WWE Playing Up The Miz’s Injuries From Randy Orton Attack On RAW

Posted by Matt Boone September 19, 2013 0 Comment

The official WWE website recently ran an article playing up The Miz’s injuries sustained from the attack by Randy Orton on Monday’s edition of WWE RAW.

“Based on the placement of the chair and the force by Randy Orton, Miz has a preliminary diagnosis of an upper thoracic injury,” WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann told WWE.com.

“He has a bruised breastbone and bruised collarbone, he has difficulty moving his neck and arm and signs of a pinched nerve. We’re doing further tests on him right now and we should have more information after those tests are completed.”

The article did not state when The Miz would return to television after recovering from his “injury,” however they did claim they will update fans when more information becomes available.

Check out the complete article online at WWE.com.

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    • badman

      Fuck HHH and the wwe. The wwe sucks now and days.

    • Cenation

      Cody needed time off, and HHH was nice enough to ok and write him off for a while… Or this is just another way to give him a push, where they make everyone feel sorry for him then bringwrite him back as an outsider assist for Bryan? Punch line, “Hey everyone is afraid of being fired for speaking out, yet Cody don’t need to worry about that since he was already fired!” Also this might bring in Mr.Mac and for whatever twist plot will turn him into a good guy again in support of Cody, THEN turn bad again using Cody on Bryan just in time for Cena to return and save the day? Hey if this is semi true, maybe I should apply for a writer job with WWE! lol

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