WWE RAW Results (10/21) With Videos

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Up next, CM Punk talks about Hell in a Cell. Punk is introduced by Justin Roberts and gets a big reaction. Punk is out with a microphone. This Sunday, his plan is to incapacitate Ryback and put him to sleep. Then Heyman will be cornered like the dog he is, and will have his face smashed into every part of the Hell in a Cell structure. Paul doesn’t know extreme – but he will find out what it is this Sunday.

Backstage, Triple H is talking to Vickie Guerrero while Stephanie is on the phone. Triple H and Stephanie bump into Shawn Michaels backstage. Triple H & HBK hug. HBK says he knows Triple H has all of his power gear on and doesn’t have time for little people like him. He asked Triple H if he seriously doesn’t think Daniel Bryan can be WWE champion. Triple H says he can, but – have you seen Daniel Bryan? HBK admits Daniel Bryan might not look like a champion – but people said the same thing about both of them years ago. Stephanie says times have changed. HBK says he never had to go corporate and grow up, so he’s going to go have some fun.

Santino, Hornswoggle & Great Khali come out, all of them dressed like Elvis (or the Honky Tonk Man)

Santino, Hornswoggle & Great Kahli vs. 3MB

Santino starts with Heath Slater. Comedy stuff, Santino hits the cobra on Heath Slater for the win. After the match, Santino gets a microphone and says there’s only one real king from Memphis – Jerry Lawler. The crowd chants Jerry and the King stands with Santino on the announcer’s table and they play to the crowd.

Winners: Santino, Hornswoggle & Great Khali

WWE ran a poll asking fans which of 4 classic WrestleMania matches they want to see recreated in WWE 2K14 and they chose Undertaker vs. CM Punk from WrestleMania 29.

Backstage, Randy Orton is shown walking around.

We see a replay of Big Show interrupting Triple H from earlier tonight.

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