WWE RAW Results – January 27, 2014

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WWE Hall Of Fame Inductee Announcement

We’re told that we will find out the next inductee to join The Ultimate Warrior in the 2014 class of the WWE Hall Of Fame when we return from the break. On that note, we head to a commercial break.

When we return from commercial, Jerry Lawler is in the ring talking about how the WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony has become a WrestleMania weekend tradition. He introduces the next inductee. It is Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Daniel Bryan, John Cena & Sheamus vs. The Shield

Sheamus, John Cena and Daniel Bryan make their way to the ring. As Bryan makes his entrance, we head to a commercial. When we return from commercial, The Shield is finishing up their entrance. Our six-man tag-team match is about to get underway. Remember, the winning TEAM of this match, all three members will be in the Elimination Chamber match.

The bell rings and here we go with tonight’s RAW main event. Cena and Dean Ambrose start things off for their respective teams. A loud “let’s go Cena” and “Cena sucks” dueling chant breaks out. Ambrose tags in Rollins. Cena and Rollins battle briefly and then Roman Reigns is tagged in. The crowd breaks out into a “Roman Reigns” chant and then Cena and Reigns collide.

Reigns does some damage and then Sheamus and Rollins tag in. Sheamus instantly dominates Rollins. Sheamus pounds Rollins with his repeated forearm shots over the top rope. Rollins gets the tag to Ambrose and Ambrose goes to work on Sheamus. It doesn’t take long before Sheamus fights back and makes the tag to Daniel Bryan. The crowd goes absolutely insane when Bryan tags in.

Bryan comes in a fireball of offense. Ambrose is now the legal man on The Shield’s team. Bryan lands a ton of “Yes!” kicks. Ambrose finally cuts Bryan short and tags in Rollins. Bryan gets the better of Rollins and puts him in his surf-board type move. We head to a mid-match commercial.

When we return from commercial, The Shield are still in control. Rollins is beating up Cena in the middle of the ring as the crowd is doing their dueling “let’s go Cena” and “Cena sucks” chants. Rollins tags in Reigns and Reigns picks up where Rollins left off, dominating Cena.

Both teams battle back-and-forth. Daniel Bryan finally gets the hot tag. Bryan is all over the place. He’s diving through the ropes to the floor here. He’s coming off the top there. Daniel Bryan is a whirl-wind of offense. Roman Reigns comes in and spears guys. Mayhem is breaking out in our six-man tag-team main event. Loud “Daniel Bryan” chants start up as Bryan and Rollins battle in the ring.

Cena finally gets a hot tag and out of nowhere The Wyatt Family cuts in. All three members of The Wyatt Family are in the ring. All of the babyfaces are fighting the Wyatt Family members. The bell rings.

Winners: Daniel Bryan, John Cena & Sheamus

After The Match

It’s announced that Cena, Bryan and Sheamus are advancing to the Elimination Chamber as a result of a disqualification due to The Wyatt Family attacking them. The announcers strongly put over that The Wyatt Family just cost The Shield their chance at the Elimination Chamber. RAW goes off the air on that note.

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    • Educationlover3.14Math4ever

      Love how theyre talking about Xaviers education…

    • Eddie Pierce

      I’m going to call it now. Lesnar interferes in the main event costing the shield the match.

      • Eddie Pierce

        I’m wrong, but I will say the Wyatt’s get involved

    • Eddie Pierce

      Loved that jbl and the king stood up and the crowed went nuts.

    • BringBackChristian

      Its leading up to Wyatts vs Shield!!!!!

      • Sheila Belue


      • gezim

        I like it, pushes reigns more as babyface

    • Moose_Drool

      Turn Cena heel

    • Undertaker316

      raw changed nothing the only good thing on raw was the shield and wyatt family feud is starting other than that batista still no. 1 contender daniel bryan just simply got put in the chamber match in which he wont win the wwe champion ship it will just start the sheamus and daniel bryan feud and even if he did win it would not be as big of a moment as if he were to win the rumble match and go to main even wrestlemania

    • chrissi calvert

      And the return of Team Total Divas winning streak returns. Expect the Divas who can actually wrestle to be forgotten about

    • Keith

      I see a lot of people upset with how things are going but I for one like it a lot, really looking forward to see how this all plays out into the whole Hogan return and possible sting match…..could be huge

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