WWE RAW Results – April 21, 2014

Renee Young Interviews John Cena

When we return from the break, we shoot backstage where Renee Young is with John Cena. Cena says tonight his fate lies in the WWE Universe, as the fans get to vote on his opponent for tonight.

As he continues to speak, he hears the fans in the arena break out into a loud “let’s go Cena” and “Cena sucks” chant. He talks about how in every arena he goes to he hears the same song, “he’s got the whole world in his hands.” He says he’s starting to think Bray Wyatt is right, that he does. He says if the WWE Universe votes for him to fight all three members of The Wyatt Family, his back is against the wall. He says that’s tonight, however. He says if he makes it to Extreme Rules the odds will be more even in a steel cage.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Contender Tournament
– Cesaro (with Paul Heyman) vs. Rob Van Dam

After the Cena interview, we hear some unfamiliar music. Cesaro, with his new entrance music, comes out with Paul Heyman. Heyman taunts the crowd how he always does, and as he continues to speak, we shoot to commercial while he is in mid-sentence.

When we return from commercial, Heyman and Cesaro are now in the ring. Heyman is still going on and on about how Brock Lesnar conquered Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania. He says that same sentence over and over and over and over again until he is finally interupted by Rob Van Dam’s music. RVD makes his way to the ring for his tournament semifinal match against Cesaro.

The bell rings and here we go. Cesaro hits the ropes and hits a shoulder block. Cesaro hits the ropes again, but stops himself. He goes for a suplex, but Van Dam gets away. Cesaro grabs Van Dam and hits a back breaker for a two count. Van Dam goes over Cesaro in the corner and hits the van daminator. Van Dam charges and hits a monkey flip to Cesaro. Cesaro comes back with an uppercut. Cesaro connects with a suplex and covers for a two count.

Van Dam hits a spinning heel kick and lays in some shoulders to Cesaro in the corner. Van Dam charges in and hits the ring post. Cesaro hits a drop kick to the back of Van Dam and he crashes outside the ring. We head to a mid-match commercial on that note.

When we return from commercial, Cesaro is in control of Van Dam. Van Dam starts fighting back, but Cesaro cuts him short. After a little bit of more back-and-forth action, Cesaro goes for the Cesaro Swing. Just as he does, the old Real Americans music hits and out comes Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter.

Cesaro runs out of the ring as Swagger and Colter come to the ring. Van Dam comes flying off the top onto Cesaro, but Cesaro catches him coming down with a European uppercut. As he goes to head back into the ring, Swagger shoves him into the ring post. The referee makes a count of ten and Cesaro is counted out. RVD advances in the tourney.

Winner and ADVANCING in the tournament: Rob Van Dam

After The Match

Cesaro goes to attack Zeb Colter. He gets him locked up in the Cesaro Swing, but Swagger makes the save. Cesaro ends up getting a hold of Swagger instead and does the Cesaro Swing to him. His music hits and that’s it.

Renee Young Interviews RVD, Cesaro & Paul Heyman

Backstage, Renee Young is with Rob Van Dam. Before he can speak, Cesaro and Paul Heyman walk up. Heyman says he hopes RVD is happy. He says he is. Cesaro says he should thank Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. RVD says he could’ve won without them. RVD warns Cesaro to keep his wallet, house and future as far away from this guy as possible. Heyman asks if RVD is talking to him. RVD does the “RVD” thumbs thing and walks off.

Aksana vs. Paige

After that, Aksana’s music, which I’ve maybe heard twice in my life, hits and she makes her way out to the ring. Out next is the WWE Divas Champion Paige.

The bell rings and here we go. Paige starts off with a quick kick to the gut, and then she slings Aksana across the ring by her hair. Paige locks in a headlock and hits a sunset flip for a two count. Paige connects with some big knees to the face of Aksana. Aksana comes back with a shoulder tackle and puts Paige on the top rope. Aksana hits a hip toss of the top rope.

Aksana connects with a snap suplex and follows that with big kicks to the ribs. Aksana now chokes Paige on the middle rope. Aksana slaps Paige in the face. She now locks in a rear chin lock. Aksana drives multiple elbows to the shoulder of Paige and locks in the chin lock again. Paige fights back to her feet but eats a back elbow by Aksana. Aksana taunts Paige and hits a sidewalk slam. Paige hits a few short arm clohteslines, but Aksana comes back with a spinebuster. Aksana covers and gets a two count. Paige gets whipped into the corner, but Paige locks comes back and locks in a front face lock.

Paige hits a big knee to the face and locks in the modified scorpion cross lock for the tapout. Paige wins.

Winner: Paige

Alexander Rusev (with Lana) vs. Sin Cara

Lana comes out and does her usual speech. Eventually. she introduces Alexander Rusev. Rusev makes his way to the ring. Already in the ring, is his opponent for tonight, Sin Cara.

The big Russian starts off by pushing Sin Cara, but Sin Cara fights back with kicks. Sin Cara springboards but Rusev catches him and knees him repeatedly in the back. Rusev slams Sin Cara to the mat. Rusev tosses Sin Cara into the corner and lands hard knees to the gut. Rusev connects with a club to the chest.

Rusev drives his foot into the face of Sin Cara and pulls on his arm. Rusev charges in and Sin Cara gets a boot up. Sin Cara tries to roll Rusev up, but Rusev powers up. Sin Cara goes to the apron and connects with a kick to the head. Sin Cara comes off the top and hits a missile drop kick. Rusev gets back to his feet and hits a modified suplex to Sin Cara.

Rusev picks Sin Cara up and slams him to the mat. He locks in his “Accolade” submission move. Sin Cara taps out. Rusev wins. We head to commercial.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

After the commercial, Jerry Lawler is in the ring. He introduces the results of the WWE App poll. The fans had the option to vote for John Cena’s opponent tonight. The options were Luke Harper by himself, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, or Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Bray Wyatt. Obviously, the “WWE Universe” voted for Cena to face all three of The Wyatt Family members. We head to a commercial after the results were read.

When we return from commercial, The Wyatt Family appears on the big screen. “Baltimore, we’re here.” Out they come. The announcers put over the position John Cena is in having to face three guys in one match, as well as reiterate what Bray Wyatt stated in his promo earlier tonight, which is that more and more fans are becoming Wyatt Family supporters.

The bell rings and all three guys attack Cena immediately. The ref gets The Wyatts off of Cena so Cena can get to his feet to start this match. Harper starts the match on the offensive with big right hands. Harper hits a big elbow to the back of the head and drives his forearm to the face of Cena. Rowan tags in and hits a big scoop slam. Rowan tosses Cena head first into the top turnbuckle.

Cena starts fighting back, but Rowan catches him and hits a fall away slam right into the Wyatt’s corner. Bray Wyatt now tags in. Bray starts dancing with Cena as he is knocked out. Bray lands a big right hand and Cena is down again. Harper now tags back in. Harper gets whipped into the corner and hits with a splash, but Harper shoots out and hits a big clothesline. Harper lands a big uppercut to Cena. Cena goes behind Harper and hits a german suplex. Rowan now tags in and is all over Cena with stomps.

Rowan hits a pump handle back breaker and covers for a two count. Bray now tags back in. Bray hits the ropes and goes to kick Cena in the head, but stops and tags in Harper. Cena lands right hands to Harper and locks in the STF, but Rowan breaks it up. Harper lands a big uppercut and Cena is down again. Harper lands an elbow to the back of Cena’s head and tosses him outside. Rowan now tags back in. Cena drives Rowan back first into the barricade, but Harper grabs Cena and tosses him into the steel steps. We head to commercial.

When we return from commercial, Cena starts showing signs of life, but Bray quickly cuts him off and continues the punishment.

Cena finally starts firing up on offense for literally the first time in the match. It culminates with him hitting the Attitude Adjustment, but ultimately The Wyatt Family guzzle him and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: John Cena

After The Match

After the match, The Wyatt Family continue their beatdown of John Cena. Wyatt hits Sister Abigail on Cena and then grabs a mic as he sits down and puts Cena’s head in his lap. He sings “he’s got the whole world in his hands” again. He continues singing the verses of the song over and over again and RAW eventually ends on that note.