WWE RAW Results – February 10, 2014

WWE RAW Opener:

WWE RAW opens up with an “in memory of” graphic for Frank Bullock. From there we shoot the usual opening, which leads us straight into the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Justin Roberts immediately introduces the special host for tonight’s show, Betty White. White makes her way out, accompanied by the Big Show. A “Betty White” chant breaks out immediately. She talks about being thrilled to be a guest here tonight at RAW. Big Show asks Betty what we’re going to do tonight. Betty says, “I’m going to kick some ass.”

Triple H’s theme music hits and out come both members of The Authority, HHH and Stephanie McMahon. As they make their way to the ring, Michael Cole announces that the Staples Center is sold out tonight. We shoot to the commentary table where the guys talk about the Elimination Chamber. Betty White and Big Show, meanwhile, have headed backstage.

As Triple H begins to speak, the crowd starts chanting something. I couldn’t quite make out what it was. HHH says they mentioned last week if Daniel Bryan could defeat Randy Orton, they would reconsider Orton being the face of the WWE. He says the key word is reconsider, and they are also reconsidering Sheamus, Christian, Antonio Cesaro and even John Cena. As he continues to talk, Randy Orton’s theme music hits.

The WWE World Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring. Cole talks about Orton going one-on-one with John Cena later tonight on RAW. Orton gets in the ring, but before he can say anything, Stephanie asks if he’s “seriously doing this again.” A loud CM Punk chant breaks out as Stephanie reccomends that Orton go backstage and prepare for his match later tonight. Orton says he’s been doing some thinking. He’s decided that he should come out here and apologize for his actions. He says he’s not apologizing to the people, but to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. He says he’s been being childesh lately. He says he needs to bring back “The Viper” for the rest of his championship reign, which starts tonight. Stephanie says that’s great but how can they believe him. Orton is cut off by a loud “Daniel Bryan” chant. A crazy “Yes!” chant breaks out as Orton tries to talk over it. He says it was in this building, six months ago, that they called him the face of WWE for the first time. He says they stood here united. Orton is cut off by a loud “CM Punk” chant. Orton says he wants to make good on a promise. He wants to do all the talk shows. He wants to be on every box of cereal and every billboard. He says he’s the heart and soul of WWE, definitely not Batista. Daniel Bryan’s music hits and out he comes to a thunderous ovation and a loud “Yes!” chant.

Bryan asks Orton if he really thinks he’s the heart and soul of the WWE. Stephanie cuts him off and says she doesn’t appreciate the two of them interupting her and Triple H, especially on live television. She says moving forward people need to make an appointment with the Director Of Operations. Bryan says that’s why he’s out here. He says Kane is nowhere to be found. Bryan says Kane failed to do their bidding for them last week and he beat Randy Orton. Bryan says this week he doesn’t want an appointment with Kane, he wants a match with Kane. Stephanie says Kane is on administrative leave for one week. Bryan says it seems like Stephanie and Triple H are a mixture of arrogance and stupidity. Orton takes offense to Bryan’s comments. HHH says he and Stephanie have decided that tonight in this ring on RAW, Daniel Bryan will face — no one. The crowd does a big “No!” chant. HHH tells him to enjoy his night off. Bryan starts waving his hands and yelling “No!” in HHH’s face. Orton and The Authority leave as Bryan seems irritated by their decision.

Rey Mysterio, Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. The Wyatt Family

Six-man tag-team action is coming up next. We head to commercial. When we return from commercial, Rey Mysterio’s music hits and out comes Mr. 6-1-9. The former WWE Tag-Team Champions Goldust and Cody Rhodes make their way to the ring next. As they are in the middle of walking to the ring, The Wyatt Family cuts them off and they make their entrance. As they make their way to the ring, we see highlights of Goldust vs. Bray Wyatt from last week’s SmackDown.

The bell rings and Erick Rowan and Cody Rhodes start things off for their respective teams. Cole points out that Rhodes is wearing a heavy knee brace as a result of the moonsault he did off the top of the cage at RAW last week. Rhodes quickly tags out to Goldust. Rowan goes to work on Goldust. Goldust tries fighting back but Rowan cuts him off and tags in Luke Harper. Goldust hits a huricanrana on Harper and tags in Rhodes. Rhodes hits a missile dropkick on him as a follow-up. Rhodes slides Mysterio under the bottom rope and into the Wyatt Family. We head to a mid-match commercial on that note.

When we return from commercial, Rowan is working over Goldust in the middle of the ring as Rhodes and Mysterio try to encourage the crowd to rally behind The Golden One. Rowan gets Goldust in The Wyatt Family’s corner and then tags Harper back in. They double-team Goldust briefly and then we see some footage via the WWE App from the commercial break. Harper tags Bray Wyatt into the match and Bray immediately picks up where Rowan and Harper left off. Goldust tries fighting back with punches but Bray knocks him down and tags Rowan back in. Rowan works over Goldust for a bit until Goldust hits Rowan with a back-elbow off the middle rope. Rowan goes to charge Goldust but he yanks the top rope down and Rowan goes flying out to the floor. Rowan tags in Harper and Harper stops Goldust from making a tag of his own. Goldust ends up powerslamming Harper and making the tag to Mysterio.

Mysterio takes the hot tag and is flying all over the place on Harper and Rowan. Mysterio gets a near fall on Harper but Bray Wyatt comes in to break up the attempt. Mysterio gets both Harper and Wyatt in position for the 6-1-9. He nails Harper with it but Bray avoids it. Rhodes dives onto Bray off the apron. Rowan attacks Rhodes from behind on the floor, but Goldust dives onto him. All guys are down on the floor except Mysterio and Harper. Mysterio goes for the 6-1-9 on Harper but as he was running towards Harper, Bray ran towards him and in one quick motion nailed Mysterio with his Sister Abigail finisher. Apparently Bray was the legal man. 1-2-3. The Wyatt Family wins.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

After The Match

Bray Wyatt sits in his rocking chair at ringside while Rowan and Harper stand next to him. Bray gets on the mic and talks about The Shield being tiny little soliders who will fail like everyone else. He finishes with his “Follow the Buzzards” tag-line.

Backstage: The Shield

A video replay is shown of Roman Reigns’ record-setting performance at the Royal Rumble. After the video, Renee Young is with all three members of The Shield. She asks for their response to the comments made by The Wyatt Family. They all talk about how they’re going to beat them at the Elimination Chamber. Renee Young asks Dean Ambrose about being inactive as a United States Champion. As Ambrose makes excuses, Reigns laughs and asks Ambrose what he’s talking about. He asks him what kind of champion he wants to be. Ambrose says he’ll prove what kind of champion he is by holding an open challenge for the title later tonight.

Backstage: Divas, Betty White & New Age Outlaws

Backstage, all of the Divas are with Betty White. Vickie Guerrero walks in saying excuse me. She says from one cougar to another, welcome to RAW. The Divas talk about Betty White’s TV show. The New Age Outlaws walk in and says they’ve heard a rumor that the younger generation was going to play a prank on her, but the Outlaws are here to protect her. Billy Gunn says White looks like she could use a cup of tea. They walk with her to go get a cup of tea.