WWE RAW Preview For Tonight

Posted by Matt Boone March 3, 2014 2 Comments

WWE legend The Undertaker has reportedly been added to Monday’s WWE RAW, which emanates from All State Arena in Chicago, Illinois.

Also scheduled for Monday’s RAW is a main event featuring The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield, Brock Lesnar’s reaction to last week’s attack by The Undertaker, celebrity guest host Aaron Paul and more.

As previously reported, CM Punk has also been rumored to make his return on the show. That, however, is not confirmed at this point.

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    • SJ5

      If Randy Orton’s not going to be on tonight’s
      WWE Monday Night Raw show episode….the entire show is going to fucking suck tremendously and be a total disappointment, let down and be wothless suckfest goddman crap!
      I have no fucking interest in watching the show if he’s not going to be cutting promos or doing a match on tonight’s show!!! If Randy’s NOT GOING TO RETURN TO BEING the aggressive, assertive, intimidating, strong, dominant, cool, sweet, vulnerable, extremely intelligent, good, determined, clean-shaven Viper like he was in ’08-’09 back a few years ago!!! His current look fucking sucks tremendously and he should fucking kick ass on these guys in WWE…..like:
      Daniel Lying Bryan
      and defeat them and NOT ALLOW anything or anyone to stand in his fucking way!!!!

      • Randy Orton

        I appreciate the fan support, but you seem borderline obsessed. You might also be gay.

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