WWE Punishes Ryback On RAW?, Update On JR’s “Major Announcement”

– According to one source, the reason that WWE booked Ryback to hit his finisher on Big Show on WWE RAW a few weeks back, only for Big Show to kick out and then beat Ryback moments later with his Knockout Punch, was possibly due to their frustration over Ryback using Bill Goldberg’s spear and jackhammer during a recent match without getting permission ahead of time.

– As we recently reported, Jim Ross promised to make a “major announcement” this coming Monday. We noted that the announcement involves his plans for his one-man shows coming to the United States, with New York City likely being his first stop. The rumored venue is The Gramercy Theater, with the rumored date being March 1st.

[Credit: F4WOnline.com & PWInsider.com]