WWE Network: How Much $ WWE Will Make, Content, More

Posted by Brad Davis September 6, 2011 Comments are off

WWE’s new cable channel will be called the . An official Facebook page for the upcoming station has been launched.

WWE currently owns over 100,000 hours of content that they can air on the network. That equals over 11 years of uninterrupted programming before factoring in commercial time. WWE can prove a significant offering of programming on their network at a minimal expense, by foregoing the cost of licensing or producing a full schedule new content. It will be interesting to see how WWE schedules their content on the network, and if they’ll do entire weeks dedicated to certain wrestlers or companies (i.e. Randy Savage,Week, ECW Week), similar to AMC’s Mob Week special.

The main issue with launching a new channel will be obtaining carriage with cable providers. However, WWE’s relationship with NBC Universal may help them out with this process. The new WWE Network could inherit the subscriber base of the pioneering efforts of Universal HD. The new WWE channel could have instant access to over 20 million NBCU/Comcast subscribers, along with millions of other subscribers from other cable operators. If things went according to plan, in license fees WWE could average $0.04 per subscriber per month. With their costs low, the network could be looking at earning almost $6million in year one alone. Of course, only time will tell how things work out.

This is a major story that we’ll be following very closely here on 24Wrestling.com. We expect to receive more details on this in the coming days and weeks.

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