WWE RAW Results – February 17, 2014

Billy Gunn vs. Jey Uso

When we return from commercial, The New Age Outlaws are already in the ring. Road Dogg does his usual stuff on the mic. Gunn does his usual follow-up. After that, The Usos make their ring entrance. Michael Cole informs us that this will be a one-on-one match featuring Jey Uso vs. Billy Gunn. Jimmy Uso and Road Dogg the gang on commentary.

The bell rings and Uso quickly gets the better of Gunn as Road Dogg and Jimmy argue on commentary. Road Dogg leaves commentary to give some advice to Gunn. Meanwhile, Gunn takes Uso’s head off with a big clothesline. Road Dogg returns to commentary and he and Uso again begin to argue. A loud “New Age Outlaws” chant breaks out as Gunn continues to work over Uso in the ring.

Gunn continues to punish Uso in the corner of the ring as we get a camera shot of Road Dogg and Uso continuing to bicker and argue on commentary. A random “CM Punk” chant breaks out. Out of nowhere, Uso rolls Gunn up. 1-2-3. Uso wins.

Winner: Jey Uso

Byron Saxton Interviews Sheamus

Backstage, Byron Saxton is with Sheamus. He talks about being just days away from the Elimination Chamber match. Sheamus talks about how dangerous the match is. He says he can taste the main event of WrestleMania XXX. Sheamus talks about aggression and says Randy Orton will find out how aggressive he is first-hand tonight. As the interview ends, Michael Cole says “Sheamus vs. Randy Orton live, next…” We head to another commercial.

Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

When we return from commercial, Michael Cole introduces a video highlight package of Sheamus accidentally kicking Christian on SmackDown. He then announces Sheamus vs. Christian in a one-on-one match for this week’s SmackDown. After that, Randy Orton’s theme music hits. The WWE World Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring. After his entrance concludes, the Celtic Warrior makes his way to the ring.

The bell rings and here we go. Sheamus dominates the action early on. Orton rolls outside of the ring to the floor to regroup for a minute. Back in the ring, the action resumes. Sheamus is again able to gain the upper-hand offensively against The Viper. We head to a mid-match commercial with Sheamus still in control of the match.

When we return from commercial, Orton is in control of Sheamus with a rear chin lock. Sheamus fights back to his feet, and connects with a belly to back suplex. Sheamus clotheslines Orton over the top to the outside. Sheamus gives chase and tosses Orton shoulder first twice into the barricade. Orton comes back and whips Sheamus into the ring steps. Ref gets to a 9 count and Sheamus gets back into the ring. Orton all over Sheamus now with stomps in the corner. Orton lifts Sheamus to the top rope and connects with a headbutt. Orton goes up top with him. Orton goes for a superplex, but Sheamus fights out. Sheamus comes off the top with a battering ram and both men are now down. Orton rolls to the outside and Sheamus gives chase.

Orton catches Sheamus and gives him a back drop through the announce table. Orton climbs back in the ring as the ref starts the count. Sheamus gets back in the ring right before the 10 count. Orton jumps back on Orton and stomps on all of Sheamus’ limbs. Orton tries to drop a knee to the face of Sheamus, but he moves. Sheamus gains a 2nd wind and lands a bunch of clothesline. Sheamus charges in again and eats a power slam by Orton. Orton covers for a close 2 count. Sheamus goes on the apron and Randy catches him. Randy goes for the DDT, but Sheamus fights out and tosses Orton to the apron himself. Sheamus connects with his 10 clubbing blows. Sheamus picks Orton up on his shoulder, but Orton fights out and hits his back breaker. Orton tosses Sheamus on the apron and hits his DDT.

Orton poses to the crowd and calls for the RKO. Sheamus gets up and counters the RKO. Sheamus hits the irish curse back breaker 3 times to Orton. Sheamus calls for the Brogue Kick. The Shield hits the ring and starts attacking Sheamus.

Winner via DQ: Sheamus

After The Match

Cena now makes his way down to the ring. As does Daniel Bryan. They all pair off with The Shield. Cesaro now makes his way down to the ring. Christian comes out, as does The Wyatt Family. The Wyatt Family and The Shield stand off and start fighting. All the people in the chamber match as well as The Wyatt Family and The Shield, are all battling it out inside the ring as RAW fades off of the air. That’ll do it for this week.