CM Punk’s Next Title Feud & Update On Cody Taking Time Off

Posted by Matt Boone May 23, 2012 7 Comments

Earlier this week, news broke that WWE had strongly considered having Daniel Bryan defeat CM Punk for the WWE Championship at Over The Limit. Punk walked out as champion, but the fact that he almost dropped the title could be a sign that Punk stock was on the decline. This is not the case, as we can confirm WWE is firmly behind keeping the Chicago native at the top of WWE for months to come.

Punk will be continuing his feud with Daniel Bryan at least through No Way Out next month. After Daniel Bryan, WWE has been discussing feuding Punk with former Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes indicated earlier this week on Twitter that he is taking “time off.” Despite Rhdoes’ tweet, he will appear on Friday’s SmackDown and will confront the man who defeated him for the gold at Over The Limit – Christian.

It’s possible that Cody Rhodes will take time off soon, but a WWE title feud with CM Punk could take place this summer.

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    • GhostDistortion

      How could they not be sure of him? When it comes to guys that are over CM Punk is over with all the adults and Cena is over with the kids. CM Punk is probably over with all the kiddies too which would make him arguably the most over guy in the company.

    • Striker

      Punk is a good wrestler even if by many he is overrated.I think he’s dropping WWE championship by the end of summer and will take on someone for WHC.Cause Barrett clearly will take on WWE title after winning MITB.

    • AreYouSeriousBro

      I think Punk is a fantastic champion. He is definitely over with the adults and even teens. Kids seem to love him too. Not as much as Cena, but Punk has a better age-range, which is what Cena is desperately lacking. Dropping the title would be one of the many stupid decisions WWE has been making in terms of storyline.

      • Pimple Powder

        Punk will eventually drop the title and as next champ we’ll see Barrett. I think Punk will be WHC after SummerSlam or at least by the end of the year.He is fan favourite with or without the belt because of his character.I think thus rivalry with D Bryan will continue and they will both be in a match for WHC and if it will be Iron Man match for 60 minutes then they’ll put a great show.

      • Broski

        I like Punk but I think he’s already holding that title for too long.

    • ……

      Man have they forgotten everything about making a new star? Must still hold the IC belt (and just finished a lengthy fued for that title) must win KOTR or RR (maybe MITB) must be a legit heel…must have a real reason to mess with the current champ…unless its a big guy that thinks he can throw his weight around…maybe have a stable of guys to turn his back on (wether the group is turning into faces and he breaks off to stay heel or he breaks off of a heel stable, and stays heel, because the group was holding him back)….bad guys make this business IMO and Cody Rhodes isn’t quite there yet…close but not quite…can’t wait for Barrett to come back and show them how it’s done…..

    • Broski

      Punk vs Rhodes is gonna be cool!

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