand either of them, though Cena is way more skilled than Hogan and Cena does lose more than Hogan ever did.

      • Jenn

        WWE used to be extremely cool and something people could look forward to.
        Not anymore.
        No matter what we won’t have to watch or even see Cena or Reigns in the title picture anymore now. Not for the next two years or anytime after that. They will lose the belts and not regain the titles back. Neither will get anymore rematches or opportunities to continue harming and hurting opponents or innocent little kids, teenagers, or anyone who watches WWE RAW or SD.
        Truth is, kids and adults don’t get to see or even enjoy things that their hero says, does and they don’t get to spend time with him because Randy Orton doesn’t just get allowed to do fun activities with people who want to spend time with him, talk, share fun, exciting, cool and enjoyable activities. Unless they are doing some kinda Tribute to the Troops stuff where just because people are in the military they get a lot of things they want handed to them which makes WWE completely unfair, biased, and is playing favorites and letting the US military personnel have fun and get to spend time with Randy Orton but God Forbid anyone not in the US military wants to spend time with him and share activities, do fun things together and be affectionate, talk, share meals, and hang out with him….they aren’t allowed. Only US military personnel are allowed to which is totally stupid, objectionable, unfair, and no good, and wrong.

        God forbid anyone wants to invite Randy to go with them to the shore or to go to the beach or go on a boardwalk and go on rides with them and stuff….

        That’s not allowed you know. Nor would he be allowed to just spend time doing fun things with someone who really likes him…like say, me…because I’d love to be able to do that with him….and I’d appreciate the hell out of being able to…. but, you know how it is: Randy Orton doesn’t get to be allowed to do things like spend time with me or sharing and doing fun activities together or being able to bond with him and be allowed to make him happy, feel good and be enthusiastic about things!


        Not being able to have it be that way does SUUUUCK!!!

    • FightFan

      So…no interference? If they had done this right, they would’ve had Reigns on the verge of winning only to have Triple H screw him. Have Reigns beat Orton at Battleground, and then face Triple H at Summerslam. But no, Super Cena had to win clean.

      • Why?

        You’re complaining that nobody cheated?

        • Jennifer

          Reigns cheated against Randy to win.
          So did Cena.
          They need to pay for that!!!

          • Guest

            Oh my god girl when there is NO DQ cheating doesn’t exist in the match get that through your head

      • Jennifer

        No fucking way! Have Randy Orton beat the hell out of Reigns at Battleground and even allow me to join in on that assault physically speaking!! I’d do it!!! Randy deserves to win against Roman Reigns, John Cena or anyone he faces in a match!!!!!!

      • Jennifer

        No, Orton should beat Reigns at Battleground and then face The Game Triple H at SummerSlam and Orton goes back to being the clean shaven handsome baby face good guy because he deserves to be!

    • Brock

      NXT alum gimmicks are crap. They need to put Rusev vs Swagger, the mangers alone would make the angle.

      • Smark

        Wow, good call. That’s money.

    • Kris Marconi

      I can’t believe how legitimately angry Super Cena winning makes me. I wanted to believe SO much that, even though I was 99% sure he would win as SOON as he won his way into the match, something crazy would happen and someone else would win. ANYONE but Cena. This is unbelievable. Ten years of the same goddamn thing. What will this lead to, Cena vs Brock at Summerslam? Not only is that lame as hell, but that means Cena will be champ for at least two more months, only to inevitably Super-Cena his way over Brock when the time comes.

      • Lee

        Cena vs. Lesnar at SummerSlam sucks!

    • David

      Yeahhhh let’s all bitch and complain about how much we hated the PPV even though we already knew what was gonna happen! Then to seem really cool let’s tell every on how much we hate Cena and the WWE and how we’ll never watch their product again! When in reality you’ll all be doing the exact same thing tomorrow night as you did tonight, in front of a screen watching wrestling while complaining to your 14 followers on twitter.

      • stop whinning

        My exact thoughts!! People complain and whine like 5 yr old children then turn right around and continue to watch WWE shows and go to their events time and time again. Obviously all you complainers are just giving WWE what they want.

        • Jennifer

          Only reason(s) I’d go to a WWE event is to physically assault/attack and injure other WWE Superstars for attacking/assualting Randy Orton and to make them pay for it. And/or to be able to hang out and spend time with Randy and do something fun, extremely meaningful, enjoyable, worthwhile and extremely cool with him.

          • Yawn

            Quit being a damn fangirl over Orton you need to realize that that’s what he gets paid for and he knows the risks as do the other superstars so if he gets hurt by any means suck it up and deal with it because WWE has those rules for a reason and not just them every other wrestling promotion out there has them

            • Jennifer

              I just don’t like not being able to honor Randy and treat him more respectfully and not be able to spend time doing fun, cool things and activities with him, make him smile and laugh just because of feeling so happy and terrific inside! He’s a treasure on the inside and is a blessing and a wonderful person and I’m deeply sorry that I am not always able to comfort him and be there for him! That sucks!!!!

      • Smark

        The end part about twitter was hilarious haha. Well done.

      • Scott Kendall

        Excellent, well said sir

    • Kris Marconi

      I won’t be an idiot and say “I’m done with WWE” but this is honestly bullshit. Believe it or not, WWE, not all of your fans are autistic kids and third world idiots that can’t say anything but “Jhon Cina is best wwe champ” on WWE’s Facebook posts. The rest of us aren’t having this Super Cena shit.

      • Smark

        A little harsh but still accurate haha

      • Q9V

        They need someone to drop the belt to Lesnar at Summerslam. And out of the field, the only ones on Lesnar’s level were Cena and Orton. Reigns’ first title run shouldn’t be that short. Cesaro and Kane aren’t top-level material. And Wyatt isn’t on Lesnar’s level. It’s the right decision.

        • Pixie

          Cena isn’t on Lesnar’s level. Orton is !he best and is incredible as champ!

      • Chris_Is_Awesome

        that’s why i rather glance at the reports than waisting 4 hours a week for raw and smackdown + 3 hours once a month for a ppv for such foolishness ;)

      • Cena sucks Vince’s ==)

        Well by you tuning in every week, your just feeding them the Idea that you like having cena as champion. Till the ratings drop we won’t see any change with cena as champion. I unsubscribed from the wwe network already I’m not paying to see super cena win the fucking title because we all know he will be in the championship picture for A LONG time to come. wwe sucks

        • Jennifer

          I hate Cena, Reigns etc…..as WWE or WH champion! Then again….I hate the stupid idiotic bullsh*t rules that prevent me and that don’t allow me to be able to physically assault and/or attack and seriously injure guys in WWE who’d bust Randy open or hit him or attack him!
          Why shouldn’t he be allowed to get back at them and treat them how they’re treating him? Why shouldn’t fans be allowed to do things to physically harm those types of WWE Superstars?
          Answer: The fans ought to be allowed to do those sorts of things to let them know that they are angry with and hate them treating Randy like that and they just want to give them payback and bring some damned JUSTICE AND PAYBACK to them for behaving that way towards Randy Orton!!!

      • Canuck 703

        As an older fan I agree the WWE is way to kid friendly Maybe have some stuff geared for the mature fans. So looking forward to the moment Cena turns heel & all the little kiddies cry !! But I won’t be holding my breath anytime soon !!

      • P.P. Johnny

        P.P. Johnny says the “Autistic kids” comment is out of line & uncalled for.

        • Dan Pedreyra

          PP..Im not a huge guy on how you comment on stuff but if you’re having fun..I get it. I agree w you on this guys post. Kris..I know what you’re trying to get across but leave the kids out of it. Don’t imply anything involving those children dude……do what The Rock did and use the fruity pebbles thing or something. I do things w Special Olympics man so just leave those kids out of it.

    • Jeremy

      Of course Cena would win. Dam Vince

    • Sheila Belue

      Congrats to my favorite wrestler , John Cena , for becoming the 15 time world champion.

      • Wes

        NO FUN!

    • Smark

      I legitimately enjoyed much of this PPV. Many wild spots and compelling false finishes. But I think all of the matches, outside the two Divas matches, went the opposite way of how I was rooting. Kind of a bummer.

    • Smark

      The missed their chance to have the Wyatts come out tomorrow and open RAW with all the gold. Would’ve been AMAZING. Butthurt.

    • Jumpin’ Jeff

      Looked like something was happening at ringside that they didn’t want anybody to see. Reigns was grabbing Orton on the ladder and the crowd reacted to something off screen, then all we got were extreme closeups. Anybody know what was up?

    • Ish

      If wwe wanted to do something to amaze me they would have had Ziggler win, or have Rollins cash in straight after Cena won the belts!

      • Q9V

        Ziggler’s where he belongs right now, firmly in the midcard.

    • George Flegel

      WOW, Cena wins. What a surprise.

      • Dan Nighteowl

        just what i thought , didn`t see that coming !!!

    • Cena fucks Bo Dallas

      Fuck cena ! Look at all these comments on here about how pissed off everyone is that cena won. And listen to all the “adults” boo the shit out of him YET they still put cena as champion to make all the kids have something to cry about. So gay. I don’t see how the hell someone who sucks at wrestling can be a champion 15 times… He is no damn ric flair. Till wwe goes PG14 we must watch super cena over come all the odds.

      • David

        The sooner you realise that Vince will do whatever it takes to make money, whether the majority of people like it or not, the better. Do you seriously think Vince gives a shred of a shit what your opinion on this matter is? Vince will continue to make money whether you like it or not, and if that means having cena as champ again then so be it. End of the day, the WWE is a business, not some place where all the fans’ wildest dreams come true.

        • Jenn

          Vince McMahon would rather have and be able to make fans wildest dreams come true.
          I’d appreciate and love it if Randy Orton were allowed to be the clean shaven babyface good guy who will be able to be my boyfriend, marry me, be my husband, allow me to live with him in St. Louis and on the road with him in WWE and he’d even let me have 1 or 2 dogs. We’d do fun things together and enjoy ourselves a lot.

      • Dan Nighteowl

        same guy changing his name a dozen times crying the same story . Cena makes wwe the most money so making him champ is best for vince . you cry cena only has 2 moves , how is orton any different , he only has i move

      • Jeannie

        WWE was better in 2008-2009 when Randy Orton was champion and had a handsome, clean shaven badass look, but was actually an extremely sweet and good hearted person who did his best in promos, matches and skits and was incredible!
        I definitely miss and loved that!
        Him being a heelish bad guy really sucks pathetically and is incredibly lousy, dissatisfying, rottenly objectionable, unfair, wrong, disappointing and no-good!

    • Not a Troll

      Woooooo! Yes! THE CHAMP IS HERE! 15 times!

    • Jason Joseph

      If you people are saying the product is to kid friendly then none of you watched raw In 94 95

    • chrissi calvert

      Yawn. Supercena wins again. Come on WWE, give some younger talent a chance to shine. Try surprising the fans for once by listening to them.


      Did anyone notice that when Layla won her match a different theme was played to the one she entered with

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