WWE RAW Results: 11/14 (With Videos)

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John Cena, Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow & The Real Americans

We return from commercial and John Cena’s music hits. Cena actually gets a pretty positive reaction from the fans in Greenville. Enormous reaction as usual, but like I said, mostly positive this time. He gets in the ring and grabs a microphone. “Man we got some excitement in here tonight.” Is it just me, or does Cena sound more ghetto than ever since he has returned to ? Anyways, he switches topics to promote the ’s partnership with the Susan G. Komen foundation. His ghetto voice switches to serious-Cena voice as he talks about the “Rise Above Cancer” merchandise proceeds going to find a cure for breast cancer. Cena asks the Universe to stand as we have some breast cancer survivors and their families at ringside here tonight. Cena puts them over a bit and finishes by saying “The Champs are here.” Plural. Goldust’s music hits and out he comes with Cody Rhodes. The Tag-Team Champions makes their way to the ring as Justin Roberts begins his formal introductions for the upcoming match. Michael Cole sends us to another commercial. Curtis Axel vs. Big E. Langston is announced by Michael Cole for this week’s edition of Main Event. We return to and Zeb Colter is on commentary now. As is Alberto Del Rio. Those two argue a bit as Cena and Sandow kick things off in the ring. Cena quickly tags Cody Rhodes in and Rhodes picks up where Cena left off. Sandow tags in Jack Swagger once he gets control of the offense. Rhodes gets the better of Swagger momentarily and tags his big brother in. Goldust goes to work on Swagger as the crowd pops. Colter and Del Rio continue to bicker and argue on commentary. Michael Cole mentions Tyson Kidd is trending number one worldwide on Twitter right now and then plugs Sunday’s return of Total Divas. Swagger tags in Antonio Cesaro and Cesaro is beating up Rhodes. Rhodes tags Cena in. Cena and Cesaro stare each other down now. They do a bunch of tests of strength with each other, playing up the power both guys are known for. We get our first passionate “let’s go Cena, Cena sucks” dueling chants from the fans in Greenville. Cena smirks as they get louder. We go back to more tests of strength between Cena and Cesaro. Cesaro cheap-shots Cena and now the bad guys are back in control of the match. Cena slows Cesaro down and makes the tag to Goldust. Goldust immediately goes to work on Cesaro and Colter and Del Rio argue even more on commentary. Everything about this segment is horrendous. Goldust tags Rhodes back in. Cesaro tags Sandow back in. Rhodes beats up Sandow briefly and then tags Cena back in. Sandow rolls out to the floor. Michael Cole mocks Sandow for being “the uncrowned champ” as he runs away from the fight. We head to another mid-match commercial as the bad guys are all out on the floor collecting themselves. We return and Cesaro is beating up Cena. Cesaro tags Sandow back in and Sandow takes advantage of a beaten up Cena. The crowd does another dueling “let’s go Cena, Cena sucks.” Swagger is tagged in and he continues the heel beatdown of Cena. Swagger nearly locks Cena into the Patriot Lock, but Cena manages to escape before suffering any real damage. Swagger tags Cesaro back in. Cesaro toys with a gronded Cena as Del Rio and Colter really annoy the crap out of me on commentary. Way too much arguing from those two when Del Rio is working with Cena at the next pay-per-view, so it’s all basically pointless stuff. The crowd is stomping their feet and screaming so loud that the still-camera shot appears to be shaking. They switch cameras and Cena cuts Cesaro off finally as the crowd explodes. “Listen to these people!” an excited Michael Cole exclaims. It is definitely a hot crowd tonight. Sandow tags back in and goes back to work on Cena as the fans again try to rally behind him. Cena hoists Sandow up out of nowhere for the Attitude Adjustment, but Sandow escapes and knocks Cena back down to the mat. Del Rio mummbles something in Spanish on commentary and JBL makes a dumb joke. Cena powerbombs Sandow and the crowd is going ape-shit as both guys crawl to their corners for a tag. Cena tags Goldust and Sandow tags in Cesaro. Goldust takes the hot-tag and goes to work straight away against Cesaro. Goldust comes off the top with a turning cross-body on Cesaro for a near fall. All the other guys hit the ring. Cena nails Swagger with the Attitude Adjustment. As soon as Cena turns around, Sandow hits him with his finisher. Cody Rhodes knocks Sandow out to the floor. Back in the ring, Cesaro has Goldust locked up for the giant swing. Cesaro swings Goldust 16 times by my count. Goldust lands on the mat and immediately rolls out to the floor. Cena throws Cesaro into Colter on commentary, knocking him out of his chair. Goldust hits a bulldog on Cesaro. He pins him but Sandow breaks it up. Rhodes hits a moonsault off the top. Cena hits a cross-body off the top. Goldust hits his finisher on Cesaro. 1-2-3. The good guys win. Swagger is attending to Colter on the floor, who is still laid out from Cesaro being thrown into him by Cena. Great match with an awesome finishing sequence.

Winners: John Cena, Goldust & Cody Rhodes

Backstage: Big Show Arrives, Triple H & Stephanie McMahon Argue

After another lawsuit video package, we see Big Show in a suit walking around backstage. We shoot to Triple H’s locker room. Vickie Guerrero storms in and franticly informs the WWE COO that Big Show is here. Stephanie McMahon comes in and HHH tells her Big Show is in the building and Vickie let him in. Stephanie says Vickie didn’t let him in, she did. She says the WWE board of directors doesn’t want to take any risks right now and that they can’t afford a lawsuit. HHH says he doesn’t care, he banned him for life. Stephane again tells HHH that it’s not about them, it’s bigger than them. She says they have to settle the lawsuit Big Show filed against them tonight. HHH says that it’s “personal McMahon business” again, eh? Stephanie tells HHH he never had problems taking McMahon money. HHH says he hates Big Show. HHH tells Vickie Guerrero to tell Big Show to get in his office right now. We’re still backstage but we hear a loud “Big Show, Big Show” chant out in the arena. On that note, we head to commercial.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Curtis Axel

We return from commercial and Dolph Ziggler is making his way to the ring. After his entrance is complete the WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel makes his way to the ring. The bell rings and Axel immediately goes to work on Ziggler. Both guys hit the ropes many times, ducking each others clothesline attempts, etc., with the final blow coming when Ziggler hits a picture-perfect dropkick to the kisser of the current I-C champ. Within seconds, however, Axel is back in control of the offensive flow of this contest, beating up Axel and talking trash as he does it. Mixhael Cole recaps what just went down with Big Show, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon backstage prior to the commercial as the action continues in the ring. Axel is still firmly in control of Ziggler. Ziggler finally mounts a big of offense. He splashes Axel in the corner and follows it up with a neckbreaker. Ziggler hits a big elbow drop on Axel and covers him for a near fall. Axel cuts Ziggler’s offensive spree a bit short now, and is once again back in control of the match. Out of nowhere, Ziggler hits the FameAsser on Axel. He pins him, but Axel manages to kick out at the count of two. Moments later, Ziggler hits a Zig-Zag on Axel. 1-2-3. Ziggler wins. Guess this was another non-title match. Still don’t understad why WWE has so many non-title matches, but whatever. Good to see Ziggler pick up a victory, albeit a meaningless one, here on .

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Renee Young Interviews Daniel Bryan

Renee Young interviews Daniel Bryan backstage. Renee asks if Bryan made a wise decision running into a potentially dangerous decision with The Wyatt Family earlier tonight. Bryan says he saw a chance for redemption and even if it wasn’t a wise decision he took it. Renee thanks Bryan for his time. Bryan has his hair in a little ponytail now by the way, for those who care about those sort of things. His arm is all taped up as hell, selling the injuries he sustained at the hands of The Wyatt Family last week.

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