WWE RAW Results From Pittsburgh, PA (10/7)

They make reference to a “wrecking ball” and say that ‘somebody’ (Hulk Hogan) was on a wrecking ball himself recently.

Jerry Lawler announces who got the most votes and will be the special guest referee for Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell. After a drumroll – we find out that the guest referee will be … Shawn Michaels, with 61% of the votes.

The Real Americans are in the ring with Zeb Colter. Their opponents will be Santino & Great Khali.

The Real Americans vs. Santino & Great Khali

Swagger starts out throwing Santino around. Santino does his “get thrown into the ropes, walk silly” thing and hits an atomic drop on Swagger. Swagger back in control as he throws Santino into his corner and tags in Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro hits a few strikes and tags Swagger back in. Snap mare and Swagger locks in a submission hold. Swagger hits a Swagger Bomb and tags in Cesaro. Great Khali gets tagged in and he dominates Cesaro. Khali elbows Cesaro into the corner and gives him a big slap to the chest. Cesaro crawls into another corner and Khali slaps him again. Swagger tries to get involved but Khali knocks him to the floor. Cesaro hits a blow on Khali’s leg and Cesaro gives CKhali the Cesaro Swing like he did at Backlash. Quite an impressive display of strength. Cesaro pins Khali for the easy win.

Winners: The Real Americans

After the match, Swagger throws Hornswoggle into the ring. Cesaro gives Hornswoggle the Cesaro Swing until Santino runs in and gives Cesaro the Cobra. Swagger tries to attack Santino but Khali chops him. Santino helps Hornswoggle up, but he’s walking around the ring totally dizzy from the Cesaro Swing.

WWE Rise Above Cancer promo video airs featuring Titus O’Neil talking about losing his grandmother to breast cancer when he was 17.

The Miz is shown walking to the ring for to host Miz TV with his special guest – himself. Miz welcomes fans to the show and Bray Wyatt’s music hits. The Wyatt Family comes out with their eerie entrance. Harper and Rowan are in the ring and try to attack The Miz. The Miz exits the ring and goes after Bray Wyatt. The Miz escapes. Wyatt leans his head back and laughs at The Miz.

Backstage, Stephanie is talking to Brad Maddox. Triple H walks in and Stephanie kisses him. Triple H says he’s been working all day to clean up Maddox’s mess. Triple H says he’s incompetent and will stay backstage. Triple H will be ringside to make sure what happens in tonight’s main event is what’s best for business.

The Shield’s music hits and the arrive through the crowd. They hold up their titles as we head to commercial. Back from commercial, Goldust, Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan are introduced. Triple H is out last.

Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The Shield

Goldust and Rollins start off. Rollins gets in his face and calls him a punk. Goldust starts off hot, but Rollins kicks him in the gut and gets the upper hand. Goldust hits some of his signature spots, then an inverted atomic drop and running attack. Goldust tags in Cody, who hits a jumping springboard kick off the top rope to enter the ring. Ambrose tags in. Cody in control, hitting a suplex and getting a 1 count. Cody throws Ambrose into the face corner and Goldust tags in. Goldust looking great so far, very quick and aggressive. Cody is tagged back in and works over Ambrose. Ambrose gets the upper hand and attacks Cody in the corner. Ambrose whips Cody into the reverse corner but gets kicked int he face when he arrives. Cody goes up top – but Reigns distracts him and Ambrose throws him to the outside of the ring. Cody is in pain outside while Triple H looks on with a smile. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial, The Shield is in control, dominating Cody Rhodes. Ambrose attacking Cody and screaming at him. Ambrose perches Cody on the top rope and punches him several times. Cody knocks him off and hits him with a picture perfect moonsault. Triple H is looking on with a scowl on his face. Daniel Bryan gets the hot tag and unloads on Seth Rollins. The crowd ha exploded with YES! chants. Bryan hits a ridiculous belly to back suplex on Rollins. Bryan hits a top rope hurricanrana on Rollins. Reigns interrupts a pinfall attempt. Goldust hits the ring and throws Rollins outside. Reigns throws Goldust out, but Cody takes him out with a nasty kick and they both go to the outside. Bryan and Rollins are the legal men and the action is incredibly fast paced. Yes Lock by Bryan and Ambrose runs in with a chair. The match is ruled a DQ – and the winners are Cody Rhodes, Goldust and Daniel Bryan. Triple H grabs a microphone and says he’s overturning the decision and restarting the match under no DQ rules. All 6 men brawl. Bryan dives to the outside of the ring onto Reigns and Ambrose. He screams Yes! and the crowd goes nuts. Out of nowhere, Randy Orton appears and gives an RKO to Bryan! It’s a No DQ match, so that was legal. He throws Bryan into the ring and Rollins pins him for the 3.

Winners: The Shield

The Shield beats down Goldust 3 on 1 as Triple H watches on. Big Show’s music hits and the place goes crazy. Big Show comes out and walks to the ring as The Shield and Triple H await him. Big Show enters the ring and The Shield attacks him 3 on 1. Big Show takes them out and then stares down Triple H. Reigns takes out Big Show and The Shield beat him down again. Triple H screams at them to “Finish Him!” and they attempt a triple powerbomb. Big Show shakes them loose and then delivers a knockout punch to Triple H! The place goes bananas as Big Show leaves the ring. Triple H is out like a light. Daniel Bryan stands over Triple H and screams YES! as the crowd cheers along.

Daniel Bryan fixes Triple H’s tie as he lays there unconscious. Bryan leads the crowd in a loud YES! chant to end the show.