WWE RAW Preview: Cena Returns, SummerSlam Hype

Posted by Brad Davis July 28, 2014 8 Comments

Tonight’s episode of WWE RAW takes place from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

After missing last week’s show, WWE World Heavyweight champion John Cena returns. Cena will begin hyping his upcoming SummerSlam title defense against Brock Lesnar, who is not scheduled to appear.

WWE will also follow up on Stephanie McMahon’s “arrest” last week. How will Stephanie react to former Diva Brie Bella for instigating the arrest?

Other top stars appearing will be Triple H, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose, Paul Heyman, The Wyatt Family, The Usos, Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, The Miz and Kane.

The advertised dark match main event will see John Cena, Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt and Kane.

Join us here later tonight for our weekly Live Coverage of WWE RAW.

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    • Lonsdal

      Not sure if I’m going to bother to watch WWE Monday Night RAW tonight at all.
      Because, to me if Randy Orton’s not going to be on, it’s not at all worth watching!

      • Street Justice

        read online about a match Orton did yesterday in TX with Flair as referee and that totally sucked horribly! now Orton’s doing what’s wrong and is putting over guys in WWE who suck and that don’t even deserve to be champion!
        damn pathetic!
        Flair and Reigns being allowed to be in WWE and help to completely fucking ruin it like they’ve been doing sucks worse than rudely, and dissatisfyingly lame!

        both of em deserve a boot to the skull!

        • Trevor

          What, you mean like someone going to a pro wrestling show and climbing over the barriers, rails, barricades or whatever and physically intervening in or during a match RKO is having versus, say….Reigns, Cena or whoever the damned hell his opponnent is..taking the fight to the guy attacking RKO??
          Never EVER saw that before…but there are definitely those types of fans as well, sometimes!
          Orton not fighting back against his in-ring opponnents and always allowing them to win or look like they’re winning against him sucks hellaciously lousy and extremely badly! Well….at times it does.

          • Bevo Biggins

            Y’think…..maybe somehow Orton’ll be transformed into a man again like he once used to be several years ago….around say, 2008-2010?
            I wish that he would!
            The current bad guy/heelish version of Randy Orton being like he is right now in the WWE and being such a fuckin’ jobber to nearly every WWE Superstar is what sucks offensively and tremendously insulting and disrespectfully!!! Hell, it sucks worse than offensively, objectionably and is even lousier than Super Cena!

            • Fred P.

              Don’t like the way or even that Orton’s having to and is going along with jobbing to his in-ring opponnents so much, so often! He doesn’t deserve to have to do that!
              It’s no fair at all and it’s completely wrong!
              I’d love to see and have that clean-shaven dude Orton used to be….known as The Viper be allowed to make a comeback to WWE and be WWE Champion again!!!
              That not being allowed to happen sucks tremendously awful and worse than lousy!
              His promos, pay-per-views, skits, matches, commercials, movies, etc… used to be the absolute friggin’ best and were extremely exciting, fascinating, cool, enjoyable and interesting, intense and impactful, meaningful and superb!

            • SJ

              what does suck and is extremely insulting and wrong about how things are being done in the WWE is:
              Guys like….Orton, Kane, Rollins and Wyatt having to put over scumbags that pretend to be good guys like:
              Cena, Reigns, Jericho and Ambrose.
              *thumbs down*

            • BootboyBootgirlCrew

              What’s also rotten is that Orton, Kane, Wyatt and Rollins get treated like they do by these so called babyfaces who are labeled like they deserve to be defended!
              I’d love to stomp the fuckin piss outta Cena, Reigns, Ambrose and Jericho!

    • save_us.y2k

      This is the best thread I’ve ever seen.

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