WWE RAW Results (10/21) With Videos

Dolph Ziggler v. Randy Orton

They lock up and both struggle for the upper hand. The split crowd is chanting Let’s Go Ziggler / Let’s Go Orton back and forth. Orton goes outside for a minute to gameplan. Back in the ring, he kicks Ziggler in the gut, headbutts him and throws him out of the ring. He follows, grabs Ziggler by the hair and throws him into the ringside barricade. Ziggler doesn’t fall, but Orton drops him with a clothesline and throws him back in the ring. 2 count for Orton. He drags Ziggler out of the ring, but Dolph regains control and unloads on Orton with a flurry of offense. Orton throws Ziggler into the ring post. and then back into the ring. Ziggler getting in some strong offense. Orton regains control with his necklock backbreaker. Orton applies a headlock and Ziggler is hurting. Ziggler gets in a few minutes of offense, hitting his signature moves. Ziggler hits a fameasser and gets a 2 count. Ziggler goes for a stinger splash in the corner but Orton catches him and gives him a fallaway slam, with Ziggler landing on his shoulder. Orton sets up his middle rope DDT and nails it. Orton plays to the crowd as they boo him. Orton signals for the RKO, but Ziggler hits him in the face with a dropkick out of nowhere. Close 2 count. Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag but Orton throws him off. Ziggler turns around and gets drilled with an RKO (outta nowhere).

Winner: Randy Orton

Video package looking back at John Cena’s injury, surgery & recovery.

Divas Champion AJ Lee comes to the ring with Tamina Snuka. Out next are the Bella Twins.

AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka vs. The Bella Twins

Tamina and Brie start off. Tamina in control most of the time. Nikki is tagged in. She gets in some offense but Tamina manhandles her and throws her out of the ring. Tamina is totally dominating Nikki. AJ Lee is tagged in and gets a 2 count. She locks in a sleeper hold, some more offense and dances around the ring. They kick it up a level and the action gets really good, with Nikki Bella looking especially good. She hits the X-Factor on AJ Lee and pins the divas champion.

Winner: The Bella Twins

Later tonight, The Usos will face The Shield in a #1 Contender’s match.

Backstage, Paul Heyman is with Ryback and Curtis Axel and is interviewed by Renee Young. Heyman gives an epic promo that you can view below. Big E Langston interrupts them. Paul Heyman says Curtis Axel needs to teach this rookie some respect in a match later tonight.