WWE RAW Results: 11/14 (With Videos)

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November 4, 2013
Greenville, South Carolina
Results by Matt Boone for 24WRESTLING.COM


The Monday, November 4, 2013 edition of WWE RAW emanates from Greenville, South Carolina. The show begins with Michael Cole welcoming us to RAW, immediately followed by CM Punk’s theme music. Punk comes out and passionately points out to the fans in Greenville that “it’s clobbering time.” As Punk continues his entrance, we get a recap video of The Wyatt Family’s attack of Punk on last Monday’s show. From there, we see Bray Wyatt with a latern. He informs the fans in Greenville that “we’re here.”

CM Punk vs. Luke Harper

The bell sounds and Punk immediately goes after Harper. Within seconds, Harper’s size and strength are too much for Punk early into this match. Harper overpowers Punk into the corner and goes to work. Punk fights back with a series of punches, but is cut off by a big elbow by Harper. Punk throws Harper out to the floor. He goes to dive through the ropes to the floor, but Harper comes forward and nails Punk with a big forearm shot right as Punk was coming through the ropes. Harper rolls back in the ring, as we hear Bray Wyatt tell Harper “to be smart.” Harper goes back to work on Punk in the middle of the ring. After dominating Punk for a little while longer, Punk again gets Harper out to the floor. This time, he makes a successful dive out to the floor on Harper. We head to a mid-match commercial. We return from commercial and Harper is back in control. Michael Cole informs us that the tide turned in the match on the WWE App during the commercial. We get a video replay of what went down on the WWE App during the commercial, which was Erick Rowan, sheep mask and all, distracting Punk from outside of the ring, allowing Harper to nail Punk with a big boot to the face. Back to the live action now, as Harper continues his offensive onslaught on “The Best In The World.” Punk starts fighting back again, slowing Harper down with a spinning tornado-DDT. Both guys are down now. They both get back to their feet and begin exchanging punches. Punk mixes in some kicks and ultimately gets the better of the larger man. We see a shot of Bray Wyatt, chilling in his rocking chair outside the ring, shouting words of encouragement to Harper. Punk goes to the top rope. He signals for the flying elbow, but changes his mind and flies out to the floor onto Rowan. Punk slingshots himself back into the ring, but meets a big boot from Harper. Harper sets up for his version of JBL’s old Clothesline From Hell, but Punk avoids it and rolls up Harper for the 1-2-3.

Winner: CM Punk

After The Match:

After the match, the other members of The Wyatt Family immediately beat up Punk in the ring. After a few seconds, Daniel Bryan comes running down to the ring, with a steel chair. Bryan’s arm is heavily taped up, by the way. Bryan cleans house with the steel chair and The Wyatt Family back off and head back up the ramp. Punk and Bryan are aligned in the ring, looking out at The Wyatt Family as Punk’s music plays.

Michael Cole’s Sit-Down Interview With Triple H

Highlights are shown of the latest Michael Cole sit-down interview with Triple H from WWE.com. The focus of the highlights from the interview are HHH talking about Big Show’s multi-million dollar lawsuit, and HHH revealing that Big Show is “banned from WWE for life.” After the video recap ends, we see a video replay of Big Show hitting HHH with the Knockout Punch from RAW last month.

Tonight’s Live Poll:

Michael Cole informs everyone that this week’s live RAW poll on the WWE App allows fans to select Randy Orton’s opponent for later tonight. The options fans can vote for are Dolph Ziggler, Big E. Langston and The Miz. Fans can vote now on the WWE App or on WWE.com.

Tonight’s Main Event Announced:

As we head to our next commercial break on RAW, we are informed that the main event tonight will see John Cena teaming up with the current WWE Tag-Team Champions, Goldust and Cody Rhodes, to take on the trio of Damien Sandow and The Real Americans.

Renee Young Interviews CM Punk

Backstage, Renee Young is with CM Punk. Young asks if fighting The Wyatt Family is a fair fight. Punk says it wasn’t, but he’s used to it. He says he’s been dealing with Paul Heyman and his “goons” for months. He says the one thing they don’t know is that he isn’t the only one who has a problem with The Wyatt Family.

Live Telephone Interview With Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman is live on the phone. He says he’s in Europe and he’s seeing a number of specialists to help him with the injuries he’s suffering following the beating he received from CM Punk at the WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view. He breaks down some of the injuries he is suffering from and reminds everyone that he’s a married man with two children. He says what Punk did to him, after all they’ve been through, is inexcusable. He begins crying a bit as he’s talking and says CM Punk and the WWE Universe owes him an apology. Michael Cole says, “Paul, are you criyng?” Heyman then hangs up.

Ryback vs. The Great Khali

Ryback makes his way to the ring. We are told that earlier tonight, via the WWE App, Ryback is shown bullying Hornswoggle. He smashes a cupcake into the little guy’s face. Santino Marella says he should pick on somebody his own size. Ryback is fine with that. Santino says he isn’t talking about himself, he tells Ryback to look behind him. Behind him stands The Great Khali. Ryback doesn’t seem phased. He says he’s gonna take care of them. He calls them “freaks” and walks away. On that note, we head to commercial. We’re back live and Khali’s entrance is finishing up. The bell sounds and the two big men lock up. Both guys exchange punches, with Khali ultimately getting the better of them. Khali grabs Ryback by the ear and chops the hell out off him repeatedly. I guess the idea is that Khali is bullying Ryback in the ring the way Ryback bullied Hornswoggle, and has been bullying people for months now in WWE. Ryback tries fighting back but Khali cuts him short with a big clothesline. Khali sets up for the big Karate Chop but Ryback ducks it and comes off the ropes, nailing Khali with an enormous clothesline. I’m talking an amazing clothesline. Michael Cole says that was an amazing Meathook Clothesline. Ryback pins Khali. 1-2-3. Ryback wins.

Winner: Ryback

After The Match:

Ryback grabs Santino out on the floor. Hornswoggle tries dropkicking Ryback from inside the ring. It barely budges Ryback. Hornswoggle runs away and Ryback ends up throwing Santino into the ringside barricade. He raises his arms in victory once again and walks away smiling.

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