WWE RAW Preview: New WWE Champion, Dusty Rhodes & More

Posted by Michael Bluth September 16, 2013 7 Comments

Tonight’s episode of WWE RAW takes place from Cleveland, Ohio and will feature fallout from last night’s Night of Champions pay-per-view. Here’s an early preview for the broadcast:

- How will Triple H respond to Daniel Bryan defeating Randy Orton for the WWE Championship last night? Will he take issue with the fast count that ended last night’s main event?

- WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes will appear to address a “business proposal” from Stephanie McMahon.

- Ryback revealed himself to be the latest Paul Heyman guy at Night of Champions and helped Paul Heyman score a pinfall over CM Punk. How will CM Punk handle Paul Heyman’s new monster?

  • awidownana

    where are the comments on the injustice done to Daniel Bryan? I turned the channel after it. I will not be regularly watching like I was. I don’t speak for anyone but myself. I will not support such actions in anyway. I feel it was actions of bullies. A true example of money talks and B.S. walks. Well bully for them.

  • tony

    Darren Young pushed after coming out ? Why WWE ?

    • Nick Nguyen

      Because he is gay

    • Ice

      Whats wrong with is push?? You dont like millions of dollas! millions of dollas! millions of dolla!

  • Peter Ly

    tony i totally agree with you, it makes no sense

  • Mark

    How can we watch the dark matches?

    • The Rock

      You need to buy PPV Tickets and watch it ;)

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