WWE RAW Results – February 3, 2014

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RAW Opener: Randy Orton & The Authority

This week’s show opens up with a shot of the live crowd in Omaha and Michael Cole welcoming us to RAW. After that, Randy Orton’s music hits and out walks the WWE World Heavyweight Champion to the ring to a chorus of boo’s. We shoot to the announce table during Orton’s entrance as Cole talks about Orton being in a bad mood due to his match at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

Orton begins speaking and almost immediately a loud “CM Punk” chant breaks out. Orton raises his voice to try and drown it out. Orton complains about having to defend his title at the upcoming pay-per-view. Orton says despite people wanting him to lose, he’s going to win the Elimination Chamber and go on to beat the “jacked up freak” Batista. He says during the Evolution days, he and Batista were equals. He says now he’s simply better than him. Orton calls himself the greatest Superstar of this and every other generation. He says he’s the main attraction each week on RAW.

Triple H’s music hits and out comes “The Game” and Stephanie McMahon. As soon as Stephanie begins speaking, another loud “CM Punk” chant breaks out. Stephanie tells Orton he’s paranoid and not to bite the hand that feeds him. Triple H says Orton comes out week after week complaining about facing unfair odds. HHH says that doesn’t sound like words that should be coming out of the mouth of the “face of the WWE.” Triple H says maybe The Authority should consider putting their faith in someone else. As soon as he says that, a loud “Yes, Yes” chant breaks out. Stephanie says in the next several weeks, Orton will face his Elimination Chamber opponents in one-on-one matches. Stephanie talks about considering they may have to consider making Daniel Bryan the new face of WWE. The crowd erupts with “Yes” chants as Triple H does the hand-raising gesture that Bryan normally does. Bryan will compete against Orton tonight and if Bryan wins, The Authority claims they will consider him as the new face of the WWE.

The Shield vs. Rey Mysterio, Big E. Langston & Kofi Kingston

The Shield’s music hits and out comes all three members through the crowd. We see video highlights of the Wyatt Family costing The Shield their chance to quality for the Elimination Chamber on RAW last week. After that, highlights are shown from SmackDown of the segment with Roman Reigns getting in Triple H’s face and setting up The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. We head to a commercial.

When we return from commercial, Rey Mysterio is making his entrance. Big E. Langston and Kofi Kingston are already in the ring. The bell rings and a six-man tag-team match begins. Langston and Dean Ambrose start things off for their respective teams. Langston gets the better of Ambrose and then tags in Kingston. Kingston picks up where Langston left off.

Ambrose tags Seth Rollins in and Kingston immediately goes to work on Rollins. The babyfaces are in firm control of this one thus far. Rollins gets Kingston in the heel corner and tags in Ambrose. The Shield seem to be taking over this match now. Ambrose tags in Roman Reigns and the crowd pops a bit as Reigns picks up where Ambrose left off with Kingston. Reigns beats Kingston up a bit and then tags Rollins back in the match. Rollins works over Kingston a bit and then tags Ambrose back in the match. The Shield are keeping Kingston in their half of the ring and utilizing quick tags to keep fresh guys on him.

Kingston finally makes a tag to Rey Mysterio. Mysterio tags the hot tag and is flying all over the place, beating Rollins from one side of the ring to the other. We are told that Roman Reigns is trending right now on Twitter. A “6-1-9″ chant breaks out from the fans in Omaha. Mysterio ends up in the heel corner, where Reigns tags back in and now the bad guys are back in control. We head to a mid-match commercial on that note.

When we return from commercial, Reigns is dragging Mysterio to the heel corner. He slaps Mysterio in a rear-chin lock as we see footage, via the WWE App, of The Shield beating up Mysterio during the commercial break. Reigns tags in Ambrose and The Shield continue their beat down of Rey-Rey. Ambrose misses a spear on Mysterio in the corner and Mysterio finally makes the tag to Langston.

Langston takes the hot tag and is now throwing The Shield members around like rag dolls. Reigns ends up busted open during all of this. All six guys end up in the ring and there are bodies flying everywhere. Reigns ends up nailing Langston with the Superman punch. Ambrose tags himself in as Reigns was going for the spear. Ambrose steals the pin for his team.

Winners: The Shield

After The Match

Roman Reigns looks pissed at Ambrose. The two argue back-and-forth a bit while Rollins tries to calm the situation down. The Wyatt Family ends up appearing on the titan tron. Bray Wyatt cuts a promo. He says he has their blueprint stamped in his brain. He calls them pawns. Bray says The Shield’s moment is coming sooner than they think. Luke Harper ends up getting a speaking role. He says “he has always been your king.” He begins whistling as Erick Rowan leans in wearing the sheep mask. Rowan says “run.” We see Bray smiling as Harper continues whistling. And that’s about it. We head to another commercial break.

Daniel Bryan & The Seahawks

When we return from commercial, Michael Cole promotes the fact that the Seahawks did the “Yes” chant after winning the Super Bowl, as well as the Seahawks tweeting Daniel Bryan after their big victory.

Bad News Barrett & Jerry Lawler

We return live in the arena for a Bad News Barrett segment. He points out that the Super Bowl on Sunday was the most-watched show in U.S. history, but he’s afraid he’s got some bad news. He talks about people eating junk food during the game. As he laughs, Jerry Lawler jumps on the house mic. He says he’s afraid he’s got some bad news for him. Lawler says hopefully next week, Barrett won’t be around. Lawler’s music plays. That was it.

Christian vs. Jack Swagger

After a WWE App and WWE Network plug, Christian’s music hits. Christian makes his way to the ring as Michael Cole points out he qualified for the Elimination Chamber on SmackDown last week. We head to a commercial as Christian makes his way to the ring. When we return from commercial, Christian is in the ring, as is his opponent, Jack Swagger.

The bell rings and we have a rematch from last week. Antonio Cesaro and Zeb Colter are at ringside for this one. As soon as the bell rings, Swagger takes Christian down. He throws Christian into the corner and goes to work on him with punches. The announcers talk about possible jealously within The Real Americans due to Cesaro qualifying for the Elimination Chamber. Meanwhile, Christian knocks Swagger out to the floor.

Swagger ends up beating up Christian on the floor a bit before throwing him back in the ring. We see Colter talking to Cesaro outside the ring as Swagger continues to punish Christian inside the ring. Christian tries to fight his way back into the match, but Swagger cuts his attempt short and continues his beat down. A “let’s go Christian” chant breaks out as Swagger continues to dominate.

Swagger misses a big splash in the corner and now Christian is firing up on offense. Christian hits a big missile dropkick off the middle rope on Swagger. Christian goes for a big splash off the top rope, but Swagger catches him and reverses into his ankle lock. Christian escapes, looks for the Killswitch, but Swagger avoids it. Swagger goes for the Swagger Bomb but Christian avoids that. Christian rolls Swagger up. 1-2-3. Christian wins.

Winner: Christian

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    • Taio Smalls

      I would like to thank the crowd for the CM Punk chants.

      • Derp

        That was really the only highlight of the show…Bryan and Orton wasn’t bad. Too many fucking commercials tonight. They’re in a huge clusterfuck apparently. They lost a huge star that had his own storyline and whatnot going, now they don’t know what to do with their time suddenly.

        And what was with Jerry Lawler’s little promo? That was absolutely retarded. That was the best they could come up with for Lawler to say?

    • Canuck 703

      Another yawnfest so far !!

    • The Game

      And we made sure to bury Bryan with an injury angle. YES! YES! YES!

    • king

      Punk is a Rebel – he is the “Voice of Voicelessness”. he always stands
      for the superstars who worked for 365 days in wwe but dont get anything,
      while some Parttimers come & take all spotlight from them for Few
      Months only [The Rock ]- Punk cant take this Injustice anymore after
      this years Rumble [thanks to Boo-atista]. Btw HHH become an Old Ass,
      noone has interest to face him in the ring [rumored HHH vs Punk at
      WMxxx] unless he won World Title again.

    • Blackball

      Wtf is wrong with Miz??? Lol

    • DZ

      FWIW I am calling CM Punk turning heel and siding with “The Authority” alas NWO Hogan moment during Mania. Tried it with Bryan but he has too much momentum now. They will have them feud with Punk as the Rebel (Stone Cold) vs DB as the charismatic People’s champion (Rock). As much as marks bash WWE they are actually using the IWC to bite into the arguments like kids do when watching the show and believe it is real :)

    • Daquan Bailey

      Wwe sucks for kicking people out for chanting cm punk in the crowds.

      • Derp

        The chants went all night…I doubt they had anyone kicked out.

    • BoringRAW-TNA

      One of the most unwritten RAW shows in history, BORING, I went to sleep and had to wake up TWICE!

    • skulhead2a

      Lousy predictable RAW… down hill from here.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says outside of Bryan vs Orton, RAW sucked & was boring. Loved all the Punk chants; thanks Authority & announcers for not acknowledging.

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