WWE Ranks Top 20 Icons of The Attitude Era

Posted by Matt Boone November 17, 2012 11 Comments

- WWE’s website has ranked the top 20 icons of the Attitude Era. The list looks like this:

20. The APA – Farooq and JBL
19. Shane McMahon
18. Goldust
17. The Dudleys
16. Bret Hart
15. Kurt Angle
14. Team Extreme – Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Lita
13. Stephanie McMahon
12. Big Show
11. Edge and Christian
10. Chris Jericho
9. Kane
8. The New Age Outlaws
7. The Undertaker
6. Shawn Michaels
5. Vince McMahon
4. Mick Foley
3. Triple H
2. The Rock
1. Steve Austin

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    • Blah!


    • The Flock

      Wish they could have put them all in the game

    • Masterpain

      What I don’t get is why they keep bringing up the attitude era which was highly successful but continue with the PG era which is crap.

      • http://www.facebook.com/nicholas.williams.509994 Nicholas Williams

        why everyone would just complain that they’re copying the attitude era. not that i disagree, just that internet marks complain that they dont have something then when they get it they complain about every flaw in it.

        • 40 dawg

          Stop complaining, you internet smark!

          • 40 dawg’s master

            Stop complaining about the people complaining WANNABE!!!!!

            • 40 dawg

              Hey, you’re that same guy (40 dawg’s a loser) who tried arguing with me last time! Wasn’t that fun when you got all angry and mad? For a one trick pony you’re pretty easy to troll. I can type anything and you’ll respond :)

          • http://www.facebook.com/nicholas.williams.509994 Nicholas Williams

            Fuck Off you non original idea havin son of a bitch. you go around posting under other peoples names and think its fucking funny when its just plain annoying and pathetic. you really need to get a life outside the internet. maybe u need to just take a ride and never come back, or go take a long walk on a short bridge.

    • TheDude

      That looks about right.

      • http://twitter.com/HEELDaiveedino David

        Yes, for once.

    • Raven

      what about me what about raven!!!

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