WWE Network Divas Reality Show Confirmed, RAW-Muppets News

— Now confirmed for the upcoming WWE Network is a reality show following the WWE Divas in their travels on the road, titled “WWE Divas: Heels On Wheels.” WWE is looking to produce a “Real World”-style reality show with this. There is a lot of interest among the divas for the show due to the exposure they think it will get them.

Also confirmed is “WWE Supercharge,” which is currently scheduled to be a 30-minute recap show that would air before RAW each week.

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— At this time, it appears that nine Muppet characters will appear on RAW tonight. Stephanie McMahon noted that of all their guest stars, she was most excited for this one.

— The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that current plans call for Booker T vs. Cody Rhodes to take place at Survivor Series. If not, we can expect to see Rhodes in a traditional Survivor Series elimination tag match