WWE Officials Down on HIAC Crowd, Stars Visiting Last Night, More

Posted by Matt Boone October 29, 2012 9 Comments

- As seen at WWE Hell In a Cell last night, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio debuted new masks. Rey’s mask features Cara’s design on the back while Cara’s mask features Rey’s design on the back. They will be using these masks from here on out.

– Some of the celebrities in attendance for WWE Hell In a Cell in Atlanta were die-hard WWE fans Chili of TLC fame and Oakland A’s player Josh Reddick. Wrestling legends Robert Gibson and “Squire” Dave Taylor were among those backstage visiting.

– WWE officials were not happy at all with the crowd at last night’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view. The feeling was that the main event would have came off better on TV if the crowd would have been into it like officials expected.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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    • CS99

      The solution is simple as always, but will fall on deaf ears as usual: ELEMINATE PG AND BAN CHILDREN FROM ARENAS

      • 40 dawg

        Then wwe will go from multi million dollar franchise to multi thousand dollar franchise. Dude I don’t like pg either but for wwe to eliminate the kids from their product would have wwe lose millions, don’t think that will ever happen. The best it’s gonna get is cm punk, like a controlled attitude and at least wwe is showing blood once in a while.

      • No Kneepads 4 Me

        Kids aren’t the problem. WW(F) during the attitude era was still appealing to “kids”. The video games, action figures, etc that were released during that time weren’t aimed at nor were they supported by adults. Kids were a very important part of the Attitude era’s success. Don’t blame the kids for WWE’s piss poor shows. Blame Vince’s stubbornness.

    • Merc

      That’s why the NWA was awesome…..it was for adults. Not to mention parents still let their kids watch it n go to it n there weren’t kids doing what they seen. Some did but also not to the point of hurting each other. My point anyway is…..the WWE n kid partnership was n always will be there. For every ticket Vince sells he sells at least two b/c they need an adult. That’s if its only one kid n then almost all parents buy their kids something in merchandise. Vince won’t give that up.

    • ATL_notentertained

      I was there and the main event wasn’t as good as the WH title match. Don’t blame us for your shitty booking WWE. Less pg and more good storylines oh and how about better matches!

    • GM Edge

      It looks like officials have forgotten what people want from ppv’s.

    • 30yroldwwefan

      they are not ever gonna change anytime soon but the problem is not the kids,we all started watching when we were kids and we got the action figures,but the problem all started when wwe went to a public trading company on the stock market,which now they have to please and answer to ppl unlike during the attitude era when they could push the envelop.

    • Minotaur

      Yeah let’s only have one HIAC match at the HIAC Pay-per-view. Also, in spite of every title being defended (I thought this would only happen at Night f Champions?) it wasn’t a very good PPV.

    • 40 dawg

      Well what I hear on tv is the crowd going nuts and chanting “feed me more” whenever ryberg comes to the ring. And wwe has said they stopped the fake chants for when he comes out, so if it’s not the fake chants it must be the people in the crowd. And why would people chant for someone they didn’t like? Like I said, I don’t like rybergb but your logic is, well I don’t know but I call you out on it, that’s the reality.

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