WWE RAW Results – February 24, 2014

John Cena Addresses The Wyatt Family

Before we head to commercial, we are told that John Cena will address what happened at the Elimination Chamber with The Wyatt Family robbing him of his chance of going to the main event of WrestleMania XXX. On that note, we head to another break.

When we return from commercial, Cena comes out and makes his way to the ring. He says the fan in him is excited to see Hulk Hogan back in WWE. He puts over the fact that we’re in a historic period with the new WWE Network. He says he’s been talking hard the past few weeks and if someone wants to carry the WWE into that new historic era, they need to go through him to prove it. He says the future of this business will run through him.

With that being said, he switches his focus to Bray Wyatt. He talks about Wyatt costing him a championship match at WrestleMania. He calls it a pretty bold move on Wyatt’s part. He asks if he’d like to make another bold move right here and now. He drops the mic and takes his shirt off. The Wyatt Family cut happens and the trio appears on the titantron. Bray says “Green Bay, we’re here.” And The Wyatt Family theme music hits.

The Wyatt Family make their way down to the ring. He sits in his rocking chair at ringside. He says Cena is full of empty promises. He says Cena promised to keep the fans safe. He calls Cena a liar. He says this is a terrible world. A cold, dark and lonely place. Bray says he stands for everything that is real. He says Cena talks about the future having to come through him first. He says he couldn’t agree more. Bray says he should properly introduce himself. He says his name is Bray Wyatt. He says The Wyatt Family are the reapers that bring death to this era.

Cena says he should introduce himself too. He says his name is John Cena. He says if any of those guys slide into that ring, they’re starting something “son.” He drops the mic and waits to see if they go in the ring. All three of The Wyatt Family members hit the ring. He fights them off momentarily but eventually the numbers game is too much. The Wyatt Family beats him down. After the beatdown, we head to another commercial.

When we return from commercial, we see highlights of the beatdown that The Wyatt Family just put on Cena. We see footage from the WWE App of Cena being stretchered out of the ring during the commercial due to a knee injury.

Christian vs. Sheamus

After the Wyatt Family and Cena highlights finished, Christian’s theme music hit and out he comes. During hs ring entrance, we see highlights from the RAW pre-show from the WWE Network of Christian and Sheamus arguing and Brad Maddox making a match between the two. After that finishes, Sheamus’ theme song hits and out he comes.

Sheamus is selling his ribs from before the match. The bell sounds and Sheamus goes after Christian with a vengeance immediately. Christian slaps Sheamus and pisses him off. Sheamus uses his anger as fuel for a vicious beatdown, as he goes nuts on Christian, punching and kicking the crap out of him. The announcers hype up Christian’s recent mean streak as Sheamus controls the action. Sheamus blasts Christian with a big shoulder tackle from the apron to the floor. After that, we head to a mid-match commercial.

When we return from commercial, Christian is controlling Sheamus in the middle of the ring. Christian continues to beat up Sheamus for several minutes. The finish, however, saw Christian come flying off the top and landing right into a Brogue Kick from Sheamus. 1-2-3. Sheamus wins.

Winner: Sheamus

Daniel Bryan Challenges Triple H

Michael Cole introduces a video from earlier tonight. We see Renee Young interviewing Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, who are coming out of a limo, about the historic launch of the WWE Network. As they talk about the Network, Daniel Bryan angrily approaches them and yells at them for seemingly having a problem with him. Bryan challenges Triple H to a fight at WrestleMania XXX. HHH laughs it off basically. Stephanie tells D-Bry to turn his focus onto Kane, the guy who screwed him on Sunday, and the guy he has a match with later tonight at RAW.

Dean Ambrose Fights With The Shield, Roman Reigns Challenges Bray Wyatt

Backstage, we see Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins staring Dean Ambrose down. Rollins tells Ambrose to explain one more time where he was during their six-man tag-team match with The Wyatt Family last night. Ambrose says he’s tired of explaining himself and walks off.

Bray Wyatt walks up and smiles. Roman Reigns challenges him to a one-on-one match later tonight. He says if Bray leaves the family behind, he’ll leave the hounds of justice behind. He says he accepts the challenge. So there you have it, Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns in one-on-one action later tonight.

RAW Panel With Ric Flair & Booker T

After the backstage segment, Michael Cole sends us to the WWE Network panel. We see Josh Mathews sitting with Booker T and Ric Flair. The crowd explodes with “WOOOO’s.” The WWE Hall Of Famers talk about some of the happenings thus far on RAW tonight. The segment concludes with Ric Flair leading the fans in a big “Yes!” chant when hyping up the upcoming match between Daniel Bryan and Kane.

Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

With that being said, Daniel Bryan’s theme music hits. The crowd erupts with cheers that immediately transition to “Yes!” chants. Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring. During his ring entrance, we head to a commercial. Bryan vs. Kane is coming up after the break.

When we return from commercial, the fire pyro explodes and the “Director Of Operations” Kane makes his way to the ring. The bell rings and Bryan goes right after Kane, viciously nailing him with repeated “Yes!” kicks in the corner until the referee breaks things up. Kane uses the break to jump on Bryan with a cheap shot. Kane gets Bryan down and is now focusing on the hurt shoulder of Bryan, which is still heavily taped up.

Moments later, Bryan gets Kane back in the corner and is blasting him over and over again with “Yes!” kicks again. Bryan switches his focus to the leg of the big man as the fans in Green Bay break out into a big “Daniel Bryan” chant.

Bryan continues to punish Kane and dominate the majority of this match thus far. Bryan locks Kane in a half-Boston Crab in the middle of the ring. Kane eventually gets out of the hold and the offensive momentum quickly shifts in favor of Kane. Kane continues to focus his attack on Bryan’s shoulder as Michael Cole and JBL get into one of their infamous bickering arguments on commentary. We head to a mid-match commercial after Kane slams Bryan into the ringside steps out on the floor.

When we return from commercial, Bryan is trying to fire up on offense, but Kane cuts his attempt short and remains in control of the match. Bryan starts fighting back again. He’s going nuts with “Yes!” kicks on the big man. The fight spills out to the floor where Bryan slams Kane into the barricade. A loud “Daniel Bryan” chant breaks out from the fans in Green Bay.

Bryan goes to come off the top rope on Kane, but Kane catches him and chokeslams him. Kane goes to pin him, but Bryan somehow manages to kick out at two. JBL and Cole, by the way, have been in rare form, even for those two, with the arguing back-and-forth during this match. Bryan hits the running knee out of nowhere on the “Director Of Operations.” 1-2-3. Bryan wins.

Winner: Daniel Bryan